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Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607


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BlackJack rocks


Jan 9, 2007 by eightsixseven53oh9

I have used both the cingular 8125 and the Treo 650, so I am not 'new' to the smartphone PDA device world. I dumped both of those in favor of the BlackJ. Here's why...
My first Treo 650 crashed and had to be returned 1 week after purchase. My SECOND treo lasted 4 months, kept freezing and resetting, and was traded in for an 8125. My 8125 lasted 1 month before it began to shut itself off every few minutes. I finally made enough of a stink with Cingular to get them to send me the BlackJack in place of that (this took 2 hours on the phone and several different (mis) managers).


After having two clunky phones, I was immediately impressed by the Jack's size and form. It's extraordinarily light, feels good in your hand while talking on the device, and slides into a pocket with ease and no bulkiness.


Seriously fast internet. Makes EDGE look like dial-up internet


Brilliant, easy to read.


WM5 has everything I need to conduct business on the go. Some peoplel may need the 'extra' features of the Treo or 8125, but I have yet to find something that I want to with the Jack that I can't figure out a workaround.

Phone Quality

The call quality is superb, smoking both the Treo and the 8125. I am heard and can hear great.


Battery Life

The battery life is so-so at best. This isn't such a big deal for me, since I have a car charger, and my house and office both have electricity. Some people complain about the battery life, and it isn't great, but seriously, If you are gonna be somewhere without the ability to charge your phone, maybe you should 'disconnect' while you are there. Your battery life will increase if you don't leave a bunch of crap running all the time.

Overall, I think this is a great phone for the guy that needs more of a 'phone' than 'pda', but it still handles all the pda stuff pretty well.



Jan 26, 2007 by ninja2205

The Blackjack is a good step for "smartphones". The size is ok, a little to big for the pocket still. I dont really care for windows mobile phones. They are too slow. When typing on it, it just cant keep up. Its just a few characters behind. If I was shopping for a new phone I would get the Pearl over the Blackjack. If you must have a windows phone I would get this.

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Blackjack the phone to have


Jan 17, 2007 by d-davis

The Blackjack is the best phone, I have had. I love how samsung gave it a scoller like a blackberry!!! It make it easy to read text and e-mail. I think if you are looking for a phone with a full keypad this is the phone for you!!!

Give the Black Jack a Break


Dec 28, 2006 by wirelessman

It amazes me to read all these user ratings that bad mouth the BJ for the wrong reasons. As a consumer, I would know what I’m getting before spending any money. The BJ is a smart phone not a Pocket PC.Just because it has 3G does not mean this is the super PDA. It is very slim, comes the slim battery.Means shorter battery life. That’s why they included an extra battery. If that’s still an issue, then get a car charger. We already know it does not have Wifi before purchasing it. Why even complaint about it? The keys are too close together, why? because it is a slim phone. It has proprietary connectors? It comes with the cable, right, so why complaint. So here’s my point. I bought if for my wife, she was a former Treo650 user. She uses the phone about an average of 1 hour per day, talking and occasional internet. She knows she has to give up the touch screen for the slim form factor of a smart phone. She loves the phone and can’t put it down. The battery lasts all day and she charges it every night. The phone does not lag, not like what other people said. I was able to transfer all her contacts and calendar from Treo650 using ActiveSync without any problems. Blue tooth pairing is a breeze. RF signal is great (very important). 3G speed is great and so on. For my wife who’s an average user, this is the perfect phone for her. For myself, I love the slim factor but I’m a power user so this is not the phone for me. So if you’re a power user and got the BJ, not a good idea. You need an 8525 (like mine) that has everything except the slim factor and one hand operation. If you can live without the Wifi but want one hand operation, wait for the Treo 750 (which I’m getting also). For an average user who wants organizer, calendar, internet, slim form factor and wants good quality phone calls, the BJ is for you. You cannot have them all for there’s no such thing as a perfect phone. I’m giving this phone a 5 rating since this is perfect for my wife.

This Phone Is Very Good, Not Great....


Dec 19, 2006 by cmjones222

I enjoy the phone it is a nice phone for everyday use, and the battery is good. It will last at least one complete day, with regular use.(Comes with 2 Batteries) If you are a super emailer, super internet browser from your PHONE, then this is not for you.

It is great to respond to normal text messages, and IM if you have it set up. No you do not want to chat on it all days. Because the keys are kinda close. But if you stand still, and not move around to much you will be all right.
Its Great for listening to MP3, watching Videos, looking at you Pictures.

Pros: It's a good phone for an Average user, who is tired of pushing numbers to type a message. But if you want your corporate email, go to BlackBerry or something. Video Features, Music, T-9 Multiple Languages, SLIM and Compact, Nice Sturdy case.

Cons: No case came with Phone, battery life is a lil problem. Keys are close. But I will Survive to have a small Slim phone like this. With Spacious Keys comes a BIGGER Phone.

Best WM5 Smartphone available...


Dec 4, 2006 by mbranscum

Great phone with good volume in both earpiece and ringtones. You forget it's in your pocket, it's so thin. Many complain about the battery. There are a lot of factors that affect this. Many people giving this phone low ratings do not understand what a smartphone is or what does, and how to manage that to get the best battery life. On most smartphones, your going to have to charge more often than a dumb phone. I am a power user and have unlimited data. The phone makes it through the day with battery left to spare. Since I charge my phone every night, no problem.

Good Volume
The "feel" of the phone is great
Scroll wheel

Have had 3-4 dropped calls. (Not sure if this was network or phone issues)

Have been using the phone since 11/17/06.

best phone/organizer to date


Nov 22, 2006 by chadbordes

I have been searching for the perfect small phone/organizer w/email functions. I was in the cingular store and renewed my contract and got the e62 for my fiance and another blackberry for me. I wasn't sure that I was going to keep the blackberry and checked the phonescoop website to hear that cingular was getting the bb pearl, treo 750, 8525 and the blackjack. I called cingular the day it was released and got one for my fiance and myself and we are both very satisfied

Wow is all i can say. Huge improvement over the old mpx 200. I love being able to sync my information between outlook and the phone. I am and have always been a loyal microsoft user and love the functionality.

-Great screen
-Syncs with outlook via exchange/or with active sync 4.2
-Has micro sd card for data and other files
-Loud ringer and earpiece, I have never had to turn the volume all the way up.
-Great speakerphone
-Great integration with bluetooth...found my motorola 850 effortlessly
-Great camera
-customizable layouts

-Battery life is not great
(thankfully they give you two batteries)
-No flash on the camera
-could have used a mini usb instead of their cable for transferring files
-small keypad (I am slowly getting over this coming from the blackberry 8700)

I HIGHLY recommend this phone. It has really helped me to get organized and keep on top of projects.

Uhhh.......This is a phone


Dec 16, 2006 by skillety2j

So I go to the Cingular store to upgrade my Blackberry for the Blackjack because I wanted something that was windows based. When I opened the box it had two batteries and I thought I had something great. So I go home and started to charge up the Blackjack so I can use it the next day for work. So on the next day I put my sim card in the phone and transfered some information from my blackberry to the blackjack. That took forever to accomplish. Then I found out that this phone lags alot. I don't like waiting for my address book to take all day to load up. Well I don't want to tell this whole story so here are the pros and cons on this phone.

1) Can make and recieve calls.

1) This phone lags. It takes forever to transfer files and sending and opening emails. Even when you are typing it lags.
2) It is very hard to connect it with any bluetooth device.
3) The box says it has 64MB of available space. I checked my available memory when I got it and it only had 53MB of available space.
4) The buttons are so small on the phone it is hard to type an email or text message.
5) The battery life is only three hours per battery. So I can only use the phone six hours out of the day.
6) There is no Wi-fi on this phone.

I do not recommend this phone to anybody who wants a smartphone or a pda phone. I returned my phone and got the Cingular 8525 and that phone works great. There are better phones out there and if you do go out and buy it just be aware.

great, until it breaks


Oct 7, 2010 by narn3049

This phone was also one of the best reliable smartphones I owned with at&t. I dropped it many times and it always had apps I needed. The mail app in particular, as well as calendar and internet.

The flimsy parts of this phone are that it is REALLY thin for a phone. So I dropped it once against my car tire while I was standing there and it bent in the middle, and the battery wouldnt make a connection. So i was kind of ticked about that, but the keyboard was sitll making a connection with the screen, and motherboard, so i plugged it in and was able to answer my emails and the like as this one operates without battery as well. it looked battle worn but worked and was as dependable as the day I got it.

a pretty good phone


Sep 11, 2010 by mslux102

I've had this phone for 2 years and so far it's been great. But i dropped it the first year i had it and it still works. I mean when i dropped it it was cracked open and everything, and yet it still works. I'm having a little battery trouble but other that that its doing what its supposed to do.

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