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Motorola T720 (CDMA)


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MO T720


Feb 16, 2003 by Leah Lacey-Embury

Decent performance. Earpiece volume can be an issue. User menu also not as friendly as previous Motorola models. Also have heard and seen other same make/model phones inside screen "blacking out". Only fix is to remove battery, to reset phone, then replace. Motorola has mentioned nothing about it being a known issue.
Also analog signal strength not as strong as previous Startac and Time port models.

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good phone


Jan 18, 2003 by BIGDOG44

My t720 is a cdma...great phone but of course the talk time is very low and that will be with any color screen phn..and with all the bad batches that motorola released to vzw.. it makes the phone seem that is isn't a good phn.Its very easy to use. i do have a system problem with a shortage in the screen thats my only complaint. beside that phone is very good..

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Yeah what they said...


Jan 9, 2003 by AO

First of all the very best phone that Verizon offers is the V60i. How do I know you ask, because I sell for Verizon. Been doin it for 4 years. But this review is not on the v60i its on the t720, so lets get down 2 bizzness!

1. Holster: You're right it does suck. But you can go to DAYDEAL.COM & pick up a great one for $7.99 free shipping. (only works w/ the std batt, but doesn't come apart like the OEM)

2. Signal Reception: Mediocre. Most of the time it's decent but sometimes for no reason at all it fades out & the regains it a few seconds later.

3. Display: It is darker than some but is better than others, not a big deal in the grand scheme

4. Menu : SLOOOW! But from my experience w/ Motorola phones will improve in time w/ newer s/w versions. Overall pretty easy to navigate due to the sheer number of lines of text that are visible at 1 time.

5. RingerIDs: A cool idea, Motorola doesn't know what to do with. They set it up so that if you store a number in the phonebook w/ a particular ringtone (let's say the Mission Impossible theme song) it will play that tone when the person calls you, AND when they send a text message. This is bad b/c you cant tell, other then by looking at the phone, if the person is calling you or sent you a txt msg. 1 big down fall is that when you get this text message from your friend & the MI song (or any ring tone) is playing, you cant get it to stop. you can't silence it. The only way to get it to stop is remove the batt. Motorola is aware of that glitch & hopefully will fix it on newer s/w versions.

6. Headsets: Don't seem to work good w/ the phone. The other person hears constant electronic sounds.

7. Data kit: Cant import images to the phone for use as wallpapers or screen savers.

Over all I like the phone & will cont using it, but thats b/c I have more patience w/ the tech than most avg users.

My suggestion: Buy the v60i if you want trouble free calls. buy the t720 if you are a gizmo fanatic.

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Almost perfect


Oct 18, 2002 by Cori Wennington

The new T720 for Verizon is almost perfect. The reception on this phone is by far the best out there; which in my opinion is the most important part of a cell phone. After all, if you can't get service, a cell phone is useless. If you need a phone that gets a signal EVERYWHERE this is the phone to get. I've had a StarTac for 3 years and have used other people's V60's (as well as all the lesser models) and the T720 blows them all away. It even works at some subway stops in NYC (not in the train itself). The color screen is quality and all of the other features are top notch.

There are only 3 fixable problems:

1) The volume is a bit low on some calls. It is fine for normal situations, however it is tough to hear if you're in a loud bar or among noisy traffic. Motorola should be able to fix this in newer versions since it looks like the speaker is the same for both calls and the ringer, and the ringer can be extremely loud... So it doesn't make sense why they minimized the call volume so much.

2) Scrolling can be slow. For example, you can't quickly scroll through your phone book, it takes a split second to update the screen so that can be slow and annoying. The solution is to record the names for the people you call the most since the voice recognition works very well.

3) Battery life could be better. I hope they come out with an extended battery for this phone (wonder if they will make a new belt clip as well to accommodate the larger battery). It is fine if you plan on charging the phone every day.

Bottom line, it's the best phone out there. If you need battery life, you can settle for the v60...

I really hope Motorola/Verizon fix these problems and allow current owners to update the software on their phones.

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Make sure you have the latest software!!!


Nov 21, 2002 by Ope

I got this phone a few days ago and it's so much more fun than my LGVX1 of 7 months.
Don't get me wrong I love my LG... It was tough, small and had great sound quality. I picked up signals when NO else had them. That could have been Verizon service.
Anyhow, I love this phone... it has all the features that I been envious of my friends with the V60. Voice Dial is a god send.
The only think I'm not happy with is the screen is a little dark. I would like it to be clearer and brighter. Reading messages are a breeze when you zoom in.
Anyhow, I'm guessing you all know about the software problem with the phone. From what I can tell from the CNet News groups the phones with the old .17 software was recalled. and replaced with .19c.
I have .19c and don't have any of the problems with battery life and several other issues that people are having when the phones just came out. SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOFTWARE .19C I have read there that an upgrade .19d is on the way to give us all the Get it Now features and we will get an e-mail (text message) to your phone when it's ready.
I'm not having any problems with my phone and love it. I'm only on day 3 but have had no trouble at all. I'm very please with and would recommend it to my friends. If your having trouble... check out your software version... if it end with anything other than 19c or less ... Run not walk to Verizon and let them upgrade or replace your phone!
I'll be watching to see what other have to say.
Take care

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Sep 20, 2002 by KG4PEQ

This phone definitely earns a perfect 5 rating. The display is crystal clear, as is the sound (if the vocoder is tweaked to 13k-- [Menu]-073887*-000000). The backlighting on this thing is AWESOME, as is the assortment of ringers.

I still haven't figured out how to compose my own ringers. The capability was quietly introduced in later v.120c and v.60c phones and remains undocumented in the new T720. The menuing system is almost the same as the v.series phones, and it's cool that the phone uses the same accessories as those phones, so my old v.60c car charger (which I also used with my v.120c) works like a charm, as should the FM headset.

The holster is a definite improvement over the v.60 holster, but I have still had the phone fall out a couple times in the last 6 hours I've owned it.

I am slightly disappointed by poor performance in moderately-strong signal conditions (about 50% signal strength). This phone seems to have difficulty receiving audio clearly below this level, and I have received reports of poor quality on the other end starting at roughly this level. Oddly, I've never seen the signal strength meter drop below 50%, either... Haven't had the phone long enough to determine if this is a phone or network issue.

So, I fire up the phone and try the new Go Get It service. Well, it's pretty pointless. Near ZERO selection of apps for this phone-- far more scarce selection than for the Z800 or QCP3035. Nothing to hurt the PHONE's rating, but something to keep in mind if you're buying the phone for that feature. Also note that Verizon does not support the downloadable ringer/picture via SMS. My T720 (from RadioShack) came with a sticker covering up the mention of that capability on the back of the box.

All around, my first impressions are positive. I'm waiting for Verizon to pick up the ball and deploy the supporting services (VZW no help here), but even now this phone has a heck of a "WOW" factor and at under $300 is a real deal.

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Pro's and Con's


Oct 11, 2002 by jenny van unen

Been in the industry for a few years. Had a MO 7868. Knew with a color display phone the battery would be less... obviously. So I don't have an issue with that, plus it has held better than I thought it would. That's what Vehicle Adapters are for... spend your money wisely... or get an extended battery if your worried.

1. color screen display/outside caller id
2. rcvrs hear me well
3. large phone book
4. calendar
5. sms, get it now, comp cap.
6. button size/ease of use
7. many great options ~ settings, ringers (can down load more if you like) wallpaper, screen savers...

1. vibration too soft
2. no 'always on' back-light option
3. need higher volume level
4. ease of switching from ring to vibrate (need to make a shortcut maybe)

Pretty good phone so far... still w/in my 15 days for return. Think I will be keeping it ... was looking at Sam A310, but loyal to MO. Haven't let me down in almost 3 years.

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Don't get it


Mar 20, 2004 by Adam Day

I hate this phone. All of my friends and family have cell phones and I think that I might win for having the worst phone. I can't even begin to explain how much I hate this phone so let me just give a few cons considering I can't think of anything positive. It doesn't ring loud enough! Half the time I don't get my calls b/c I don't realize the piece of junk is ringing. The battery last um.... all of 4 hours and thats when I'm in my calling area. You'll be lucky to get 20 minutes if you're in a roaming area. I have friends that have "lower level" Nokias and their battery will last days without needing a charge. I work 6 hour days at a part time job and I'll be lucky if my phone is alive on my ride home. Don't worry I have a car charger but for some reason that car charger sucks the power out of my cell phone instead of putting it in. I didn't realize I was trying to jump start my car with my phone. Makes me angry b/c the whole reason I got the stupid phone was so I would feel safe if my car were to break down. I guess I could just use the shiny surface of the phone to reflect the sun and signal for help. Most of the time when I shut the phone the top half of the phone, the area with the screen and the caller id on the front, goes completely dead but the bottom half, where the number keys are, stays lit up. Anyway... I need to stop b/c thinking about my phone is just making me angry. I have Verizon and I asked about getting another phone but asking them that is like pulling teeth b/c they aren't very helpful and won't seem to let me get another phone. They want me to wait another year or something and said they would give me $100 dollars for a trade in or something like that. They'll be lucky to still have me as a customer after another year. Oh and by the way Verizon... No I can't hear you now. I can't seem to hear anyone on my stupid phone. And isn't it ironic that they don't seem to be working for me.

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Number 1 Phone!!!


Jul 26, 2003 by Neil Kollasch

Excellent phone! I've had the T720 since May and it works great everywhere I go. Crystal clear reception everywhere in town and even out of town (I'm in the Iowa City, IA area). I have Verizon as my service provider and with GIN you can get close to 100 games for the phone and the ring tones are pretty good as well. Some of the ring tones are quiet but that depends on the ring tone and it's melody. All the applications are easily accessible with the 6 hot keys on the main screen. Battery life is okay, some complain about the battery life only being one day. However if you turn the backlight down to 5 seconds rather than the 20 second default I get my battery to last an average of 2 days! For a phone with almost everything and a color screen I don't see any reason to complain about battery life.
Overall this phone is as close to perfect as you can get. The only feature it doesn't have is a camera but with everything else on the phone a camera isn't really needed. If you want a phone that works great and will do almost everything you would need to do with a cell phone. I highly recommend this phone to anyone who wants great clarity in calls and a phone with accessibility to do what you want!

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great phone


Apr 23, 2003 by wayne knowles

This phone is really great. I got the new s/w version up grade and every thing works good
Everyone should have this phone

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