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not that great (verizon)


Jun 26, 2008 by z098831

I had this phone for a year before i lost it. overall, i am unimpressed.

-looks nice
-clear screen
-nice size.. fits in my pocket
-durable.. i have dropped it more than once and it has held up
-decent ringtone and wallpaper selection
-service pretty good

-picks up more background noise than anything else.. half the time the person on the other end can't hear me. this is very annoying.
-buttons pop off (I see this is a common complaint)
-can't program the T9 to remember words
-texting seemed to involve many more steps than it should (but this is just how motos like to do it)
-often froze up for no reason at all
-slow! a lot of lag
-speakerphone quiet

I am almost relieved to have lost this phone just so i can get another one. overall, i did not like the phone and i do not recommend purchasing one. However, they're discontinued now anyway.

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What Is everyone complaining about?


Mar 5, 2008 by motoguy75

Ok, I have waited for 6 months of owning this phone before deciding to write a review on this.
First the basics:
Carrier: Pocket Smart Wireless
Length Of Ownership: 6 Months
Overall Rating: 4.5

Warning I Am A GEEK So I Have Done A Little More Than What Most Consumers Would Do With This Phone.

Good Battery Life- Average talker only have to recharge twice a week
Big Screen- Not that it was a feature I was looking for, but it is helpful
Good Volume
Mp3 player
1.3 Mp camera
Video Record
1 GB TF memory card can hold 3 full movies in .ogg format ( I use ImTOO DVDripper)

BREW- I don't like not being able to put in the java games that I have from my RAZR into this phone.

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USCC Version


Mar 15, 2007 by groundhog_day

Keep in mind this is the USCC version:


blah blah blah yeah its got everything that we all come to expect.

bluetooth works great I don't have pairing problems

menu is very responsive(...not slow)




err.. mabye scratch the last one

mp3 player is not really hard to figure out you just have to create a playlist then select the playlists you want to listen to...

handles 1 gig of mem just fine


battery cover makes me a little nervous when taking it off but no biggie

havent checked out EE yet but we'll see


good phone good price but only time will tell how long it lasts..

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Good Features, Bad Implementation


Dec 8, 2006 by ooglek

I'm coming from a Sanyo 4920, a great all around phone. Lots of talk time, simple to use, just works. I wanted GPS features, EVDO networking, a better larger screen, but still a candybar, so I picked up the Motorola L7c SLVR. Paid $70 after my $150 "Stay-With-Sprint-Please" rebate + 2 year contract.

Software Version: 24.2_00.37.00R
Hardware Version: KAUF0032AA G0LH0607FG0
PRL Version: 20224
Browser Info: Obigo Q04C1

After about 2 weeks of intensive use, here are my thoughts.

* Nice screen, well-lit keys
* Dedicated Speakerphone Button
* Decent Menuing
* GPS/TeleNav Software works Great
* EVDO Nice and Snappy
* Runs most Java/J2ME Apps just fine
* Speaker was nice and clear
* Voice control pretty nice, fairly accurate
* Flat keys virtually eliminate the need for keyguard

* Lack of 4 digit abbreviated dialing (dial last 4 digits of a phone number in Contacts and it finds it and dials the full number)
* Ringtones won't stop playing if keyguard is on and you hit the wrong key sequence
* Ringtones won't stop playing if charging and you unplug the charger and try to answer the call (no keylock)
* Volume control is sporadic, doesn't work outside of the main screen
* Volume at LOW is very loud, Volume at HIGH is not much louder
* Vibrate is pretty weak
* Battery Life is not 3.6-4 hours of talk time
* Joystick isn't raised enough, I tended to hit other buttons while using it
* Flat keys meant lots of mistyped text messages, and accidentally hitting the END button when typing DEF
* Text Prediction not as nice/intuitive as the Sanyo
* Menus were slow, taking 1-2 seconds to go from the main screen to searching contacts
* Joystick custom functions couldn't use sub menu items (just the main categories)
* Could not assign soft buttons new functions
* Voicemail notification wouldn't stop notifying until VM deleted/cleared

It worked OK as a phone, but the features and functionality are lacking. Too many annoyances are sending this back.

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This phone is HORRIBLE!


Apr 27, 2007 by mrtasle

I got this from Verizon and it is not Verizon that is the problem. The bluetooth on the phone locked up with three different bluetooth headsets and two different phones. The back is a nightmare to take off and the memory card is difficult to get at because of this. I am only giving this a 0.5 for its' looks. After bringing this back I got a KRZR from Verizon. That in contrast is an exceptional phone

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LOVE it!!!


Mar 2, 2007 by THUNDADIVA

I absolutely LOVE this phone! It was a last minute purchase and well worth the other phone that completely dies on me!! Thanks Kyocera!
I love the feel of the phone in my hand. Nice size and weight.....
Not to mention the exquisite looks!
I've had the phone for exactly 1 month today, and it seems like I find something new about it every day......
I work for a tellecommunications company, and the reception in this building is HORRIBLE for everyone's cell phones....except mine!
It seems to me like there are differences between the regular SLVR and it's descendents...but mine appears to have all feature all of the models have, which makes me one happy and satisfied customer!
Gotta go.....clipping MP3's to use as ringtones!

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Cool Phone Bad Reception


Nov 17, 2006 by Sliczna3

Previous Phones: 5000, 6000, 4900, 8100, a700, 5500, i500, 8200, 7400, i600, 5600, a800, 8300, mm-5600, mm-9000, a900, 700p, lg-550, treo 700p

1. Small Size
2. No Menu Lag
3. Very nice vibrant screen
4. Good Battery Life
5. Camera takes nice pictures for a VGA

1. Bluetooth is horrendous
2. Lots of dropped calls
3. If someone has been fingers, it is hard to text on the phone.

I updated to the new software, which was supposed to fix the BT. It did not. Also upgraded to the newest PRL, also did not decrease dropped calls.

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Darn, so close...


Nov 26, 2007 by worldfamoussam

This phone is cute, it runs well, and it's nicely done overall... until you get to voice quality.

What absolutely, totally, and completely 100% ruins this handset is the placement of the microphone. Unless you hold it up to your right ear with no wind whatsoever and very little background noise, nobody can hear a word you're saying. It's frustrating to have to keep repeating yourself - especially because Verizon is generally a good network for voice quality.

Everything else about this phone is pretty great - except the somewhat cramped keypad design. It's easy to accidentally hit soft keys when you're trying to send a text.... but that mic destroys the utility of the phone.

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my phone


Sep 10, 2007 by maizie123

ok so i had this cell for 2 months and then i was texting someone and the middle menu button POPPED off. like it was a sticker! it was an adheisive sticker for petes sake! well i overal thought it was great! but it was kinda chunky...anyway the screen was nice and bright then skins were nice colors the camera could be better ; i liked it but i got sick of not having a flip phone...and the buttons were hard to press; bottom line is i dont reccoment this phone...at all

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Is it worth it?


Jul 27, 2007 by fotomat70

I used to work for Cricket and sold the SLVR. And if I had to choose between the two I would take the T509 any day of the week and twice on Sunday over the SLVR.

I'll start with the one CON that I have with the T509. The speaker is too soft, I don't always hear it ring when I am in the car, but I fixed that by getting a Bluetooth earpiece.

Now the PROS vs the SLVR.

Durability, my T509 has gone into the dogs water dish and come out working (I took the battery out right away and let it sit for two days to dry out first.) It has been dropped and still works including the charging port.

This phone looks great and even feels more durable than the T509 but it has some serious durability issues. I had multiple people who had the phone have the center button come off and get lost. If you do happen to drop it the phone will break an internal connection at the charging port, so then you won't be able to charge it anymore. Now if you do that before the warranty is up and the phone has been in a case then great! It's only a $40 fee to get a new one, but if it looks like the phone has been dropped or even gone through normal use no warranty coverage, hope you have insurance.

Ease of Use
The T509 is head and shoulders above the SLVR. For example, I can set up a Bluetooth device in 15 secs or less on my T509. The SLVR takes about 2 mins and that is if it works the first time! And I was trained on how to set the Motorola phones up! No training for the Samsung, didn't need it.

Yes the T509 doesn't have an MP3 player built in, but it also doesn't drain the battery or shorten the overall life of it. So my phone works when I want to use it as a phone! The SLVR drains the battery and reduces the overall life of the battery because it heats up when using the MP3 player. Not to mention 95% of the people I sold the phone to couldn't get the thing to work, even after reading the manual.

The T509 is way above the SLVR, no comparison!

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