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very good phone


Oct 15, 2008 by ATG

i have had this phone from U.S. cellular for over three months now and i think it is really good. The KRZR K1m is areally good phone except it collests to many finger prints.

Has been my favorite phone, until . . .


Jun 30, 2008 by scrapgirl

I have had this phone for a little over a year. I have loved everything about it - the styling, ease of texting, etc. Recently however, I am having a horrible time with the battery. I am charging it several times a day and it will drain so fast! I am debating over getting a new phone or just replacing the battery because I really DO think this is a great phone!

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Krappy Krzr


Jun 30, 2008 by msadub

Ok, i have read numerous reviews about how this phone is the greatest thing since sliced bread, what i noticed about these reviews was that they were people who just bought the Krzr. I myself thought this was the most amazing phone, that was until i had it for a while.

I bought my krzr right after they launched. So its safe to say i have had this phone for quite a while. over time while having this phone i began to notice all the flaws.

-obvious finger print magnet
-front screen scratches and shadders easily
*Had my Krzr in a friends car, went to eat
when we got back to her car there was a
huge crack across the screen. Customer
care said there was no way that would
happen on its own, and refused to
replace it. i had to make an insurance
claim on something that wasnt my fault.
-the cover for the charging port is long gone
-recently the right side button became a magician... poof it is gone...
-Inner buttons are worn down and now a copper color... if this phone is made for looks, mine doesnt look so pretty.

on the plus side it has a good camera, call quality is great, proformance wise this phone is awsome... it just likes to fall apart.

If you are a big texter like me this phone is definitely not the phone for you.

My phone also had issues thinking it was open when it was closed and closed when it was open. Because of this it dropped numerous calls... it wasnt fun.

hope you have better luck with your Krzr than i did with mine :)



Jun 26, 2008 by RobErt7

i had this phone a little while back and boy was it bad. i had to change the phone 4 or 5 times. all for the same reason, the USB headphone adapter wouldn't let me listen to music. it would register all other sounds up until the music menu. after that experience, i got LG's response to the RAZR.

-pretty sleek
-near waterproof(stepmom dropped in sink full of water and still works(blowdryer)
-good touch buttons

-USB prob.
-small front screen
-bit on the heavy side
-SD card not easily accessable
-UI not the most responsive

KRZR= Awesome Phone


May 18, 2008 by KRZR316

Hey guys...

I just a got this new KRZR about four days ago from U.S. Cellular and I have to say it is AWESOME!!! The sexy sleek design makes it so worth it... Below are some pros and cons...



Very good coverage!

Good Bluetooth

MP3 player

Easy to navigate through the menus

Good Customization


Fingerprint Magnet

That's about it!

I like My Phone


May 14, 2008 by goodolphone15

I really Like my KRZR....I love the Alltel UI and the signal pick up better than my samsungs. The only Problem I have With The Phone Is That If It Is Droped The Glass On The Front Cracks. I Have 3 cracks Going Up my phone from Being droped once.

this phone never get for verizon!


Apr 27, 2008 by 8700

i had the krazer for verizon! it was the worst phone i ever had. i took it back to the store for having it for 1 year and a half wich having for krazers and they said it's a soft where problem so they gave me the LG 8700 best phone i had ever! and verizon is the best carrier ever the other ones don't even come close to verizob go verizon sprint att nextel sucks verizon most reiable network!

OK, but...


Jan 12, 2008 by spitfire0923

Overall, a decent phone with good clarity. The few things that I don't like are getting used to keypad, which is easier now that I have finger nails, but I don't know what people do with big fingers and no nails. Another thing that I don't like is there is no shortcut to lock the phone; You have to go into 4 screens to lock it; The other thing that I don't like is is your phone is locked and you receive a phone call or text, it will sound, but there is no reminder alert to tell you that you missed a message/phone call if you weren't around when it went off.

I think the battery in my LG was a lot better also, but it's not horrible...

PROS: -small and compact
-nice looking phone
-decent clarity

CONS: - doesn't alert you when phone is locked if you miss a call
- difficult to push buttons
- no shortcut to lock phone
- no neat pictures to put into texts (i.e. smile faces, etc...I used to use these alot)

Great and Easy to Use Phone


Jan 6, 2008 by mr.fool

1. Excellent Camera: This phone has an amazing camera. It can also zoom in pretty far.

2. Great Design: The design to this phone is really compact and thin. It makes it easy to carry around in my pocket. It's also pretty durable, I dropped it 6 times on concrete (I'm really clumsy) before it actually got a crack on the front. It also looks really cool!

3. Bright Screen: I can actually see the screen on this phone!

4. Loud Speaker: One time when i was with my friends we decided to call someone and put it on speaker phone. One of my friends walked 2 rooms away, and said that they could still hear it clearly! It wasn't even turned up all the way!

5. Easy to Use: I was afraid that getting a new phone would take me awhile to get used to, but within 30 minutes of getting it, I could already use all it's features easily.

1. Screen Freezing: This is the only phone I have ever had that freezes. Mostly it freezes when I'm trying to type a text message and someone sends me one. Sometimes, it will just randomly freeze!

2. Slow: Sometimes this phone can be really slow to access menus and other features.

Overall, this is a great, easy to use, and cool looking phone, that has a few minor problems. I highly recommend the krzr k1m to anyone willing to get it. I have Sprint by the way, so I don't know how it is for other companies, but for Sprint it rocks!

Confused over money


Jan 2, 2008 by GoDJ_12

When I bought this phone I payed $279.99 and now i wish i never got it. I gave this phone a 2.5 because it is not the greatest. I have had this phone for a year and two months it was okay to begin with but now i can't take photos or videos, the brightness of the screen won't go any lower or brighter even though it is on 3, it scratches to easy after the first weak my screen was covered in scratches & Micro SD card freezes my phone.

MP3 Player
T9 (is understandable)

Front scratches to easy
Camera is crappy :[
Charger Covers sux.

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