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Samsung SYNC SGH-A707


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A++ cell phone


Feb 15, 2007 by GSMROCKS

All the pros have been well covered by other reviews. Its a great phone but a few cons:

-outside buttons take to long to activate
-battery life SUCKS
-no google apps
-reception could be better
-short cuts could be better
-phone display plastic should stop where the screen stops, instead it goes all the way to the side and it gets kinda dirty

Overall nothings perfect but this phone is pretty close.

Almost there but no cigar, Cingular!


Dec 16, 2006 by kutyafal

I was looking for a replacement for my Razr and so wanted this phone to be it. But alas, no cigar, not eve for free... It's a very good phone though but a few missing features cripple it a bit for me. I list more cons than pros because I didn't see these listed and I agree with the pros mentioned.

- All the pros the other have listed stand
- Screen! It's great for Web browsing but see cons...
- Speed is great but coverage is still thin.
- Battery life has been very good for me.
- Sound is pretty good.
- Good reception too.
- Great processor speed.
- Hot swap mSD card spring-loaded slot.

- Can't suspend Java apps. With all the Web browsing one is inspired to do due to the nice screen and speed this is a major bad for me. You can't continue a Web session or games after closing phone...
- In fact no usable multitask at all.
- Built-in Netfront 3.3 browser chokes on larger Web pages.
- Speaker phone disconnects if phone is closed.
- Can't pair to Bluetooth GPS devices.
- Front screen takes too long to activate.
- All external media controls self lock. Not even the volume works!
- No POP mail setup
- Only four shortcuts. With all the nested menu and application options it definitely needs more!

If you can stand the form factor, size and price get the Blackjack. It has the same general internals with a much better OS. I'm going to wait for one of the new Symbians... :)

Phone Rookies


Dec 13, 2007 by biggshaad

To all you phone rookies out there this phone is a great phone. They tell you everything it does and it does it well. MP3 player, nice camera, battery life is good. Charge your phone nightly like the rest of the world and stop complaining about the phone. Some of you guys try to get 3 weeks of battery life its not happening with a feature rich phone.

This phone is worth the price.

horrible reception


Nov 24, 2007 by bo li sh x01

i've had this phone for a week now. and i have to admit i love it. i text alot and the keys are fast and easy for me to text on. one problem ive had with it so far is i will lose reception out of no where. But here are some pros and cons of it.

*great speaker phone
*amazing MP3's
*super camera
*very hard to damage.
(its fallen down the
steps once already)
*good keypad
*pretty easy to text on
(but way different then
the LG i had before it)

*lose reception out of no where
(anybody else have this happen?)
*screens smuge very easily.

other then the losing reception thing.
I absolutely love this phone. BUT, if the
reception continues to fail for me, i will take it back to AT&T for a replacement phone. Only because this never happened with my LG

Good little phone


Oct 31, 2007 by BKKloppenborg

Got this phone for my dad, because he has a hard time hearing. They rep said if this phone doesn't work then none will. Wow my dad can now hear, great phone easy to use, lots of good features on it.

Pros: Loud ear volume, looks nice, Mp3 player, and small, flip phone.

Cons: RF is not the best on this phone compared to last Nokia. (But last Nokia earpiece was cheap and bad quality.

Overall a great little phone if you want a good basic phone with a good loud earpice.



Oct 27, 2007 by Julius21

I Love This Phone, It Has Everything. The Only Thing I Was Disappointed About Was That It Doesn't Horizontally Flip Like The Verizon Version, And I Had No Choice But To Get A Cingular Phone.

Its not bad!


Oct 4, 2007 by Jaminjames2008

I have had this phone for 9 months now and i would say that it has been ok. I got the phone and it was originally with cingular and when it changed over to At&t i had some problems with dropped calls, but i think it was just the service provider. Now its all good though.

Nice screen, very colorful

It can ring and vibrate at the same time nice when you in loud places

Nice pictures, but they lag sometimes

Mp3 music

Good signal

Battery dies fast, i bought a new one at the 6 month mark and its better now but i use my phone everyday alot.

3g mode sometimes take longer than regular mode to send picture messages

Kinda big

takes A LONG TIME TO CHARGE!!!!! like 3 hours when it not even completely dead.

Overall this phone is good and i would recommend this to anyone that wants a cheaper 3G phone that does basically the same thing as other phones.

I generally like it


Sep 25, 2007 by beachswt21

Overall the Sync is a good phone. My 3 major problems with it are: trying to view the outside screen i a pain, you have to hold the side button for a few seconds before the screen lights up. The second issue is the media player. When you have exited the media player and then try to go back in to pick up where you left off in the playlist, you cant. Or at least its not a simple process. Recently played or last played doesn't put you back in the original playlist, it just takes you to the last song. My suggestion is to make a lot of little playlists. The last a major issue is the notification for text messages. I know is has to be an issue for all avid cell phone users like myself. I have been in the cell phone business for a long time and I have never had a phone that couldn't attach downloaded ringtones to text messaging. The Sync manual states that you can, simply by going to profiles and pulling up your audio files, but you can't! Not for texts!!! I've been through AT&T Technical Support and Samsung on this issue and what I was told is the manual is a misprint. Apparently this is very common with cell phones now a days, or at least this is what I was told! I know it's not the end of the world, but its important to some!

Great phone!


Sep 24, 2007 by leannaaker

I've had Nokia phones, Motorola phones, Siemens phones. This one is my favorite!

-Screen (beautiful color screen)
-Camera (great pics)
-Size (fits in your pocket flat)
-Battery life (I charge 2x a week)
-Reception (can clearly hear calls)
-Speakerphone (can clearly hear calls)
-Keypad (easy to see and use)

-Cannot sync with Mac (can send vcards by bluetooth though)

I love love love this phone.

Samsung Sync


Sep 5, 2007 by kealbasa1

I have owned the sync for 6 months and I am currently on my 5th different model. With every exchanged phone came a new problem. My overall opinion of this phones is that the concepts are a very nice idea but the application is just lacking. The problems I've had with all phones are as follows:

1- Emery card was not being read by the phone.

2- Ringer and phone volume would mute itself. Battery had to be removed and put back in for it to work again.

2- Blocked my number from being seen by the person I was calling. Even though the option was not available on this particular phone. Unable to switch to show my number.

3- One way calls. Could not hear my caller but they could hear me.

4- Media player does not store play-list or any other music info once phone is powered off. Explained this to rep at AT&T and they said "sometimes you have to deal with those things" I'll get to the great AT&T later.

Cingular/AT&T has been very unhelpful in resolving any of these issues. Their solution each time is to upgrade my phone and sign another 2yr agreement. If anyone is deciding to go with this carrier or phone my advice is simply: DON'T!

If anyone else has had anyone of these issues feel free to contact me and let me know how or if you could resolve them

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