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Motorola T720 (CDMA)


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All around great phone


May 8, 2003 by Brandon Wilkinson

I have owned the T720 for a number of months now and it has been an excellent, easy to use phone. I am a technician at a Verizon Wireless corporate store and I have to say this is the best phone I've ever owned. It still holds all the easy to use characteristics of previous V series phones, while taking all same accessories, and the very latest software take away the delays scrolling through menus and helps battery life quite a bit. Even with the color screen I still tend to get a good 2 days out of the regular battery with moderate usage. The extended battery will go 4 days easily. Using the phone with the data connectivity kit is very easy and fast. The 1xRTT network will have you browsing through sites at speeds never thought possible through a phone. And most importantly, reception. This phone is a champ, even when your in an analog area, this phone will hold strong and keep the call quite well, with minimal static.

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T720 not too bad


Apr 2, 2003 by Justin Jacobson

I don't think that this phone is as bad as others have made it out to be. I have the latest firmware version and the only thing I don't like is that it will switch to analog sometimes when I don't feel that it should based on signal strength. This does not happen too often, just once in a while. The scroll speed is much improved over the older firmware and the screen seems brighter too. I have used the LG VX4400 and don't see that the earpiece on that phone is any louder than the 720 I have. I liked the fact that most V60 accessories work with the T720 as well. Not a bad choice for a Verizon phone IMHO.

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Best Phone for Verizon


Jan 22, 2003 by Vernon Shaut

By far, the best phone I have ever had for Verizon. Being a customer for many years now, and always going with the best available phone on the market, I would choose the T720 over any phone out there. I had the StarTac/Timeport, I had the v60c & the v60i, and now I have settled on this. Many factors made me come to this conclusion. First of all this is by far the clearest phone I have ever spoken on, so clear, that i have many a times been mistaken for being on a land-line phone. The voice-dialing works great, its simple to use and navigate, & with use of the proper ringer is very loud. Now for all of us previous "StarTac Users" it is very hard to have something as perfect and as simple as that. Personally I will officially state that the T720 is the StarTac of the new millennium. Simple enough for the average user and advanced enough for us Techies. I bought mine from Radio Shack and the salesman there was polite and patient enough to not only explain all of the features of the phone, but show me how to use most of them as well, something I have never experienced at a Verizon Wireless store. More importantly he explained to me the misconception about the Get It Now services (which rock might i add) that you have to pay for them, which is well worth it. Only one complaint, the holster that is supplied is garbage, but I purchased a new one at Radio Shack which works great. The battery life leaves a little to be desired but for the average user, will get you through the day. All in all, like I originally stated, the phone combined with the service, is the best on the market.

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Pretty face but not beautiful


Jan 7, 2003 by Kevin Fitzpatrick

I got this phone because my defective V60c was not able to be replaced with an exact model. I thought this was going to be a big improvement and was excited about getting 1x capability. With all the functions this phone offers, it falls short of delivering it's basic purpose...voice transmission in a reliable manner. Compared with my V60, this phone does not have the same sensitivity in low signal areas, and has an annoying trait of going from a strong signal to no signal in areas where the V60 and my wife's Startac work perfectly well. I'm hoping for a software upgrade, since I like the form of this phone and I don't want to lose the ability to transfer all my data with Trusync, so maybe I'll wait for the new V60x if it ever comes out.
When there is ample signal, the voice quality and clarity are outstanding, so this is not a complete loser, but it should be more sensitive.

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T720 Worst Phone ever!!!!!


Aug 25, 2003 by CJ Lewis

Very unhappy with my Verizon T720. The worst operating phone in my 8 years of cell service.
80% calls missed. Takes 3 attempts to dial out most of the time. Voice mail is costing me a fortune. Even when answering a call it will go to voice mail and not be answered.
Had the phone since 12/02 now on 3rd replacement. No better. Many calls have my voice echo in the back ground, and the other party cannot understand me. Calls constantly dropped all over central NJ. Impossible to drive 3 miles on the Garden State Parkway without dropping a call. Battery life very poor, usually dead after 7-10 5 min. calls.
Forget about the games and ringtones. Just give me a phone with good reception and no echos. I want my Cingular/Nokia back!!!!
The Verizon guy should ride around with me one day for his next commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This Isn't a Bad Phone


Jul 27, 2003 by Kevin Porter

So far I've had this phone for a little over a week and found that this phone isn't as bad as many reviews make it out to be. The only two things I don't like about this phone are the volume of the ear piece and the battery life. I think some people who have a hard time hearing might have trouble hearing the person they are talking to. The battery life on this phone isn't too good because it is a color phone. However, you can increase your battery life by turning the backlight off during the day. So far I've found that I've been able to use the standard battery for two days without charging it. It is too bad Motorola didn't include an extended battery with the phone.

Here's what I like about this phone, the sound quality is very clear (I use Verizon so that might be a factor), the ringers aren't too bad, the phone book is very good and of course you can go on the wireless web and use Get It Now.

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New And Improved


Mar 8, 2003 by budz420

The new software update for this phone is out. Updates to version 22DP. Phone was a 4.0 but now that the software has been updated gotta give it a 5.0 all the way. Theres a whole slew of improvements but one of the best is the scrolling speed.... all menu's and phone book now scroll as fast as you can hit the key. also added some .ems files, TXT SMS problems have been addressed... it's all good baby!

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why is everybody trippin?....


Jan 17, 2003 by OLIVER JACKSON

I had a Kyocera 3035 which i traded to get the t720.it the real one as far as reception and service.i been waiting for this since August and it's str8. i also know about the battery life and the software dilemna.here's the solution:1. buy the extended battery for longer talk time and charge it as soon as you get home. 2. call Motorola or Verizon for the .19c software.do those two things and you're ok. now if Motorla would've built a 2way speakerphone in the t720 it'll knock the competition out of there. i'm a diehard Moto man and they're only gonna get better. if you do get one,roll with Verizon.

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Oct 8, 2003 by Karla Fernandez

Piece of crap! I have had this phone for not even a week. I lost my Samsung SCH A310 (which was prob the best / most reliable phone I have EVER owned) and was told that the A310 is not available anymore, BUT that I was getting an "upgrade" with this phone. I have had nothing but aggravation since.
1- Battery? WHAT BATTERY?! I have to charge my phone 3 times a day.
2- The screen blacks out when you try to turn the phone on. The keypad lights up, but the screen is blank. This started the 3rd day I had it. SO you have to take the battery cover off (which by the way, is a pain in the ass to get off) and remove the battery and try it all over again.
Someone mentioned keeping the backlight off during the day, but the screen is so dark without it, you need to keep it on.
The new thing that started yesterday was that when I get an incoming call, half the screen blacks out.
3- WHAT??? CAN YOU REPEAT THAT? I CANT HEAR YOU. That's pretty much how all my conversations go, because the ear volume sucks.
4-I hate the fact that you can't lower the ringer volume w/ the phone open. It's noisy too, it goes through each volume level from 7-1.
5- Vibrate? What vibrate? You have to practically hold the phone in your hand to know that you have an incoming call.
6- Recieved calls and missed calls are grouped together under recieved calls.
7- I'm not crazy about the navigation on the phone either. I don't like the way the menus are set up.
8- No alarm clock.
9- And last but not least, the ringers are horrible. They are like the ear volume, you cant hear them.

The service isn't bad (I have VZW).
Havent had any dropped calls yet. But last night in the middle of a conversation, all of a sudden I had No Service.

Overall, this phone is too much work for me.
I only paid the $50 deductible for it.

I guess I'll be losing this one too.

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May 19, 2003 by BJ Cantrell

By far the most useful phone for its price. Several great features including Get It Now, date book, calculator, and the ability to make your own ringtones.

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