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Samsung SYNC SGH-A707


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Good phone, but dropped calls


Aug 14, 2010 by clutchxp

I used to have this device and it worked great most of the time. Listed below are the pros and cons I found while I had this phone.


- red (if you like the color)
- good speaker phone and ear piece speaker
- ringtones
- buttons were easy to press (no sticking or resistance when pushed down to dial a number)
- good internal and external displays


- dropped calls
- low memory on the device

I'm giving this phone a four out of five stars because of the dropped calls. Other than that, the phone was great. It worked well for what I used it for.

Best phone I've had


Jun 28, 2008 by tylertech

The Samsung Sync is one of the best phones I've ever had.

-Very Slim and has a good weight
-The Music Player lets you close the phone and use the three buttons on the outside
-View documents on it
-Very nice screen and display
-Games play well on it
-You are able to hack it, with a data cable :-)

-It is not fully customizable
-It is not that simple to add java games (requires a data cable, and some skills, but simple enough for advanced users)
-Ring tones can't be longer than 30 secs, or be more than 300kb (with my AT&T branded Sync)

The signal quality is great, and I usually always receive 3G network around North Carolina. I highly recommended this phone to anyone, however if you are wanting more customization, you should be comfortable with using a data cable and other third party applications.

Pretty Good Phone


May 12, 2008 by whiteyyyyy

The Samsung Sync is an all around good phone. The camera is great and can take pictures with massive resolutions for a cell phone. 3G is great however my house does not get 3G reception and I have to travel awfully far to get 3G. The screen is great and it ability to play music through the speaker phone is great however the speaker phone itself is sub par. Also the music player itself is a little awkward to navigate. Despite it being bulky, functionally the Samsung Sync is a good phone

-MicroSD slot
-Ability to play music
-Flaps for the input cables
-Speaker Phone
-Music Player itself
-External buttons are useless when the phone is closed

I love it!!


Mar 1, 2008 by cadcraig

I have had this phone for a while now, and absolutely love it! It is by far the best phone I have ever had. It puzzles me how some people on here are upset that it doesn't do more. My suggestion to them is ask the right questions to the rep that is helping you, and let them know what you are looking for and what you need the phone to do. That way you don't have to worry about getting the wrong phone. I did just that and ended up with my sync which I love. The camera is great, the video is great, texting, calling, the phone book, it all is wonderful. I read a review on here where someone said they were disappointed by the phone not coming with anything less than the phone, the charger, and the instruction manual. What else do you want it to come with? The majority of phones only come with that. You do have to buy the memory card if you want to save your pictures, but it's not like the cost a small fortune. I bought the 512mb card and it holds up to 200 pictures. I have a good digital camera so there won't be any need to take that many. And if you do, take the memory card out, and upload the pictures to your computer. For anyone who is looking for a great phone to take good pictures with, have a lot of options like the MobiTV, XM satellite radio, and many others, I highly suggest checking out the Sync.



Jan 2, 2008 by pauconstant

i got this phone for christmas in 07 and i think it's d best clamshell phone yet! it has mp3 capabilities and a good speaker. also has bluetooth and all those stuff it has everything but it only comes with a charger, no earphone or usb cable but very good overall

Pros- mp3
2 mp camera
video camcorder
nice screan
nice outside screen
you can change the font

Cons- no usb cable-$29.99
no earphones$29.99
no memory card-$24.99
but this things won't really affect the phone, you can just buy a memory card and stick it onto the computer to put songs, or by bluetooth

Pleased As Punch


Dec 2, 2007 by Professor Chaos

Before I purchased this phone, I took the time to read reviews, mostly at other forums, but a few here as well. Had I not been paying close attention... I could have been discouraged from buying this phone. It seems that many of the same people who appreciate the larger screen and larger keypad do not like the larger phone. How they expect to get a larger screen and larger keys on a smaller phone is beyond me. I have also seen reviews in which people claim to love the MP3 feature and expandable memory (up to 2 gigs with MicroSD)but complain about having to recharge it more often than their old phones which did not have these features. More features = more user time = more recharging. The same people complain that the front display shuts off after 10 seconds. If it didn't shut off they would have to recharge it even more than they already do. Lastly they complain about having to buy the memory card and cables separately. The phone, after rebate... is $35.00. The memory card alone can cost more than that depending on where you get it.

Me... I LOVE the phone. It is a perfect combination of everything I need. Phone with a HUGE contacts list capacity, MP3, e mail, Internet, profiles, messenger, 2 mega pixel camera, recording and streaming up to an hour of video, amazingly clear display, etc. all work VERY well. I haven't had an unexpected issue with anything at all. I can't really find anything to feel disgruntled about.

If I had to choose a "CON", I would say that finger smudges show up very easily on it... so if that annoys you, either get some Windex Wipes to carry around with you or get a case for it. I got a case. To all of you who are having a hard time figuring out how to access the features or adjust the settings... it came with a very clear and concise User Manual that details every feature. Read it. I did and afterward using the phone was as simple as it could possibly be.

I can't imagine a better phone for the money.

The Best Phone I Have Ever Had!!!


Nov 28, 2007 by phonefreak

Ok, I have had three phones, and this one by far blows all of them out of the water!!! The sync is AMAZING!

-The best reception of any phone I have tried
-Better camera than the Blackberry Curve
-Great call quality
-Very easy to txt on (which I do quite a lot)
-Great sound quality

-Not any that I can think of. lol! This phone is the best!!!



Nov 20, 2007 by rmobrien35

I own 3 of these phones and I have sold 200+ to customers of AT&T. I live in St. Louis, and my AT&T service with any of my old GSM phones had about 7 dropouts when I drove the 50 mile I-270 route around the city. With this 3G phone I have no dropouts of service, so if you live in a 3G service area, this is the phone for you. The camera is superb, but it must be held very steady. Because of the 2.0 megapixels, the videos it takes are as good as a VCR.
The MP3 player with the optional SD chip allows you to store hundreds of MP3 songs. Remember, MP3 songs can cost very little, when you use a source like MP3ROCKET.com, as opposed to $1.00 each for ITUNES.
This phone does 98% of what the IPHONE does, at 25% of the cost, and does an additional 10-15 things the IPHONE can't do. Because of the 3G service, it will be 5 to 15 times faster than the IPHONE on the Internet. In addition, it offers stereo bluetooth, so that with my stereo bluetooth headset, I can listen to all my MP3 music in stereo wirelessly.
In addition, it will do push email, so that the first time you log onto your email,
it will ask you if you want to continue to be notified each time you receive an email, and the phone will beep for each incoming email.
If you have a PICTBRIDGE printer, you can print photos directly from the phone. In addition, it has 5 stop watches, 5 timers, and many others features too numerous to mention. When you are entering phone #'s, the text on the screen is the largest I have seen. In addition, the screen is 18 bit technology, 5 X more resolution than standard, and it is as large as most PDA's.
To end, the 3G technology offers 30% better connectivity, or more bars wherever you are, on the AT&T network.
I have owned this phone since DEC 2006, and it is the first phone that did everything I wanted from a phone, and more.

good when u can find it


Nov 20, 2007 by poophell

i bought this phone about two weeks ago and i am already on my fifth one. i dont understand why but its just like an easy phone to like lose. like i always put it in my back pocket so i know where it is and i always put it out on the table whenever i sitting down so i can see where it is but i still manage to lose it over and over again. it also gets run over by cars and stuff and i dont get why but it just like always does...soooo i think u should like make it so i dont lose it more but besides that i like it.

Samsung A707


Oct 11, 2007 by bnz300

I purchased this phone after trying a couple others. The Nokia 6555, horrible battery life, and the Samsung A437, nice phone, no memory. The ATT rep suggested this phone and I am very pleased with it.

Pros: great battery life
plenty of memory
micro SD cards
great 2MP camera
menu is easy to use
beautiful 260K screen
3G,web browsing

I really have no cons, I also have a Blackjack, this was just a secondary phone,and it more than fulfills that task.

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