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Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607


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Great While It Lasted


Mar 24, 2007 by Icemanjt91

The blackjack is great for the people out there who don't need the full features ability of a Pocket PC. I have owned many devices from from Palms - Pocket PCs, and Handheld PCs. I just have not gotten the best of all things out of my BlackJack. It was great on the device side but it did have some bugs. That might be because it got mine when the device originally launched. The device did lock up on me onces and a while, and I did have to do a soft-reset on a regular basis. I did it a total of 3 times.

There where some awesome things about the device just not all of them were what I needed in a phone.

* 3G Speeds
* Nice Display
* Almost Perfect Camera for being a 1.3MP Camera.
* Speaker Phone and MP3 Player was perfect.
* Supported up to a 2GB Card.
* Great Features including Cingular Video and Cingular Music.
* Bluetooth 2.0 Works nice.

* Little Small on the Keyboard.
* No support of Window's Mobile Office
* Device seems to be underpowered for what it needs to do.
* Standard batteries are bad - The Extended battery is ok it at least got me through the day.

Other then those few things the BlackJack is a nice device. It would be something that that I would recommend to anyone who is looking at a device to carry a lot of contacts or appointments without having to carry a PDA. I will still recommend this device to anyone over a standard phone anyday.

Excellent work phone!


Mar 19, 2007 by bradspace

Although I was VERY in love with my Treo 680, it had some limitations that I just couldn't overcome. Most notably was the inability to view mail folders with the included mail program. I even explored after market mail programs but to no avail. I ended up buying this and I can't say that I'm sorry. In addition to giving me FULL mail access, it is nowhere NEAR as laggy as past Windows devices have been. I had the SMT5600, the Moto MPX-220 and the Cingular 8125. All would get bogged down going from app. to app. and I hated having to go in and shut things down when I was done. Even though it's still a good idea to do this with the Blackjack, it's not mandatory. The applications open quickly and there is hardly any lag. I would love the keyboard to be a bit bigger to fit my hands better, and a larger screen would be nice, but both are very acceptable. I would recommend this to anyone that needs access to mail, calendar and other essential office apps to manage your schedule on the road. I do not use it for the camera or the music, so I can't say how well they work. The size is fantastic and easily fits into a pants pocket without being uncomfortable. The battery life while horrible at first, improved greatly with some conditioning. Letting it charge all the way down and then recharging it all the way back up through a few cycles gets me a full day and a half to two days with Bluetooth running the entire time. I did, however, order the free extended battery and cover through the Cingular website and would recommend to anyone that has the two battery option to do so. Having said all that, here's the long and short of it:

** PROS **
Thin Profile
Full Microsoft email and PIM
Applications to read (not edit) Office documents
3G - need I say more?
Crystal clear screen
Excellent volume
Easy bluetooth pairing
Fast navigation
Multiple ways to get to what you want

** CONS **
Battery, batter and battery (see notes above)
Non standard ear piece plug
Needs a better browser option

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Great design, Great Features.


Mar 16, 2007 by ajs253

I was tired of having large PDAs, and wanted something a little slimmer, and not as wide as the Q or E62. I bought this phone with skepticism, thinking I would not like it: a, because it was a Samsung, and b, because of the win mo operating system. I have now had this phone for close to three weeks, and am finding it harder and harder to decide whether to return it. Why?


Excellent design/size
Full QWERTY keyboard
3G (when Cingular/Att get their act together)
Excellent multimedia functions
Very good screen quality/brightness
Good quality camera/pics for 1.3 (as compared to Moto).

Slim battery life is poor
Win Mo limitations with respect
to program functions.
Not touch screen.

Taking the limitations of Win Mo into consideration, and keeping it in perspective that these are win mo shortcomings and not of this device, this is a great little device that will do most everything a phone/pda needs to do utilizing win mobile. For that and many more benefits offered by this device, I have decided to give it high marks.
Try it, it may surprise you as it did me.

Multimedia Phenom


Mar 15, 2007 by dpnolen

I work for Cingular, and I hate to see this phone under a 4.0. So, I am writing this to help it get above the 4.0 mark. The phone is great. This is the best smartphone edition from Microsoft I have used. This is due to the full keyboard. Email integration is easy. I use Goodlink on this device and love it. I am a Blackberry man by heart, but this is a great multimedia device ( no business road warrior). Battery life is adequate ( consider size and all of multumedia functions that suck up battery life). There are better business device, but for the hip genre, this is a fun device.

My all-time faves are Nokia E63, 6682, Samsung SYNC, and Blackberries 8700c and Pearl.


Best WM Smartphone yet


Mar 13, 2007 by rvinny

This is my 3rd WM5 phone and the best yet. The smartphone version seems to be more stable and a bit smoother running than full PPC. I am a Blackberry convert and this is the first phone where I have been 100% content with having made the switch.

-- great size (actually feels better with extended battery)
-- extended battery - I get a full day (maybe 2) on a charge
-- great voice quality. Best I've had in a while on a phone period.
-- great screen
-- plenty of apps - customizable
-- good reception (Northeast Cingular)

-- Samsung Bluetooth stack is crippled

Awesome Phone, Terrible Battery... BUT...


Mar 5, 2007 by riddleofjustin

...if you switch the network from 3G (the very fast battery life sucking default data connection) to EDGE (which is still pretty fast), the battery will last longer. So, if you own a Blackjack and are tired of recharging every day (sometimes more than once), go to this address and make the change:


extended battery?


Feb 18, 2007 by mi_canuck

I just picked up a Blackjack last night - trying it out for 30 days. Came with 2 batteries, but both standard. Not 1 standard, 1 extended. What gives? Phone version is i607UCFJE



Feb 11, 2007 by bsykes

This phone is awesome. It has all that I need. I like the keyboard and the organizer which is the main reason I purchased this phone. I have no complaints so far.

Grows on You


Feb 9, 2007 by blindsk8chick

I work at a COR store, and as you know, we get phones to try out. Well, I had an E62 for quite sometime and refused to give it up to try the Blackjack. I'm glad I was forced to change. At first, it was hard to get used to the layout of the phone. I think that it's hard to navigate, and unless you've used phones with this OS, it's hard to find where things are hidden in the phone. Anyhow, here's my review:

It comes with two batteries
Small, lightweight
Good camera quality
Love that I can push my POP email to the phone! (just learned how to do that!)
Handy trackwheel and navigational pad
Fair speakerphone
Outstanding ringer and voice quality/clarity
Love how you can make your mp3 music an actual ringer
Internet speeds are great and easy to navigate.

It NEEDS two batteries
No flash on the camera
Runs slow unless you know how to access the task manager (hold down the home key and go in and end programs)
Programs run and run and run (unless you stop them via task manager)
I like to save my numbers to SIM, but can't save all of the info (addy, emal, etc) to SIM (like all Cingular phones)

Anyhow, it's a good phone, even for the novice PDA user. It took me about a month to get used to it, but I really like it now... especially that I know how to fully use it now! I went from this to an A707 for a week or two and was begging for the Blackjack back!

Samsung Blackjack Just Got Better.


Feb 5, 2007 by matrixixix

Although this phone has been taking a beating due to bad battery life, the phone has always been a strong contender in the PDA game. Well Samsung has been reading the pro's and con's posted by the people and stepped up to address "The Battery Life" problem. All Blackjacks now come packaged with the EXTENDED BATTERY and EXTENDED BATTERY DOOR. As well as the slim battery and battery door. This I'm sure will cause the reviews and sales to spike. The best thing is it makes the phone feel so much better. It actually makes the phone easier to type and navigate the keypad. The extended battery door levels out the back of the phone and adds a little more grip. While still keeping the slim factor of the phone. I am almost positive if you have the original release of the Blackjack you can call Samsung and have them send you the extended battery with door at no charge. Obviously Samsung knew this was a problem and I am sure will compensate. Anyway here is my review...

-Great Battery Life (now)
-3G is mega fast
-Perfect Size
-Amazing Sound (my Black Sabbath Greatest Hits album sounds killer on the Blackjack)
-Above Average 1.3mp Camera
-O.S. is very stable
-Great Customization Features
-Awesome Call Quality
-Outstanding Signal Strength
-Speakerphone is Extra High Quality

-Internet Explorer just seems to be horrible.
-No options listed when highlighting an attachment in email.
-Excel Spreadsheets are almost butchered to the point of being unreadable.

Other than that it's still a great device. The best thing is... the few remaining con's of the phone are most likely simple software fixes. Let's see what Samsung will do about it. However kudos to Samsung. They have been killing the competition in appliances, TV's and PC monitors for some time now. Looks like they are also taking over the cell phone market as well. Your move moto!

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