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Motorola T720 (CDMA)


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not the greatest....


Jul 31, 2003 by Valentina Dunn

The 720 has the best sounding ringtones out of any of BREW capable CDMA phones offered by Verizon. Besides that, it's been very unreliable. I've had it since last October and have had it replaced for malfunction 4 times. Last night alone I dropped 5 calls in my house.
I live in South Jersey, in a very strong signal area. My v60 never drops phone calls in my house, nor does my sister's 9155 Audiovox or my boyfriend's Samsung sch-530. I personally have used StarTac 7860, 8767, Kyocera 2235, and Motorola v60i And never had Thales problems.
Lately it's been randomly going into no service. Again, I have a v60i installed in my car and it never has these problems. I could get it swapped out again (it's under warranty) but there comes a point when it's not worth the trouble. Am shopping for a different model.

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T720 - Great Phone


Mar 14, 2003 by M Pizza

I have been hearing all these complaints and bad reviews, and I just don't get it. I just purchased the phone, and the first thing I did was get the latest software. Not one problem yet. The reception is better than my previous phone which was the lg-tm510. So far I have been with verizon for five years, and this is by far thebest phone that I have owned, with the timeport 7787 in close second.

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Nice Screen and Buttons, but Some Warnings


Jan 8, 2003 by Zach DT

The phone has nice big comfortable buttons and a nice big color screen. 3G is nice - Internet works much faster than anything else I have seen on any other handsets. The disadvantages are the battery life - standby is decent, but the talk time absolutely drains the battery in about 25-30min. The worst thing about this phone is the stupid belt clip. I warn you do not use it - under the slightest pressure the phone pops out. Furthermore although the faceplates are replaceable the outside screen protrudes up from the smooth plane of the phone and ends up absorbing most of the hits from any drops you might experience. Furthermore since the outside screen is shinny silver, dents and scratches are very and noticeable. My advice - keep the phone in your pocket or your purse and scrap the belt clip.

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Sep 26, 2002 by wells4cy

Well besides the fact that the color screen is awesome and the features are easy to navigate, the best thing about this phone is that the antenna won't break every month like every prior motorola phone! I've had a few startacs and V60's and I couldn't keep an antenna for more than 2 months. This has changed now with the T720 as the antenna is now most like the LG VX1. The reception is awesome compared to the V60 as you can hear the person much better. Plus if you have the V60 now, save those accessories because they are compatible with the T720! You won't have to shell out another $60-$70 for that FM headset or car charger. And the color screen on the Sharp Z-800 doesn't even compare to that of the T720 as well. The only problem I find is that the battery life is not too long. But hey, what do you expect? It's got a kick-ass color screen. When I come across an extended battery I'll pick one up. And for the price, ($299) it's well worth it. And if you purchase the phone at a Verizon Wireless or Radio Shack store by Dec. 31st, and send in a working phone, Motorola will mail you a $100 rebate. Now it's only $199. Not bad huh.

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How'd this get past testing???


Aug 7, 2003 by ddruyor

Feature wise, it wasn't a bad phone. For Verizon's first color phone, it was pretty good. But compaired to anything now, it's VZ's worse model. Reception is key and at my house, i have 2-3 bars and if I don't pull up my antenna it cuts out really bad. Battery life is below average at 2hrs. Using this as my work phone, I have tested it out quite a bit and I really don't like using it unless I need to because I hate it so much. Deffinately go with the 4400, 6000 or 530 before the 720.

I have had experience with most every phone VZ sells today. Kyocera 2235, 3035, 7135; Moto v60i, 720; Samsung a530; LG 510, 4400, 6000.

Of the bunch my favorites are the a530, vx6000 and the v60i. Different phones for different applications but i have yet to find something that holds up to the v60i (reception and durability wise).

Let me put it this way, I would spend $150 most any other phone before getting the t720 phone for free (if there were such a deal).

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NOT WORTH IT - Its All Hype!


Jan 7, 2003 by G Smith

Ive just got phone over the holidays and it has been a problem since I got it.
First thing i noticed is that as soon as i got home the Signal/Reception bar is up only to Three bars, Static occurs and Clarity of incoming call is almost expected.
Second - "No Signal" is frequent while traveling Ive dropped calls while moving about and missed calls due to no signal on indoor locations (a problem i have never encountered with my last LGflip phone - i even get calls while on the subway) i have never had problems with previous phones as far as reception is concerned but the T720 has been by far the worst on picking up reception.

A lot of you may say its all because of the towers or the area where im at..well take this in consideration:

1. Apparently the T720 has got to be on the most recent software to prevent glitches (version 19c or the latest 19d)

I have already returned the phone for service and upgrade of software (19D) to make things better but i have not noticed any difference in quality of reception.

2. Even the Verizon Technician i spoke to verified that the T70 has had a track record of returns/complaints or upgrade. and getting a new phone would still present the same problem and would need to be upgraded for software anyways.

3. While having my phone upgraded there were 2 other verizon clients i met who were returning the phones for the same exact reason as myself.

Spare yourself the trouble and find a better phone to use...ive already returned my T720, and got the LGVX10 ive had no problem in reception and signal in my home is strong. if youre really wanting a colored screen i suggest you wait for better models.

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Motorola T720


Aug 3, 2003 by Richard Best

This is undoubtedly the best phone I've owned. I live in a rural area about 70 miles north of Houston (lots of trees), and this is the only phone that gets out around here on a consistent basis. I've had Sonys, Kyoceras, and my last was a Star Tac, and this phone beats them all hands down. Great visuals, easy to use, and connects to my laptop. Now I'm no expert, but I really don't see how anyone wouldn't love this phone. Have yet to ever have it drop a call.

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Great Phone - Great service


Jul 17, 2003 by Travis Hewitt

I am a service Tech. for Verizon and I have had the 720 for 6 months and I love It I also have the X-batt and a installed H/F kit in my car. I love everything about the phone and the kit . I also recieve service almost everywhere even when other people cant due my car kits external antenna. Any questions about a H/F kit feel free to ask thankyou!

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Mar 22, 2003 by CHRIS LEE

Ive been a dealer for vzw for 6 years.And no matter what antone tells u the moto720 STINKS PERIOD. I know all about the new software 19c and it doesnt mean anything.After I swapped out my original 720 with old software for the new one,my phone reset all by itself. Im not "Joe"so i know alot better than that.But i said cool lets try again,11 days later same problem. Also note the screen would go black for no apperent reason.Causing me to take the battery out and put it back in.To be honest we dont push the 720 anymore as we favor all LG products 510,4400,ect who seem to work like a champ always. Take a look for yourself the 510 was the best cdma phone available by the Consumer Reports magaizine for 2 years straight. Look for the 4400 to be up there next year....my battery like in the 720 was horrible (Lg last for days).Drop call was also a problem i never drop a call with my 510,but the 720 3-4per day.I had the 4400 for 1 week and dropped one call ,and that was on the first day because i was using it alot more so i could personalze the phone.

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Why do i only hear whining ?????


Mar 5, 2003 by Uknow WhoIam

I see almost every new phone everyday and have the chance to read reviews and see Technical information everyday that the normal "Joe" doesn't have access to...and by far and away the Motorola T720 out surpasses several phone manufacturers models that are claimed to be "Great New Phones". Yes I will agree, that the Motorola T720 does have it's problems as any other phone does, but the great thing about Motorola phones is that the software or (operating systems) can be updated very easily by any trained technician.
further more Motorola is the most efficient at getting these updates out to the people that can update these phones. The Motorola T720 has tons of features that most cell phone do not, (unless you like big brick phones like the audiovox 9500, well unless you like shoulder straps for your phone). Motorola offers the biggest extended battery 1100 mah !! No other cell phone manufacturer has a battery that big period!!
This battery will handle all of your "reasonable expectations". the one fault that everyone has is reading the standby and usage times in the owners manual....These times are generated from a lab where that phone is locked in an RF chamber with perfect service (not available by any carrier in the real world) and without being used !! Yes you read that correctly, they do not test the usage time !! they send a paging signal to the phone a determine battery life based on that !! What deception!! So, in the real world....the extended battery will give you around 3 days of non usage time and about 2 days of reasonable talk time. This is all hinges on software people....the latest is 19C.
I carry this phone personally and have had and will continue for some time until another "Real Cell Phone" comes along.

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