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Motorola SLVR L7c-Cellular South


May 25, 2008 by jody475

Whats up??? This is my SLVR review!!!

I love this phone! All of the workers at the store recomended it! They spoke the truth!!! This phone works great!!! However, it has a few minor problems.....


1. GREAT bluthooth!!

2. *DECENT* camera

3. LOVE the design!!!

4. (THIS MAY SOUND WIERD!!!) I LOVE the way the buttons pres!!!! I could sit there and press them all day!!!!!!!!!


1. The camera isn't great... It's ok... But if you need an awesome camera, this phone's not for you...

2. The center buttons pop off VERY easily... But it's all good cuz they will still work, the just turn white and blue!!! (THEY ACTUALLY LOOK PRETTY COOL!!!)

3. The mike is on the side for some reason... So i wouldn't recomend calling in a hurricane...

4. Sometimes people have a hard time understanding me when i talk on my SLVR... But it's nothing major!

I recomend this phone to all!!! The main reason people don't like this phone is cuz the center buttins pop off... BUT ITS' ALL GOOD!!!! THEY STILL WORK!!!!

This concludes my review!!! Bye!!!!!!!!! :)

SLVR L7c Good Match for Cricket Users


Jul 17, 2007 by xldame

Great Quality phone that works amazingly well with Cricket service

-slim, sleek, compact design
-large screen - vivid, clear display
-great reception
-absolutely no problems pairing up with bluetooth
-web app is quick to load - not as slow as with other phones

-i've noticed that on many SLVRs the center discs for menu control are missing - they falls off very easily
-wish i could delete some of the pre-programmed wallpaper/graphics and ringtones & replace them with my own
-SD card slot is inconveniently located beneath the battery
-i miss being able to program the alarm to go off everyday at the same time. i have to reset it on a daily basis.

i miss the ability to have one primary listing per person with multiple phone numbers - with this phone, each phone number, email, etc is listed individually



Jul 7, 2007 by elh3mm

I was so tired of those flippin' flip phones and was thrilled to see that Verizon started carrying the SLVR! Even though my last Motorola E815 screen went white on me, I loved the Motorola programming...Only to find Verizon didn't use the hellomoto software, rather their standard one which still works really nice, just don't expect HelloMoto to be shown during power up. The battery that came with it lost all charge within 15 hours after being fully charged, but I just went into the Verizon store, got a new battery 3 days ago, and it's still got half the charge! That's more like it.

- VERY good looking bar phone, sleek like the RAZRs and such, just without the redundancy :)
- Easy pairing with BlueTooth (I have Jabra)
- Clear and loud sound, crisp
- Great reception even on the 2nd floor of my house (rare!)
- Verizon software is colorful, very fast, easy to maneuver through
- Star Wars ringtones sound awesome
- Did I say it looks good!

- The speaker is in a weird spot on the side...catches wind easily so I don't make calls at the beach anymore!
- Predicative text is iTAP...bleh. I miss T9!!
- Videos only record up to 13 seconds however you can zoom in and out while recording, pretty cool

The iTAP is really the only frustrating thing for me, I'm a texting fiend and prefer T9. Besides that and a strange speaker placement, this is an excellent phone, a nice break from flip phone mania! I just love the way it looks and that I can hear my ringtones so well! I highly recommend this to anyone looking to buy a new phone!

Hm under-rated by know-nothings.


Mar 22, 2008 by justiN0six

This phone is a great phone. Verizon reviews are automatically disqualified due to the fact that all VZW phones blow.

I've never had a problem with this phone...Never... Not once.

Motorola deserves a pat on the back for this phone. They're pretty much screw-ups at this point... Putting out more razrs and such. Poor moto.

This phone is the best thing Motorola has ever put out.

***I've had this phone for nearly a year now


Battery Life - I can use it for a weekend on one charge, couldn't ask for much more.

The Screen - It's BEAUTIFUL! The screen looks wonderful. Great resolution. Nice and large.

Bluetooth - It's never failed me once. I use it with an earpeice and it works great. I've never had ONE problem..NEVER.. Not once.

Reception - Great reception. Couldn't ask for better reception-especially from an internal antenna.

MP3 player works great - I don't use it myself but I have and have no complaints with it at all.

Call quality - excellent - no complaints at all- with and without a bluetooth earpeice. (And I've asked the other party.) Nice loud speaker as well


The microphone - It's position is very odd and when held up against your shoulder your cheek will cover it sometimes. Its the only downside of this phone.

Not so impressed, but at the same time; this phone is good.


Oct 28, 2007 by omar_macedo2

i just purchased this phone on 10-27-07, for metro pcs service.

- Nice Design
- Fast software
- Nice Mp3
- Easy to use/learn how to use
- Ringtones sound clearly
- Nice graphics
- Large nice screen
- Great signal

- not so good camera
- bad video record
- horrible voice record
- buttons very close togther (not much of a problem)
- VERY weak vibrate (not even worth putting on vibrate)

I would suggest people to get this phone even though it has its Cons, btw, the camera isnt all that bad, its just bad when its dark, but when theres lots of light, the camer works pretty good. BUT do not buy this phone if you just want a phone for video capture, because the video capture is horrible.

One of my favorites


Aug 22, 2007 by Machka

This phone is one of my personal favorites because of it's great look and outstanding performance.

-Interface or whatever it's called
-The reception is pretty good I guess. I'm with Alltel in Minnesota though so in the Twin Cities area it gets a little worse.
-Pretty much everything else
-The battery life is OK. Mine usually lasted around 3-4 days and I texted and called on it moderately.

-Well I don't know much about Micro SD cards and stuff but the place to put the SD card in this phone is (1) behind the battery and (2) hard to understand. So I may be a little slow with that but I didn't get it.
-I don't like locking the keys every time I get done texting or calling but I got over it fast. -The predictive text can be a little frustrating at times when it just won't get your words right but it's easy to get used to.

So, if you're thinking about getting this phone I'd say go for it. It's a great phone that you won't get sick of fast.

Fantastic Phone


Jul 7, 2007 by coralsands83

PROS: with Verizon Service, everything is a pro if you consider the size of the phone and what has been packed into it feature-wise.

Great reception; good battery; folks never complain about my "breaking up" ; camera is great for a VGA, even inside with good lighting; High ring is wonderfully high, and a low ring is low in volume, it is NOT almost the same as high, as one poster suggested. The speaker phone is quite good.

Regarding the comments about the microphone being in an odd place; perhaps, but it works fine unless you press the phone mightily into your face and cover it up. That will cause problems. Don't do that! lol. Hold the phone toward the top at your ear, speak naturally, and never (with any cell phone) speak directly into the microphone.

CONS: The vibrate is indeed not very noticeable.

It kills me the people talking about how this button is not raised enough or how the keys are too close together, etc. Yes, it's a SMALL, thin phone. It should be clear beforehand if you have chub fingers. Just look at them. A rudimentary trial with the phone inside the store would have let you know it's not the phone for you; but it's not the phone's fault; you are just too big for it.

It's kinda like saying a Honda Accord sucks when you're a 6'7" basketball player because "Man, my head is always hitting the roof!" Honda is a small, economy car.

Great phone with Verizon Service. I recommend getting the case Verizon manufactures for this phone. It should protect it from any drops, etc.

Y'all have a great day; happy calling!

Moto SLVR L7c - Verizon Wireless


Mar 2, 2008 by blm1219

I've had this phone for a little over six months. Its an okay phone; there are better out there.

+ Slim, sleek, very easy to carry around and fits comfortably in my hands.
+ Durable. I've dropped it plenty of times and its perfectly fine.
+ Attractive design. I get compliments on it even after its gotten scratched and beaten up.
+ Keypad is just right for me. I have small hands so its easy for me to text.
+ Additional memory allows me to take longer videos, more pictures, and keep my texts so that I don't get that annoying notification about using up 80% of my inbox.
+ I can answer my phone while the keypad is locked.

(Most are pretty minor and may not be a hassle for others)
- Mouthpiece is in an awkward position. The first time I used this phone, the other person couldn't hear me. It wasn't until I looked at the phone that I realized my hand was covering the mouthpiece. Now I usually have to talk on my left side so that the other person can hear me.
- Arrow and center buttons fall off easily. I had to super glue the center button back on two weeks ago and its already falling off again.
- Keypad gets scratched very easily.
- Back is a hassle to take off, and the Micro SD card is underneath the battery, making it even more annoying.
- I have to manually lock this phone. Sometimes I forget and make a strange call to a strange country, or the phone will just speed dial someone. My friend got a call from me during class and she could hear people talking through my jeans. (Which I guess speaks for the mouthpiece...)
- Battery life is horrible. I called Verizon to complain since I still have warranty. Turns out my phone can't hold a charge. They are sending me a replacement.
- Reception is horrible. I used to have perfect reception everywhere with my old LG.

All in all, a stylish phone that might not be worth all the hassle.

Why is it so great if its discontinued?


Jan 5, 2008 by Chef Brd-Jason

The phone was designed to be ultra thin but staying hot, and they needed to make it this way and tey would put in as many flaws as they needed just to make the phone a hot top seller. originally it was, but after a while it stopped.

-nice and thin sleek beautifull design
- 4 hour batter life
-average mp3 player for a phone
- great service for an internal antenna
-beautifull screen
-fast and easy teaxting.

But there is more to the story of how something went from hot to not, and how it dropped and stopped selling for cricket.

Cricket discontinued selling this phone because it was costing them more of replacing them because how poorly they were made.

-not even a mega pixel camera
-freezes alot( mostly due to low memory)
-The Buttons was the main issue, they just simply fell off and you cant just snap them back on they were terrible.
-Battery failures occur every so often
+tons of more things you wouldn't even be able to fit in this one single box.

Cricket stopped selling them in their stores and website for a reason, and if you do buy one for cricket service be warned, they will not replace it or even give you a store credit for another phone if you have any problem with it at all. If you do buy it for any other service then research it before you buy it and buy the downgraded version if anything the one with hard buttons and not the razr styled numeric pad. recomended ages 16-18, for more responsible and carefull people but not recomended for business users.

How a cell phone should be done.


Apr 25, 2007 by Lush Rimbaugh

Columbus, Ohio. Verizon service.
Fantastic. A lot better than the Samsung u620 slider I returned. Lots of bars, a lot of the time. No problems here.

-Call quality-
Excellent. True Motorola tone and clarity. The Pebl (for T-mobile) is the best, but this is awfully close in terms of clarity, treble and bass levels being true, and crispness of calls. No hissing or buzzing. The volume of the calls in the ear piece is very good too, even at full volume calls still sound good. I can talk on the phone with the windows down on the car without problem.

Fair. I lose about 1 bar per day, so battery lasts 3-4 days roughly with moderate phone use and moderate txt msg use.

Solid. I love this phone and the overall feel of it. Very sturdy and comfortable in my hand, nice feeling keypad. The phone rests comfortably against my ear and is not painful like some phones.

Sharp. Colors are very bright and full of color.

Who cares? You buy a phone for making phone calls, not taking pictures. Besides, who doesn't have a digital camera these days? The phone camera is good for taking pictures to be used as wallpapers, that's about all.

Sharp looking. I have the silver model and it is very eye catching and attractive. I receive lots of compliments on it.

-Minor annoyances-
Nothing major. The keypad is a bit crowded but that's to be expected from such a small phone. The light on the keypad doesn't come on every time I use the keypad, but at random times as if it has a mind of its own.

Menu is slow. Nothing you can do about that.

Same old boring standard ring tones.

Phone does not have T9 (Word) predictive text helper, instead has iTap. I prefer the T9 over iTap any day.

Vibrate is very weak. I cannot feel it vibrate in my pocket so I usually leave the ringer on.

These are small, and by no means are they a "deal breaker" for me.

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