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Sep 10, 2007 by davegm

Pro's - I get the best reception I ever had. I never had MetroPCS service before and that may be part of it. I used to not receive calls and drop calls in my home ALL THE TIME because of bad coverage and a steel roof (I think). WHY DO YOU OWN A CELL PHONE? TO USE IT!

Con's - Why do Motorola engineers go backward? The jack for the charger and the earphone is the same. I would like to meet that IDIOT ENGINEER!!! What happens if you are driving down the road with the headset and your battery runs down. Plug in the car charger (which in my case does not work unless you keep pressing it into the lighter socket) and hold the phone to your ear and get a traffic ticket or accident! IDIOT MOTOROLA ENGINEERS, don't go backwards! Also, this jack is on the side of the phone. One thing I loved about my Nokia 6230 is that I had a charging cradle so I could charge a battery in the cradle and the one in phone at the same time. SMART NOKIA ENGINEERS!!! Also, the Nokia was not limited to 1000 contacts on the Motorola? I deleted a few and they still would not download when I got it under 1000! IDIOT MOTOROLA ENGINEERS!!! It has a bunch of memory, what business it is of some idiot engineer to judge how many contacts you put into your phone as long as there is lots of memory. It is a phone, not a picture album or IPOD. Also, Motorola GETS you for another 35 dollars for crappy software to transfer contacts from Outlook. This software was responsible for losing my 1000 contacts! Then, my backup service did not work. Luckily, a business colleague had 99% of them for me to rebuild with. Nokia's comes with the software or you can download for FREE! So, why did I not get the Nokia? Because MetroPCS has a very limited selection of phones. It will be good news if their offer to buy Leap Communications goes through which will put them in the largest 200 markets in the US. But, CDMA does not work in most of the rest of the world so choose carriers wisely. GOOD LUCK!

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Nice phone.......


Mar 2, 2007 by microdot333

In some of these other reviews people mention that it only has a VGA camera which isn't true for my phone. The phone came set on 640x400 as default but has a 1.3 Mp. option (in camera mode go to options/resolution). I don't have to many complaints. putting music on and taking pics and videos off is super easy with the micro SD card (I wish it wasn't under the battery though). The buttons are pretty small and the time isn't displayed when I'm on the phone. Battery life is great with a little charging going a long way. Speaker is as loud as I need it to be (finally) and can even be a little jukebox. It's a good phone and I have no regrets so far.

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SLVR L7c for sprint


Feb 22, 2007 by AnthonyJK

-Speaker phone
-Mp3 capabilities
-Bluetooth (works fine for me)
-Light sensitive Number pad(Wont light up if your in daylight)

This phone has alot of issues if your carrier is Sprint.

-Very Slow menus
-If you set a picture you uploaded off your computer to someones ringer ID When you hit Talk it will take 8 seconds(not exaggerating) for the recent calls menu to pop up.
-Under My Videos>In Camcorder there is a file named bronze which is a Motorola ad that you cannot delete.
-Media player takes a long time to load.

If you have sprint stay away from all the Motorola phones they all have the same User Interface therefore they all lag and have the same issues.

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I had to get this phone!


Feb 10, 2007 by chocolateman85006

Since Verizon isn't gonna carry this phone until goodness knows when, I got this on Sprint, because Cricket doesn't go everywhere & Sprint includes a 64MB card (altough I already have one, but it's good info for those that didn't know). I still have time to decide if I will keep this or take a Fusic.

It's Motorola and it works good.
Easy to use keypad
Excellent Camera/Video for being a VGA
Loud Music
Plays Sprint TV well (only had minor problems)
Good call quality.
$39.00 w/ a 2 year contract.

Altough Sprint usually doesn't lock the bluetooth, (I know, because I played with many of them yesterday), the bluetooth is locked on this and the V3m (What's up with that, Motorola? None of the Other Sprint Bluetooth phones do that!)
30 second videos (It sucks, but I'll survive)
Charger & headphones lpg into teh same area, therefore not letting me do both at the same time.

I like this phone thus far; but if the Fusic lets me do what I want to do, I might go that route.

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Stop! If you're on Sprint


Jan 19, 2007 by beautifulmess

I am not professional reviewer so this is just a basic review. On the Sprint network, Motorola SLVR is a poor performer. The interface is sluggish. I'm spoiled by my Samsing A900 and all the Sanyo's I've owned. I've dealt with poor internet connections, failed recognition of bluetooth devices (including Motorola bluetooth products). I tried to like this phone, I really did. I've never owned a MOtorola and wanted something different from the usual RAZR and this was the choice. The good is that it is sleek and sexy even. The candy bar phone was new for me as well. I really missed the flip. There is NO easy way to lock this phone's keypad. I don't know if this purely a Sprint network problem and maybe the next series will be better. The phone had poor sound quality and so I had to let it go and go back to the tried and true.

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I've had better...


Mar 11, 2007 by israel70

alright. I've read the reviews and find that I'm not the only one having problems with it.
I've had it for a little over a month.

-just like everyone else says, it's sleek, sexy, attractive.
-MP3 capabilities
-Bluetooth worked ok
-Awesome Power Vision
-Speaker phone is loud
-GPS works great!
-Good screen resolution, colors and display look incredible.

-(Sprint version) VERY SLOW interface
-Can't use the USB cable to directly upload music to it... what's up with that?
-numerous software glitches
-regardless of what you read, it does not do 1.3 MG Pixel resolution
-64Mb is all you get on your MicroSD card
-Same slot for headset and charger, can't do both.
-Bad signal strength
-And lastly, it sucks having the SD card behind the battery. The phone has to be powered off in order to upload music, pics, etc.

I don't recommend getting it.

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New Moto.. same problems


Nov 28, 2006 by sprinttech2

well.. what can you really expect.. theres not much to say.. if your a solely wireless user.. and don't havea home phone.. stay away from this phone.. because 9/10 time.. your gonna have reception issues. its not the network.. its the phone.

*phone looks great.. very sleek. and attractive
*EVDO works great.. wonderful data speeds, on of the best phones for web we've got
*UI in the phones easily navigated. features are great, vibrant screen colors and resolution

*signal.. is.. well.. disappointing
*Major bluetooth pairing issues, not able to find motorola devices even.
*When it comes to troubleshooting.. theres been some issues.. we'll just leave it at that

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Mar 19, 2009 by phone junky

I have had this phone for about 1 year. Its a suckish phone and I can't wait to upgrade to the LG Spyder/Glimmer

-Very Durable

-The buttons are small
-Because the speaker is on the side, people cant understand what you're saying
-Center piece falls off
-Freezes up if you text alot

~Don't buy this phone~ Its a waste of money

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MOTO SLVR w/ Five Star Wireless


Dec 3, 2008 by ColtonJiran

Ive had this phone for about a year now.
-Great reception
-Nice and slim (no flip, awesome!)
-Very good battery life. Holds a charge for 2-3 days.
-Has a SD card slot.
-Very durable. Ive dropped, thrown, and hit this phone so many times you couldn't even imagine lol. Nothings gone wrong yet.
-Middle buttons come off VERY easily.
-SD card slot is inconveniently behind the battery.
-Camera is decent but not great.
-Nothing Special about the screen. Kinda small if you ask me.

If you ask me, it wasnt a good purchase of mine. it cost my 80 bucks more. i couldhave gotten a black berry...

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Ok phone


Sep 23, 2008 by unholy1317

Good phone but has some problems. I got this phone like a year ago but Im getting the moto a now. I really like motorolas.

Lite phone
Good battery life
Good music player

Bad camera
My phone reset itself to the original settings twice (deleting my contacts/pics/and music
Bad speaker phone.

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