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Samsung SYNC SGH-A707


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solid all around phone


Mar 19, 2007 by goldengoose

great all around phone. just like every phone, i had some qualms, but it earned its 4.5 rating.

pros -
-size (same size as razr, slightly larger while open, but much sleaker looking.) the phone looks good.
-camera (when lighting is sufficient) is very crisp and clear.
-menu layout is fine.
-the keypad and screen are clear and spread out extremely well. internal screen is very crisp.
-battery life is good! i watch a decent amount of cingular video, but i listen to hours of music a day, and more often than not I am left with 2/3 bars of battery at the end of the day
-reception in ny/nj/pa area is great.
-mobile email (atleast for yahoo) is a great feature.

cons -
-speaker phone won't work when closed (i had the cu500, and same thing. any phone that can play music while closed should be able to use speakerphone while closed)
-long delay to light up external display
-speaker phone (for calls and music) is not nearly as loud as the cu500 or slvr.

All in all, the phone is great. I sell cingular, and this has to be one of the best flip phones out, to date. Pros heavily outweigh the cons.

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Awesome Phone!


Mar 2, 2007 by gth001

I have searched and searched for the perfect phone and I think this is it! I love it so much. I plan on having it for a long time. There is nothing bad to say about this phone really. The only thing I wish is that you could turn off the camera shutter sound when snapping pics, but oh well. The features, menu, size, etc. are all nicely laid out and easy to understand. The call quality in Houston, TX is outstanding. All calls are crystal clear and I have not had any problems. I have only had the phone about a month, but I predict that it will be a winner for a long time to come. Much better than the razr. More comfortable on the ear and in my pocket. I love Samsung phones, esp. this one. I got a data cable from ebay for 14 bucks and I got the software free off the web. I can transfer music, media, and photos to and from my computer! Great job Cingular and Samsung!

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Nice upgrade from Sony Ericsson Z500a


Feb 18, 2007 by davekr

At age 49, I need the large fonts on the Sync screen. The screen is also larger than my previous phone. The SYNC is lighter and slimmer. It took me a couple days to figure out the paths to get to the different menus. The dark background color makes it easier to see the calendar. I downloaded Opera Mini to use as a browser. My Cingular service is fantastic.

Pros: Easy to read text on the screen. Easy to carry size and weight. 2 megapixel camera. 5 photo sizes from 1280 x 960 to 240 x 180. You can store photos to an external memory card. Camera has a zoom lense. Allows use of Opera Mini. Extremely fast downloads with 3G technology.

Cons: No USB cable included. Need more ring tones.

For $50 after rebate, this is a great phone.

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Great phone, with a few quirks


Jan 25, 2007 by quitena

I've had the a707 for about 6 weeks now, using it in the Dallas area on Cingular. I traded in the RAZR V3i, which was a true piece of junk! Overall I think the a707/sync is great, with just a few quirks that take some getting used to.

Great call clarity and volume
Crisp color screens
Very customizable
Takes great pictures
Good battery life
Nice big keys, easy to text message
Great signal strength, very few dropped calls

Menu layouts
Can't customize soft keys
Very few embedded ringtones/games (and the ones it does have are awful)
Proprietary attachments
Music phone - shouldn't it come w/ a headset, data cable, something other than just the phone and charger??
Too long to view the outside screen from idle status

Overall it's a great phone, I've been pleased. The call clarity and volume is truly impressive, which in the end is what a phone is for right?

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Sync is an awsome phone; hands down.


Jan 24, 2007 by akeen

This phone utterly amazed me when I pulled it out of the box. It's thin, lightweight, has a bright color screen and nice big keys. The Mp3 player for the phone is also a nice touch, and the fact you can surf through your music files while it's closed through the touch screen is also awsome. It has an amzing 2.0 megapixel camera and video camera. I have Cingular in San Fransisco, CA and I in fact work for the company. I have had four or five phones through Cingular and the Sync, by far is the best phone I have ever laid my hands on.

* BRIGHT, big color screen.
* Big keypad.
* Mp3 player.
* Super loud speakerphone
* 2.0 Megapixel camera
* Reception out in Redwood City/ San Fransisco Bay Area, CA is OUTSTANDING.
* Bluetooh technology lets you move contats, pictures and to other phones and computers.
* Phone has SUPER fast download speeds due to the 3G technology.

* The only problem I have, which slightly annoys me, is that sometimes the phone lags and takes a bit.

Other than that the phone is the best from the Samsung line that I have seen. Way to go Samsung in producing the best da*n phone ever.

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Keypad tones


Jan 23, 2007 by cardinal4185

First i'd like to respond on how to turn off the keypad tones. by doing this it will also off the open close tone and the power on/off tone...press the button on the right SIDE of the phone...select profiles...highlight normal....press options...go to the far right tab(press right on the d-pad twice)....scroll down to the volume control for phone sounds....turn it down til you have no volume...press...don't forget to save your changes!!!!!

Everything about this phone is the best i've seen in a phone yet, with only a few exceptions....

-the outside display could use a higher resolution...

-the outside display needs to have a one touch light up to check the time.

-the mp3 controls on the outside are just as quirky as the outside screen, in that you have to hold a series of side buttons to allow the mp3 buttons to begin to function..and they timeout after a short while.

other than that, from bluetooth, to the camera, to the web browser, mobile e-mail, CV, Mobi TV, and the media types it can play, this phone does it all.

Only other nice feature i would like in it is GPS...but once they make a phone that does all that there wont be a need to create any more....lol

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SYNC - SHG a707


Nov 28, 2006 by djearl81

I had a Motorola V220 and Samsung e317 in the past....I got my SYNC last night, so I haven't been able to use any of the bluetooth features, or transfer any files to the phone.

That being said, I'm very happy with this phone so far. It's very easy on the eyes both as a stylish phone and a functional screen. The phone doesn't feel heavy, but it feels solid. The call quaility has been as good as any other cell phone I've used. The spearker is also very clear when it rings. The hinge doesn't feel like it's going to all apart like the motorola phones I've used. My Samsung e317 hinge held up over time, and I expect the SYNC to do the same.

Here's my pro and con opinions...

Pro -
- Looks - Screen, color, etc...
- Clear sounding speaker
- Micro SD card slot
- Sensitive Microphone.
- Signal Strength (Yeah Cingular!)
- Music player and camera are a bonus
- Good amount of onboard memory (50MB)
- Price

Cons -
- Shape - Phone is thin, but you can see the corner outline in your pants pocket.
- SD card slot isn't spring loaded.
- Non-standard USB cable/headphone cable jack
- Method for data transfer isn't included with phone

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Not great for service!


Oct 9, 2007 by lvlymariexxx

This phone might look okay but service sucks. Dropped calls are one of it's specialties. Don't waste your money.

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Great phone, easily broken


Sep 11, 2007 by capnhairdo

Maybe it's just me...I've always owned Nokias, and they've been indestructible. Dropped them out of my hand, out of my pocket, off my bike...and they always just snapped back together again. I had my SYNC all of two weeks before the outside screen got cracked somehow, in my pocket, sitting in my car. What's up with that?
Overall, great phone, with lots of features, though the menus look like they were designed by a dozen different designers who never talked to each other. Nothing like the consistency and smoothness you'll find on, say, an iPhone. Oh well.

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Jun 18, 2007 by cbingbong

I try and sell this phone every opportunity I get. Samsung keeps gettin better and better at phones, and this one is the best so far.

Spring style hinge. You can step on this phone when the screen is visible...and the hinge WILL NOT BREAK!
all the new samsung phones have this feature and it astounds me. The LG CU500 also has this feature
Signal strength is good
battery good
phone UI is awesome as well, Cingular is very lenient with this portion of any phone.

I had one customer tell me that the camera lags when taking pictures. This being that she was trying to take pictures of a new puppy...nearly impossible unless you have a SLR ; D
but other then that I have had no complaints.

AWESOME phone over all. Pick it up if you have an upgrade, or just need to replace a phone.

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