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Samsung SYNC SGH-A707


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Jun 21, 2007 by rcalbin


Do not buy this phone if you're looking for an exceptional phone - instead of a PDA, or MP3 player, or camera, or ISP device, etc, etc! I've had two of these... and they were both lousy phones!

Don't be seduced by the great looks and great screen, or any of the "extra features" - because this is definitely not a great phone - unless you're a "hip-hop gen type." Serious users will not be impressed with this phone's basic features.

And... do not try and return it either to the on-line store, or a corporate store if purchased on-line. The on-line reps won't send you a return authorization / label, and the corporate store reps don't know what you're talking about - and will only grudgingly process your return / refund.


1. Looks great
2. Great screen
3. Solid / strong construction
3. Probably some other good features


1. Lousy reception
2. Lousy sound / volume too low
3. Lousy speaker phone - rattles / vibrates
4. No voice dial
5. Illogical / non-intuitive menus
6. Lousy customer service
7. More than I care to list - after all... who cares about other features, if you want a great phone!

Cingular finally did refund my money on both phones - but, why go through all this hassle!

I gave it a "0" rating - because that's about the only way to affect the overall rating - it's actually about a "3."

Don't wast your money (or time)


Jan 12, 2007 by bradspace

I bought this to try a slim flip that WASN'T a RAZR. Wish I hadn't. It fails in too many areas to give it more than an average review.

** PROS **
Slim form factor
Bright, clear screen
Ringer and speakers both loud
Nice keypad layout and large buttons for big hands
Very good battery life

** CONS **
The UI is awful - it is locked down (very Verizon-like) and more menus than a mall food court
Like the Gmail app? Forget it-won't work on this phone
Like Gogole maps? Forget it-won't work
Like Opera Mini? It's 50/50 shot whether it works
Hate the embedded wall papers and screen savers? Forget it- you can't get rid of 'em
Typical Samsung proprietary port
UI is S-L-O-W
I found the signal quality to be marginal in areas where my Treo 680 & Nokia 6131 were 3-4 out of 5 bars
3G? 3G? What 3G? Even when displaying the 3G logo, my d/l times were slower than EDGE. FAR slower.

This phone has a LONG way to go. If Cingular is going to go the way of Verizon with menu driven UI's and lock them down, I'm not interested.

Love-hate relationship


Oct 9, 2007 by maphrecords

I switched to cingular/att because I heard great things about the network. The rep sold me on the sync. Since I have had the phone I have had to replace it three times.

First time ringer did not work. Was told by various sources that it was as bug with the phone. Customer care told me to have it replaced at the store.

Second phone started to do the same thing after about two months. Went through the trouble shooting and got a phone on warranty

Got a third phone ringer works fine but won't hold a charge. If I answer a call the battery will drain completely after approx. 5 minutes.

Getting a fourth phone....

I like the features of this phone but it would be nice if the simple features would work as they were meant to...

Would not recommend this phone.



Jun 16, 2007 by becki228

this is a great phone.i have had it for 6 months. i also sell phones and this is the one of the top selling phones.

Not great.. OK


Jan 30, 2007 by jeeva420

I bought this phone a week ago. Overall, it is a OK phone.

- Display is very bright and good
- Looks good
- camera

- Battery life is not great. I have to charge every other day even if I am not using the phone much
- External display is not good
- It is very hard to open the phone with single hand
- Outside controls are useless. LG CU500 outside controls are much better
- Proprietary connector for data and headphone
- Speaker phone quality is very bad
- No multitasking

Prolly the Best Phone I have owned in some time!!!


Nov 28, 2006 by hucworld

I swithced over to Cingular after being with Helio who by the way sucks big time. Anyway I switched over here and made the Sync the first phone I purchased. So far this phone is very nice indeed. The only draw back is that this phone does not come with a sync cable which sucks, but hey we will manage right. I started to go with the CU500 but decided against it and glad I did. The display is awesomely big. The phone sound is cool and the overall feel of the phone is just great. I plan to utilize eveything tonight with my sync cable and get my money's worth out of this phone.

Good Idea, doesn't work


Feb 13, 2007 by webcapino

I asked Cingular to replace the 1st I received because thought the battery came crippled, the second one will not hold a 2 day charge of medium usage either. Cingular has billed me for $300 and my calls won't get through.

Pros: Great display, easy to navigate, many features, nice camera, mp3 would be a bonus but...


I'll try now with Motorola or Nokia.

Samsung SYNC SGH-A707


Apr 7, 2007 by rhb440

My son and I purchased 2 of these phones in January of 2007. The phones have operated adequately, meaning that they are average phones. We've had our share of dropped calls when other phones would still be connected. Any of my other complaints about the phone would probably be considered just personal preference. My main complaint is about the phone concerns the front display. The week of April 4, 2007, both of our front displays cracked for no apparent reason. The phones have always been a leather case for protection. Neither phone has been abused. Upon inspection of the plastic cover over the front screens of both phones no damage at all was observed. None whatsoever. Both of the front display covers were pristine. I've done a little on-line research and discovered that this is not really uncommon for this phone. It's not that all screens are cracking, just that on every web site there is mention of front displays cracking for no apparent reason. Has anyone on this website experienced the same thing happen to their SYNCs?

Worth it, for a limited time only.


Nov 30, 2008 by eshedm

I have owned this phone for nearly two years and am very disappointed as of late.

For about 22 months, it was perfect for everything I needed.

recently, the screen stopped working, the vibrate function broke, the sound for files went missing, the battery dies quickly, and now it WILL NOT Charge.

I recommend this phone only if it is temporary.

its okay


Feb 19, 2008 by bryanne11

ive had it for 10 months now. kindof sick of it. its not horrible but there are alot of things that make me mad.

-menu is set up well and easy to use
-good reception
-can control media player from outside with touch buttons
-i have the red one and i love the color
-doesnt scratch that easily

-somewhat large
-TAKES FOREVER TO VIEW THE TIME WHEN PHONE IS SHUT...you have to hold down the button for a good 3 seconds
-YOU CANT TURN OFF THE SHUTTER SOUND--its a pain when im in class trying to get a picture but i cant since its so loud
-YOU CANT READ TEXTS WHEN YOU ARE TALKING ON THE PHONE- omg that makes me what to throw the phone in the trash it makes me so mad. me being an avid texter cant has to hang up on the person im talking to to read the text.

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