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Excellent phone, minor annoyances


Dec 18, 2006 by rmx.dave

I have waited for US Cellular to release this phone for quite some time. I paid full retail for the phone on launch day and so far, it is worth every cent.

-Amazingly attractive form factor, fits very well into pants pocket. I find myself staring at this phone as it sits on my desk...
-EVDO Potential (US Cellular hasn't yet released an EVDO PRL for the SLVR yet, so I'm currently stuck on 1x Data until software updates are available)
-Great reception. On USCC Network in Southeastern Wisconsin, I have had no issues. All 5 bars in my basement!
-Battery life is incredible; Average 3 hours talk time
-MP3 player is cool, very easy to upload MP3s to MicroSD card from PC.
-Great sound quality, music sounds great coming from speakerphone.
-Bluetooth headset (Moto H700) connects and pairs with no problem.
-Wonderful keypad. The keys are just the right size (granted my hands aren't too big) and I've noticed that I can text a lot faster on this phone than I could on the v710.

-Phone has only one connection for charging, headset, and data transfer. Makes it hard to listen to music while wanting to charge phone.
-On same note, a special headset is required, just like all of the other four-letter Motorolas.
-Backlight does not shut off while charging. I need to see if this is on all L7c's or only mine.
-Camera is VGA quality. What the heck happened to the 1.3 megapixel trend?
-Speaker is located on bottom of phone, makes ringers muffled when on table/bed/desk. Sounds loud when phone is turned over, though.
-MicroSD Card is under the battery, meaning phone has to power cycle just to remove the card.
-Voice activation takes a few seconds to initialize.
-Digital only, although I doubt I'll be using analog towers anytime soon.

Overall, I am very happy with the phone and I recommend it to anyone on the US Cellular network that wants a slick MP3 phone.

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Awesome Alternative


Jan 24, 2007 by dld_15

I have had this phone for almost a month now on US Cellular. Prior to that I had the RAZR v3c and the Mot V710, and basic Nokias. I wanted to try something slightly different/go back to the non flip. I've been very please with it so far with a few exceptions- Here's a list of the pros and cons thus far:

- Similar features to the RAZR (bluetooth transfer, bluetooth, voice commands)
- Easily pairs with bluetooth devices; headsets (both motorola and others), computer, other bluetooth phones, stereo headset
- Maintains small size
- Nice bright screen
- Lit up keypad with raised buttons to designate positions

Biggest complaint ----> Microphone on side instead of bottom like most other phones- Voice becomes muffled if you hold it on the right side of your face (although the left works fine, it is slightly uncomfortable personally)
- Vibrate not quite as strong as RAZR

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i lurvs this phone


Feb 14, 2008 by raniLYNNosaurus

i had the nokia 2865i
and it died
so i went to the csouth store and picked this one
i prefer candybar to flip or slide


+camera/video-its a phone not your digital camera using it to remember parking spots is amazing but taking photos of yourself it does well with that too
+nice design
+easy to text it has large buttons
+vibrate- its not as weak as they say unless you like your phone to go burr where everyone aroung can hear then put it on loud
+mp3 player
+sd slot- it is behind the battery BUT you dont take it out to load stuff to so why does it matter
+very loud speaker and speakerphone
+large/bright screen
+great reception
+easy to navigate
+great battery
+great clarity
+its fast if its slow its probably the way its program for your service provider

-its sleek yes but get a silicone cover duh
-screen attracts dust and oil when you talk on it but i fixed it with a screen film

p.s. they say the disconnect and clear button are too close together look at any other phone and see where those buttons are
on top of one another

i highly recommend this phone for any phone user

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L7c From The Standpoint of a No Thrills Cell Phone User


Sep 8, 2007 by Delav3

I am one of those cell phone users that doesn't need all the flair and extra stuff, I use my phone to place and recieve calls and little else.

I was wary about the L7c at first but it has proven itself tenfold to me.

+ Great battery life; I usually have to charge every other day if that.
+ Great signal; I usually stay in more urban areas but when I do get out in the middle of nowhere I can still get a signal.
+ Size; almost perfect.

- The mic is in a sort of awkward place; whenever someone uses my phone they complain that the other person can't hear them.
- Small buttons; sometimes I just blip out of my texts because the buttons are a bit on the small side.
- Fragile. But as long as you treat it right you should be set.

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Cute Phone But People Will Have A Hard Time Hearing You


Aug 30, 2007 by glamorousgryl

This is a cute phone but I had to exchange it because people can't hear me on this phone and I am a person with a loud voice! The mouthpiece is located on the side of the phone instead of being located on the bottom like most phones. You have to hold the phone at a rather uncomfortable position just to be heard or use your left hand but my sister is a left handed person and still people could not hear her either. Plus it froze on my twice, I pressed a button released it and the phone kept beeping anyway like I was still holding the button down but I wasn't and only having the phone for two days the key pad stopped lighting up properly, example if I press number 5 it wont light up but if I press another button it will and it was more than number 5 that wasn't working. That was disappointing but the most disappointing part was the mouthpiece being on the side of the phone and having to be in a uncomfortable position just to be heard.....its very annoying and even though I liked the size and colorful screens on this phone I had to get it exchanged.

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Crippled in Every Way Except Style


Aug 27, 2007 by Vehemoth

Where to begin? This phone is utter crap in terms of practicality. I can't stop finding things I dislike about it. I'll start with CONS:

For texters:
-No t9 word (iTAP instead; worse, in my opinion).
-Tiny keys = slow and painful texting.
-CRAMPED keys = constant typo frustration
-No way to set default texting mode to anything other than ABC (have to switch for every text if you do happen to like iTAP). Even if there is an option, it's very well hidden from the user and makes the phone a frustration from the get-go.

Everything else:
-One USB port for everything from charging to bluetooth to computer hookup (adapter required, though included, for bluetooth)
-A stingy 18MB memory for mp3s; about three or four songs. You can expand it with a whopping 64MB card if you want, but you have to turn the phone off and take the battery out to even install it.
-VERY. SLOW. SOFTWARE. It takes a half a second or more to switch to any program or menu. It's egregious.
-Screen is extremely sensitive and gets smudged and scratched far too easily.
-Camera quality and resolution are aggravatingly terrible.
-Difficult to hear the other person if there's any sound at all around you; crickets and an air conditioning unit outside drowned out my call.
-Weak vibrate; difficult to feel, even in my front pocket while sitting.
-Very easy to accidentally drop due to sleekness; virtually no grip.
-A "smart button" is on the left side of the phone directly below the volume keys, but I have yet to figure out what it even does. I checked the accompanying manual and all it told me about the mysterious button was its name.
-Apparent low bat. life; one 30-min call from a full charge = 1 bar gone
-Countless others that I lost track of.

And now for the PRO:

-It looks good?

Really. That's it. I'll be returning this phone within the week I bought it.

Do NOT buy this phone unless you only use a cellphone for making calls in quiet areas where you can readily charge it when it starts to die.

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Verizon L7c


Apr 9, 2007 by jooooo13

This phone just came out by me with VZW. Been waiting to try a slider or bar phone. Previous phone V710, T720. Like Moto brand.
Good overall phone....if you are looking to TALK, not pic, music etc. Pics are fine, music is good too. Not what I want it for. I do not have a land line and this phone is a great phone for calls and talking. I got one of those snap on covers for $8, and it covers the phone fine. (covers everything but the key pad) Also got a screen cover from the ipod nano size film. Fits perfect when cut down

Pros: all of the previously mention, comfortable, sleek, bright screen. Good call quality, and signal with VZW. Razr feel without the flip. More solid than Razr.

Cons: mic on side is kind of puzzling?? But you get used to it and it works fine. Don't like the charger port up on left side, bottom is easier.

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Love It!


Apr 4, 2007 by lmpotts

I have never been in love with a cell phone before, but I love this phone. I use it with MetroPCS. I had the Nokia 6255i before, which was MetroPCS's first bluetooth phone. I am a heavy cell user, it is both my business and home phone and I went through 3 6255i phones. I have only had the SLVR a few days, but I already love it. The bluetooth is great, i get no interference. I love the advanced voice command capabilities. I also love the look and I am happy it is a bar phone. No more clamshells or flips for me!! I can't comment on all the other features like MP3, because all I really need my phone to do is make and receive calls. And now I look good doing it!

Advance Voice Commands
Menu organization
Sleek design
Mini SD
Camera seems okay for a phone camera

Can't think of any right now!

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MotoSLVR L7c from Metro PCS


Feb 19, 2007 by lv2lvbaby

I changed phones from a Motorola RZR V3 to a Motorola SLVR L7C and overall I am very pleased with the SLVR, basically the menu is EXACTLY the same layout and functions so it was easy. I do really like the size of the screen, the vivid colors and the wonderful quality of the photos and that it takes a memory card if you want.

The only 3 faults I have are:

1. The keypad buttons seem to be smaller than other phones and when I go to push a certain key I end up accidentally hitting something else.

2. The backlight on the keypad goes off during my phone conversations and when I try to end the call I sometimes cannot see where the End Key is and I push everything all around it. I don't remember if my other phones did the same thing or not.

3. I think because of the phones compact & sleek design the distance from the part that goes by your ear and the other end by your mouth is considerably shorter therefore I sometimes have to repeat myself because the person can't hear me. I have been told the same thing by other SLVR owners too.

The many positive things out weigh the negative in my opinion and I love my phone and Metro PCS has been great too!!!

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Pretty nice overall


Jan 2, 2007 by ichangemyphonemonthly

I got this phone for Sprint. I was coming from a Samsung a920 - which is huge! But anyway I love this phone. Here are my pros and cons.

-Music player
-menu styling

-Internet connection sucks. On my A920 I could log on anytime, but with the Slvr, sometimes it doesn't connect to the net at all.
-It lags! Yes! It does. My A920 was pretty fast, hardly ever lagged, but the Slvr lags on Push to talk, the music player! [horrible!!], and just about everything else.

Other than that this phone is OK, if you would like a slim sexy looking phone. If you're looking for a media phone, look elsewhere! =)

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