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Worst Phone EVER!!!


Sep 6, 2008 by richvista

I've owned this phone for two months, and it is the worst phone ever! It freezes up all the time, at least twice a day, it never receives text messages, the front screen is already cracked, just from having it in my back pocket, and it never receives phone calls. words of advice, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!

Thumbs way way down


Aug 20, 2008 by tylrbbyx3

The cute colors
The camera is pretty good
It moves fast most of the time

It randomly freezes
THe inbox only holds about 100 messages (it starts telling you to delete the messages at 80)
Bad service
TXT messages will randomly just not send
Videos can only be about 13 seconds long
When you're texting, the response time is SUPER slow, so you cant text super fast. It always seems its too slow or just cant keep up.

Dont get this phone if you're texting frequently. Or if you just get frustrated easily

Krazr K1m


Jul 9, 2008 by urock111

This Phone wasnt the greatest! There are pros and cons!

-touch music navigation on exterior
-cool features
-V-cast music(for verizon)

-freezes up contantly
-screen turns black and doesnt do anything
-doesnt always hold a charge(changed battery 5 times)
-Scraches easily

Overall its an ok phone

Gave them a chance, wish I hadn't


Jun 25, 2008 by Grahamdubya

Having never owned a Motorola phone before, I was looking forward to giving this one a try.

Whoa, was I mistaken.

This phone is terrible. For starters, the flimsy class case is easily cracked, and then proceeds to get worse, rendering the camera unusable. I dropped my phone from no less than three feet up. Onto a CARPET. It's an inexcusable design flaw.

I've never tried the music player, but would imagine it's useful for some people.

Motorola's iTAP feature for text messaging is also, by far, the single worst implementation of intelligent SMS software I've seen yet. It guesses wrong constantly, and if it gets stuck guess the single letter 'b' instead of 'a', have a pillow handy to punch.

In short, avoid Motorola, and especially this phone.

- Looks modernish
- Makes and recieves calls

- easily cracked front cover
- terrible text messaging software
- slows to a crawl after too many messages are saved
- no camera flash

Not with Verizon


May 25, 2008 by JohnQConsumer

I've had this phone for about a month now and have been happy with some features and not-so-impressed with others. Then I decided to buy those hot S9 headphones to go with it. Big shock! The nice Moto stereo bluetooth headphones do not play the nice music from this Moto bluetooth phone because some airhead decision maker at Verizon thought the phone they offer does not need A2DP support. The phone does not come equipped with a jack for stereo 3.5 mm headphones, so the only way to listen to the music you buy from the VCast service is through the tiny integrated speaker. How smart is that?

Anyway, here's my general impression:

-Shiny, slick design
-Good built, it does not feel like a plastic toy
-Expandable memory with microSD
-Awesome voice recognition software

-Shiny, slick design - unless you constantly clean it it gets smudged and looks dirty all the time
-No A2DP support - how dumb is that
-micro SD card placed under battery cover and hard to get to
-unless you trick it, you can't use your music or any personal sounds for ring tones because Verizon wants to force your hand to buy theirs
-slow response when navigating menus
-poor reception, most of my calls sound garbled

I blame many of the problems above on the Verizon customization, so if you're going to get this phone, get it with some one else.

Know your Krzr


Feb 6, 2008 by rchmny81

I had my Krzr since launch and here's my story

When USCC launched the Krzr in 12/06, I thought that it was just a smaller version of the razr. That's until I got ont. Not only was it more durable that the razr(v3c), it was sturdy and the battery life lasted longer than I expected. Like an idiot, I sold it to a friend and got a v3m. It didn't take long before I bought another one and realized that it was a mistake selling it to begin with.

What I loved about it was simple, it got the job done. Texting was easy, it had both an mp3 player and the moto player, 1.3 mp camera that actually took great pics and with a memory card, the video was increased beyond 15 seconds. Battery life was by far better than the razr, and the bt profiles were increased (however it didn't have stereo bt).

When I changed jobs, my new company also carried the krzr too however it was a totally different device. With all of their propritary UI, it caused the batt to be horrible, constantly freezing, and for the first time since the samsung 3500, the battery was swollen.

I chose it because of it's rep from my prev company but's a different machine.

Great sound
Speaker loud
good 1.3 camera
Only charged batt once every 3 days
2 audio players
Easy to text with big hands
Didnt feel like a toy

Like all new phones, fingerprint magnet
Choice of color (gray) however project Red was awesome

USCC not having Verizon's coverage area
Verizon's UI

To be honest, I didnt like the Verizon verison due to many factors like the UI and how it affects the phone. I would recommend Verizon service but this phone with another carrier.

By that being said, know your Krzr

Eh... not so hot.


Nov 26, 2007 by worldfamoussam

Maybe it was just VZW's software that made me not so hot on this phone... and it would have been a better phone with the Moto interface ... but I felt that the k1m was not one of the best Motos I had experienced...


Good build quality
Good voice quality


Verizon software
Cramped keypad - tough to text
Fingerprints like KRZY (where do you think they came up with the name?)

This phone was just too narrow to function the way I needed it to as a big texter. Furthermore, the software was kind of buggy, and I would have done just about anything to get rid of those stupid Verizon red bars!

Not worth the headache


Oct 25, 2007 by s_c_novak


Nice looking phone.
Small design.


Where do I begin!

After 7 phones in 30 days I gave up!

The 1st phone latest 10 days before it would not let you charge it!

The second phones software frooze and the phone was useless!

The 3rd thru 7th phones the lights on the key
pad would stay on for about 10 seconds when you turn the phone on and then never turn on again!

I went into my local Verizon store and not one of the phones they brought out from the back room(brand new phones)would work properly.

I asked how they could sell defective phones to people and was told "that's the way they are".

I know that is a lye because my wife has one that works properly.

I finally went with the Samsung Gleam.



Sep 12, 2007 by rockerbaby201

This phone sucked! it has very little memory, i had one video, 2 games and 3 pictures and if i had more then 10 text messages, it would pop up saying too full. It froze all the time. after having it for 2 months, it turned off and wouldnt come back on for 2 days. I dont know why. I never dropped it or got it wet or anything to damage it. A month later it froze and would start freaking out. My boyfriend has the same phone but in red instead and his phone froze all the time too. His finally froze for the last time, died and it wont come back on. WORST PHONE EVER!

don't buy it!


Sep 7, 2007 by Soonerbio

I had this phone for 3 weeks and then exchanged it for something different and better...this phone was slow as could be. it took several seconds to dial phone numbers, send text messages, etc.. when in multi tap sending text messages, if the phone had been on for a while, it would start putting numbers instead of letters...for instance.if you wanted to type an "i" in a text message it would produce 4gh instead of the letter "i"

Many times, the phone wouldn't even ring when people called me, and I wouldn't even know I'd missed a call unless they left a voicemail. I know that some phones do that if you're in a bad area for receiving calls - and when that happens it goes straight to voice mail - but this phone didn't..it would actually ring for the caller, but not for me. Also it received text messages sometimes an hour after they were sent..and have the timestamp of when it was received and not sent (my old sanyo - even if it ws turned off would show the time the text message was sent, not when it was received).

I was very disappointed in this phone to say the least. It looks really cool and is a good idea, but it is very slow.

I won't even get into how it gets all fingerprinted up and dirty looking.

the one good thing is that it did play songs...but my new and better phone does that too.

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