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Motorola T720 (CDMA)


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The t720 Experience


Mar 14, 2005 by jthomp1286

I personally own this phone and use it everyday. I find the interface intuitive and easy to learn to use. The screen is big and vibrant, though some wallpapers may not show up very well on it. The ringtones sound great, the phone is loud but not intrusive. Motorola has done a great job by combining form, ease of use and great features. This phone fits right in your pocket comfortably, in its holster on your belt or anywhere else.

Great phone!

T720 (CDMA)- An Excellent Phone


Sep 29, 2004 by smokey

I've had many different phones in the past 3 years both personal and at work and the Motorola 720 offers an excellent and very user friendly phone as far as I am concerned. My phone receives the signals well. Since I manage a phone program that has about 93 cell phone users, we have different manufacturers throughout our phones involved. I see the Motorola 720 as having a excellent phone performance record and there have been few problems with those using it. It has enough ring styles that came with the phone that I see no need to download any more.
Doesn't bother me that it doesn't have a camera as I want a full functioning phone and not a combination of things that will increase the possibility of something going wrong. There are many accessory options (batteries, web capable, etc) that make it very useful. I had the Motorola V60i before this but I prefer this phone far more. It has good battery life and as far as dropped calls, I don't believe the type or phone manufacturer has any thing to do that issue. I haven't had any with this one and have used it for 5 months. Alltel is my service provider and Verizon is one of their PRLs.

Don't buy this phone!


Sep 10, 2004 by Clark2000

I've had this phone for over two years, so I've had plenty of experience with it.

1) It is pretty well built and sturdy.
2) When it was new, the battery life was ok.

1) Very short battery life
2) Contact list is terrible
3) Very soft ringer, vibe eats battery
4) Earpiece is difficult to hear
5) Pocket lint collects inside of screen
6) Screen washes out in the sun

I can't even leave the phone on all day, the battery dies too quickly. It used to be I could go 1.5 days without charging.

The contact list is the worst I have ever used. Adding more than one number for the same person results in multiple entries in the phone book. It won't allow you to enter multiple numbers (cell, home, work, etc) for the same contact list entry.

I ALWAYS miss the ringer if I'm in even a slightly noisy environment, even with it turned all the way up. I'm forced to use vibrate, which sucks the battery like you wouldn't believe.

If you fail to position the earpiece right over your ear canal, you pretty much can't hear the conversation. Very precise positioning of the earpiece is required.

After carrying the phone in my pocket for 4 or 5 months, I noticed a film forming on the INSIDE of the inner screen. Yeah. Dust, dirt, and pocket lint get in there and stay. No way to clean it. Makes it very difficult to see the screen.

Inside screen impossible to read in the sun. You have to scurry around to find some shade if you want to see what your phone is doing.

There are better phones!


Jul 6, 2004 by Noplace

I would not recommend this phone to anyone. I have had this phone for almost two years, and can't wait to get rid of it. It is in perfect condition, b/c I've kept it in a leather case all this time, but the outside display barely works. It flickers on and off. Also, there is a 3 second delay when you push a button. About once a month, the phone freezes on me, so I have to remove the battery to restart the phone.

Pros: Very good reception, lots of extras, including "Get It Now", voice activated dialing. But all this can be found on better phones offered by Verizon (including other Motorola phones).

Pass this one up.


Jun 29, 2004 by akajazz01

For my birthday last year my family had purchased this phone as a gift for me, as it had many more features ( color screen, *fancy* ring tones, etc. etc. etc. ) than the bare-bones Kyocera phones that they had. At first I was thrilled with the styling, and menu options, but these were quickly overshadowed by persistent and debilitating problems.

1) I do not use my phone for anything fancy, however the battery life on this thing is the worst I have ever encountered. I would (maybe) talk on my phone for 30 minutes a day, and it would be dead within 6 hours. You will plug the charger in, and the phone will randomly turn off. Not only this, but the charger likes to fall out of the phone. This has been the case as well for my car charger.

2) The screen will blackout, never to return. This happened with my original phone, so I went back and got it replaced ( including the new software upgrade which supposedly would fix my battery life problems) and the battery continued to suck, and the screen continues to go blank.

My carrier, Verizon, insists that if I did not like the phone that they would give me a new (identical) phone. Well, I do not have the time or energy to go to the mall every 5 days to trade in phones for the exact same phone that is causing me problems. Plus you lose any of the ring tones and games that you had paid to download.

Verizon has also discontinued this phone from the sales floor, and I am not eligible to get the upgrade for another year. So now I'm stuck with a phone I hate, and asking for or buying a new phone makes me feel so ungrateful, as the original phone was a gift.

To put it bluntly, owning this phone has made me feel rather screwed.



Apr 19, 2004 by Bombshell

i purchased this phone from a friend of mine that works in the cell phone business and i am extremely dissatisfied.
i owned a nokia before this that i had for about three or four years.it was a dinosaur. it was heavy, large, and had very little versatility and ringtone options. the battery was down to nothing so i decided it was time for a new phone.
my friend hooked me up with this phone and told me it would do everything i needed...downloadable ringtones, vibrate, and clear reception (a MUST since i have no LAN line at home) however, all i have had are problems!
first of all i can download NOTHING. and all i wanted was ONE lord of the rings ringtone..thats it..one. i have tried everything and all the phone says is that the files are too large to download.
i think in time i could get over that, if the reception wasnt completely shitty. the only place my phone works in my apt is a sweet spot on the balcony if i lean over the railing.
my dropped calls outnumber my successful ones, and there are times with the phone when i dial a number i hear no dialtone, it will not connect, but my friends will call me back and say they picked up their phone and heard nothing but a high screech.
i feel bad taking this phone back to my friend, because he got me a sweet deal on it...but honestly i miss my five pound dinosaur. im taking it back this week and crying for his forgiveness!

Good choice for Motorola


Apr 10, 2004 by FlipMode

Motorola has come out with a very nice quality phone with the T720 (CDMA). I have personal experience with this model from both Verizon and Alltel. The phone is easy to use and has a very nice setup. All the necessary features are there and the display is very large and bright.

Pros: Great display size, nice keypad layout, nice menu layout for easy use, good reception, a nice amount of memory and lots of features are included

Cons: Battery is not going to last more than 2-3 days tops (which happens with most color screens), needs bluetooth, needs better ringtones, and it could use a little bit louder speaker.

Overall our customers who buy this phone are very pleased with it and we have almost a zero return ratio on this phone.

Motorola on top again.....


Jun 18, 2003 by Matt Mayate

The MOTOROLA T720 is by far one of Motorola's best. I've had the phone for about 6 months. At first, the phone was really basic. The software would not allow you to download ring tones or pictures (after all, that's the fun part!). What got me by was the that the phone was fairly small and lightweight. The outer caller ID was brighter than my previous phone (V60C). The screens resolution is great for photos that I was later able to download. Also the battery life is greater than any other color phone on the market. Overall, for a color phone the T720 blows all these other verizon phones out of the water.

PS: If yo have an older verizon T720 than I would advise to take it in to the nearest store (if you haven't already) and get the software updated. This will enable you too add other options in the future. (The phones after May 03 already have the software upgrade.)



Jun 16, 2003 by Nick Grant

I am in sales and sale, among other things, cell phones. I purchased this phone to help me with the job about 4 months ago and have be impressed ever since. The phone is very easy to operate if you don't get overwhelmed by all the extra features. The reception is great, the phone book is excellent, and I like the color display. I also like the shape of the phone.
The only drawback I have found to this phone is the battery life; although, the lack of life is to be expected because of the tri-mode and color capabilities.

great phone


Jun 14, 2003 by jon greifenhagen

I switched from a Sprint LG5350 to the Motorola T720 and I think that the 720 is much better. The web is much faster and has alot of different option's only thing that bothers me is that I can't seem to find any web sites that allow me to download different ringtones or screensavers without going to the axcess shop on my phone. Other than that I love this phone.

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