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Samsung SYNC SGH-A707


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Aug 11, 2007 by DOCTRAINER

I have had this phone for about three weeks and I am trading it tomorrow for the Nokia N75.
I upgraded from the Motorola Razr V3. My Razr got great reception unlike the Sync!

Great look and feel
Nice screen
Very easy to use
Nice MP3 player with many options
Fast browser
Nice Camera

Poor Reception
Battery door would not stay shut
Micro SD card almost impossible to insert and remove
Phone would sometimes not recognize SD card
When watching videos landscape screen mode was same size as regular

Overall for the money and the options that you receive this is a nice upgrade but definitely not the best. I hope I have better luck with the Nokia!

my sync


Aug 5, 2007 by AppleGenius24

i bought my sync about a month or two ago at an at&t store. I have been a lot of places with my sync and have gathered a list of pros and cons about it.

1. great size
2. professional look
3. excellent camera even at the lowest resolution
4. superb video playback
5. the mp3 player
6. external mp3 buttons
7. one touch speakerphone
8. how you can change the profile w/o opening the phone
9. the GUI
10. menu structure
11. the keys. they're perfectly sized
12. signal quality- i'm in rural amish country in pa. call quality is crystal clear, even in the "bad spots"
13. great battery life
14. bluetooth is a plus
15. if you are willing to spend a few extra seconds, it is a great phone to use w/ a Mac. i would recommend it if you can't get the iPhone.
16. dedicated music button
17. sturdy altogether
18. if you drop it, it won't shatter into a trillion pieces (unlike the RAZR)
19. call volume is loud. very nice
20. if you miss a text message, call, etc, a nice annoying beep goes off until you check it. nice feature
21. you can set animated images as wallpapers (not video)
22. decent default ringtones
1. external display could have a higher resolution
2. external display doesn't stay on all the time, you have to open the phone to get whatever info u need (thats' if you don't feel like holding in the side button for a few seconds, then scrolling down to "exit" then to find the display only stays on for a couple seconds
3. mp3 speaker--needs to be louder. way louder
4. this phone doesn't like to turn on with the first push of the power button. i have to try @ least 3-5 times to turn it on
5. if idle and closed for a few seconds, it takes a second for it to realize "hey, i need to turn on my display!"
6. the main menu is a little bit slow (b/c of the amount of animations, etc. its just not "smooth")
7. internal screen casing feels cheap and it creaks a lot
8. takes a while to recognize a memory card if the phone is turned back on

Best Phone Had So Far


Jul 31, 2007 by phonereview688

I thought is was going to be another average end phone...however when bought from ATT I found that it was a great phone. It did apply outside features unlike what other people are saying including a personal wallpaper, time, camera, media player, profiles, and more. Touch s

All in one


Jul 21, 2007 by hotboidrvsf150

This is by far the most feature rich, coolest phone I have owned. Its reliable and has great signal. Its like the BMW of phones. Great features plus an MP3 for when I want music on the go. Samsung has great products and paired with AT&T's network coverage its the best!

my a707


Jul 11, 2007 by carlbeaty33

this phone is great.
Only thing i don't like about it is that the price of the phone when u only get the charger battery and the phone. But besides that its a good phone. But I'm sorry but i still like my Motorola better:)
But i love the features and the display is amazing.

this phone needs to Sync


Jul 9, 2007 by TheCellGUYohMy

When the phone came out I was anxious to try it out. I was immediatly impressed with the screen and key size, both of which are nice. I also liked the external mp3 controls and outside screen size. Its true that for the price the phone offers many wonderful features. However the features that I am most interested with at the time are signal strength and sound quality. Neither of these things are anywhere near an acceptable level. Now I don't have any intention of bashing the phone but I do not recommend it to any of my customers. Samsung offers a great pack of features in this thin flip however I would suggest putting an unregistered sim in it....you'll get about the same reception.

Can't delete your text message!


Jun 12, 2007 by jrokk7126

Hello people, I had a customer to brought the samsung a707 from me at a rentel store that I wrk at. The phone is great but if your 1 of those people that like to TEXT MSG, this phone is not 4 you. Why? becuz if u sent a txt msg to some1 u know, it is store in the cell phone memory and u won't be able to delete it! so for example, if u lose ur phone some1 will know who u txt. For those people that trade stock n bonds don't get it this phone, which my customer is 1 of them. thank you.

Good solid phone, a few quirks


May 31, 2007 by radthad

I've had the Sync for a week now, and after using Motorola for several years (on VZW and Cingular/AT&T) I must say I'm pleased with the phone.

All of the Pro's are obvious (screen, 2MP, expandable memory, etc etc)

Myth busters about so called flaws:
*The GUI - there ARE a few quirks to it. It's very easy to get used to, and becomes familiar rather easily - and this is coming from somebody who's been used to Motorola's style for a while.

*Lack of T9 in third party apps: The fix for this is to hold the * key for 3 seconds, and then the phone will cycle through T9 :)

*Difficulty with "syncing" - I don't bother with the "Sync" functions with Windows Media Player. I simply copy the mp3's from my iTunes library to my micro SD via a card reader. I find this easier to manage all of my media at one time rather than doing it through the phone which can be slower with a USB cable.

*RF Reception: It is true the Sync doesn't show as many "bars" when sitting beside one of my Cingular Moto phones in some places. However, during any given week, I'm in Catawba, Cleveland, Gaston, Lincoln, and Mecklenburg counties in North Carolina and there are only 2 spots on the road I have trouble with on Cingular's network for less than a 1/4 mile stretch per "trouble spot."

*The side buttons delay in activating the front LCD. My mother has a small Samsung phone on VZW that's the same way. This is a feature Samsung intentionally puts in there to prevent the phone from switching to camera mode so easily.

Things I like:
Too many to list!

Things I dislike:
No voice dialing (that I've never really used before)
Front media player buttons could be a little more responsive when playing music
Customization of home keys could use some tweaking
micro SD card is a little tricky to insert and remove.
A USB cable would have been nice.

You won't be disappointed with the phone. And if you don't like it, you always have 30 days to trade it for something else. 4.5/5

Great phone


May 25, 2007 by RHNTR3

This is the best phone I have ever owned. It has great features and is very stylish. I had the V3 RAZR and this blows it away. I usually liked sticking with Motorola but Samsung did this one right.

-Not to bid not to small. Still very thin similar to the RAZR.
- Great sound speaker phone is very clear.
- Nice size key pad and screen.
- Applications are great.
- Very easy to down load media to as well.
- Micro SD a great add on and somewhat easy to install and remove. (grow a thumb nail a little longer)
- Should at least have on full version game on it instead of the play once demos.
- No voice dial option
- Front display does not stay on long.

Red Sync


May 19, 2007 by Versed

1. Nice Screen, bright and easy to read.
2. Easy to figure out menu's.
3. Nice big keys.
4. Speakerphone is loud.
5. Feels nice in the hand.

1. No included data software and cable.
2. Charging/usb socket is proprietary, small and hard to insert power cable.

For what this phone is and the cost, it's a great deal.

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