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Quirky at best


Apr 26, 2007 by mdrmike

I owned this phone for about 1-1/2 weeks before trading for the awesome Motorola RAZR V3xx. I dont remember everything I disliked, but I had originally traded in a SonyErricson w810i walkman phone for this because although the w810i was an awesome camera phone, it was a horrible walkman.


* feature set rocks
* A2DP bluetooth.
* good FREE synch software for PC / contacts
* easy synch with Windows MediaPlayer


* just an overall quirky and VERY unintuitive user interface. not very programmable.
* really poor quality camera with limited settings.
* most of the features are just shy of being good
* SD flash memory limited to 2GB (not enough to replace iPod or compete with upcoming iPhone)
* when playing music, pause, FWD, RWD buttons are too touchy and will often get accidentally pressed when put in pocket before buttons turn off.

Great In Like-Phone Comparisons


Mar 14, 2007 by wkwilsonb

During the 30 days following my purchase of the Samsung SYNCH SGH-A707 phone, I continued to compare it to Cingular Wireless's (new AT&T) 2 other like clamshell 3G phones: LG CU500 and Motorola MOTORAZR v3xx. Overall, salesmen, phone customers that I met and myself really preferred the Samsung phone best. Important for me to note here is that I've already accidentally dropped this phone to hard pavement 4 times, no less, and the phone was not damaged (just a hardly noticed nick on a corner). Phone quality and performance in the NY Metropolitan area, including Central NJ, with 3G Cingular network service,is very good. Service does switch to the Edge network if 3G is interrupted or unavailable. Phone designs and sizes, for me, are mostly subjective. However, the larger internal display on the Samsung, as is also on the Motorola phone, for me put the LG cu500 phone aside for further comparisons. The Motorola RAZR phone designs are all look-alikes, and so common that it's for me nice to decide on the Samsung phone which looks very nice, different and again compares so very well. The following pros, with I hope are some objective cons, mounts to real overall satisfaction with my purchase. I didn't want to exchange my phone before the end of my 30 day contract.

Internal display: large and brightness
Micro SD memory card slot: location:
on the side, not inside w/battery
Camera: 2+ mega pixel, the best of the 3
Desktop: pc-like icons to point/select
E-mail client: only one of the 3 phones
PictBridge: picture bridge to printer,
only one of the 3 phones to offer

Internal memory: about half as much as
Motorola (but can compensate
with saving to memory card)
No voice dialing - a growing option
Keypad tones: though nice sounds, you
cannot opt to turn off completely

Take the good with bad


Jan 17, 2007 by mattallica

I just bought this phone, and have had it for about a week now. I am using Cingular in the Southern WI, Northern IL region.

I have had MANY different phones on 4 different providers over the years, and this one is tied for 1st place with me.

Things I like:
1. Call quality- First and foremost, it has to function as a phone!
I don't get that good of a signal in my home, however, audio quality is tremendous. When on the road, even better. I hope I'm not misspeaking, but when it is in 3G mode. It's like I'm sitting next to the person. Along with the call quality, the speaker is nice and loud (something I greatly prefer).
2. Data speeds - IMHO Cingular's 3G speed is superior to Verizons. Pages load extremely fast, video is crisp with no skipping.
Even in EDGE it is fast.
3. Screen - not too important, but nice and bright -VERY easy to read.
4. Light and thin. I hardly notice it's there.
5. Media player & memory slot.

Things that could use improving:
1. Menus. Things are not exactly set up like I want. But it is very fast! It is cumbersome to send a txt message or access features.
2. Battery life. I have to charge it every 2 days. I don't talk that much either.
3. It's a little long it goes past my chin about a 1/2inch.
4. Signal strength or RF. Again, I don't get too good of service in my house, but with the RAZR I missed a few calls (it didn't ring). With this, I'm not sure how many I've missed. I tried calling it a few times when I first got it, and only 2 of the 4 times it rang. :(
ALSO, I've noticed, when I'm holding the phone the "bars" drop down to no signal anywhere I go. Which is kind of odd.

I have enjoyed it so far, and I think these minor things I can live with.



Jan 9, 2007 by chaoskraden

I sell phones all day and i think this is the best phone out for cingular right now other then pda phones.

the screen is incredible, the battery life is a lot better then the cu500, the transflash card slot is on the outside of the phone unlike the cu500 were you have to take the battery out to put the card in, and the camera is better too! plus its umts cingular video is pretty neat!!!!

I highly recommend this phone to anyone who uses their phone more then talking



Jan 8, 2007 by coffeebean29

I just upgraded to this phone from the Motorola v551 and it really blows that outta the water!!! There's so much you can do with this phone im still learning everything about it. It looks like a RAZR at a glance but it's little a bit smaller. I get a great signal reception with this as well on Cingular's network. The screen is bright and crystal clear. I love the sleek design!!!

Great Features, The Best Screen, Fast Internet


Nov 19, 2006 by SDiego

I just got this phone yesterday at a Cingular store as a upgrade. So fas so good. I really like the screen, and Very fast internet via 3g.
Bluetooth works great and was easy to setup in my factory installed bluetooth in my car. The first thing I tested was the call volume through the earpiece speaker. I read so much about that and was wondering. It's louder than the samsung 807 and equal to or louder than the nokia 6131.
I give it 4.5 stars because of the menu system, and outer screen, but I quess all phones are different.

Pro's Screen
Fast internet

Con's Menu
outside screen

Better Than I Was Afraid Of


Nov 17, 2006 by MoralR77


-Main display is simply huge (240 by 320!!!)
-Crystal clear display on menu (like HD on your phone)
-Nice Camera
-Beautiful menu Screens
-Stereo Bluetooth
-Great Music Player
-3D Games
-HSDPA (runs about 300-700 Kbps)
-Strong vibrator (good when you are not suppose to have your phone on at work, or when in church)
-Very easy user interface, if you can get get use to a slightly more difficult Menu Format
-Incredibly thin and light!!!


-Front Display looks nowhere as good as main display does
-You have to have to have all of you files in the right folders on your memory card before the A707 will recognize the formats (i.e. MP3/Music, jpg/Pictures, etc.)
-Had applications freeze up a few times, nothing major though...yet)

I upgraded from the LG CU320, which was, and is still, a great phone. I never have liked Samsung that much, but when I saw that Cingular was willing to incorporate their name with this phone (Cingular Sync/Samsung A707) I was automatically intrigued.
After reviewing all of Cingular's new phones, and the prices, this phone came out on top. So far this is my favorite phone...'sorry I've hated you so long Samsung, keep up the good work, and we might become friends'.
I just hope this phone stands the test of time. It's already been dropped once...so far so good!!!



Nov 17, 2006 by njudkins21

This is the GREATEST phone I have ever owned! I have owned at least 50 different phones, and this one by far is the best!

-BIG, Crystal Clear Display.
-AMAZING 2.0 MP camera
-Great call quality
-Great sounding mp3 player
-external touch-pad media player buttons


Worth Buying - Very Good Phone


Nov 13, 2006 by celnut

I am liking this phone alot. I have had it for a week now. I was hesitant due to Samsung's reception and volume issues in the past. I also have a SE 810i which I will be comparing it to below.

Thin & Lightweight
Volume is loud (louder than 810i)
3G works well
Nice large,bright Display

Reception is good but not great (810i is better, so are Nokia's)
Camera is good (810i camera is much better)
Backlight stays on while charging

I don't use the music features so I am not able to review them. Overall this is a phone worth getting if you are looking for a 3g flip that is lightweight and easy to use. This phone is much better than the LG CU500 in many ways.

All phones are not created equal


Sep 21, 2007 by Joseph2444

My first phone consumed the battery in about a day and a half. Talk time was about 4 minutes.
I found difficulty in hearing both through the ear-piece and on speaker phone. My second phone sounded a little better and the batteries lasted longer, but in no way does it live up to the advertised stand by and talk time.
I will be traveling to an ATT store this weekend in the hope of finding a phone that works.
Not a Samsung Sync. I have an old Nokia 3120 that works like a dream, a friend of mine has one that ever works better, ALL PHONES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. Try to test the phone before the purchase it.
I think the ratings are all over the place because phones are not consistently good or bad. The bells and whistles are greaat but the phone in my opinion needs to be a phone first.

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