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Nov 17, 2005, 6:15 PM

pricing, color, availability with VERIZON?

Can anyone tell me what VERIZON is going to price this phone at? Also, when is it going to FINALLY be available? I had originally heard the 17th of November, now I hear the 28th?? The Verizon reps aren't saying anything. Additionally, I heard that there is going to be a PINK version. Is this true?
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Nov 25, 2005, 11:45 AM

Wind proof Blue tooth headset?For Razr V3c

I'm looking forward to upgrading to the V3c, BUT, with only bluetooth headset capability, (no jack) I have one issue. There doesn't seem to be any good wind canceling BT headsets out there. I have been using the Plantronics MX-505 headset, and found it to be THE best headset for active outdoor type folks available. It really works. (I've tried dozens) I ride mountain bikes, Road bikes, ride horses, etc, and use my phone a lot. At 25 mph on a road bike, there is NO transmitted wind noise created and I can hear easily.
Does anyone know of a good BT headset that works in windy conditions?
My wife has the tiny Motorola folding headset and uses it with her E815, but it doesn't have enough volume if your outside doing anything, (needs a...
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Nov 25, 2005, 11:59 AM

Hofo users

For any of those at Howardforums...i have no idea how to work it..i signed up but i get lost. and since most of the reliable information so far is from that website does anybody or any users from hofo know any other recent info about a release date? I do knoe it will be out before jan 16th because thats the ending date on the releass date..or if anyone knows how long they give a rebate for we cud figure this out mathematically... 😛
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Nov 19, 2005, 1:05 PM


Alltel has just got there shipment in today of the phones and its sad to say, OBEX is not supported in the phone. This is something most of us knew and some of us tried to deny. Oh well OBEX is really not that important.
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Nov 24, 2005, 7:25 PM


hello, do you guys know if the alltel version has the verizon interface or the moto interface? thanks
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Nov 24, 2005, 5:56 PM

Bluetooth and dial up modem

Hi! I'm looking to use my phone to dial onto the internet while on vacation, and I want to do that wirelessly. Anyone know if this phone will be capable of that through bluetooth?
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Nov 24, 2005, 5:47 PM

It's finally released for Verizon!!

According to Mobiledia, Verizon has finally released the phone. Their in-depth review can be found here:
http://www.mobiledia.com/reviews/motorola/razr-v3c/p ... »

Looks like the only drawback is no memory card slot.

I'll stick with my vx8100 for now.

Nov 23, 2005, 11:51 PM

bad news about release date

After getting off the phone with one of the managers at my local store who i happen to be pretty friendly with. The info he gave me was that the Razr wus supposed to be out last month but had testing problems. Now he said he shud be released somewhere round the beginning of december, but i am hoping for an online release earlier...well thought id let u guys knoe...

Nov 23, 2005, 3:45 PM

Rebate information

I work for an indirect agent of verizon and we just got the $100 mail in rebates for the v3c, no word on the release date or actual price but we can assume $299.99 or $249.99 with this rebate.
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Nov 22, 2005, 5:15 PM

Custom Graphics: Yes

Ok, now I am a bit confused. I was under the impression that this phone didnt have OBEX, which means we couldnt transfer files from computer to phone and vice versa.

On the main fact sheet, it claims:

Custom Graphics: Yes

Here is the definition of Custom Graphics
http://www1.phonescoop.com/glossary/popup.php?fid=42 »

So I said to myself "Cool, so we can get images that we created in photoshop and set them as our backgrounds??"

Anyone know whats up with this? It also mentions it plays MP3s ... How can we get our MP3s onto the phone if there is no OBEX? Does that mean the only way is to pay for them again through verizon???

Im confused, can anyone clarify? Thanks! 🙂
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Nov 20, 2005, 10:12 AM

headset for razr

I was all decided on purchasing the RAZR (rather than the e815) until I thought about this one important part. The RAZR does or does not have a port to plug in a wired headset? I talk on the phone for hours at a time and a bluetooth , I'm afraid, would need recharging constantly in my case. Please someone tell me that the RAZR has a port to plug in a headset!!!!!
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Nov 23, 2005, 6:52 AM

VERIZON and RZR..what's going on?????

I thought that the RAZR was supposed to be on line on the 21st and in stores later. Can someone please post the release dates again!?

Still trying to decide between the e815 and the waiting for the RAZR.
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Nov 22, 2005, 8:53 PM

PC Synch??? Does it really not exist?

Hello all,

Running thru the list of features for this phone that are listed on Phonescoop's website:

https://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=767 »

It does *NOT* list "PC Synch" as one of the phone's capabilities? Can that really be true? Or was that just an omission?

The original GSM version of this phone can synch with your PC's calendar, contacts, etc.

Anyone know for *certain*???

Thanks & cheers,

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Nov 23, 2005, 10:15 AM

Putting Razr into Silent/Vibrate Mode

The interactive manual on the VZW site shows that you have to lower the volume all the way down to get into vibrate.. This is bad.

Almost every phone including the E815 as far as I rememember let's you do it with one button. The Old 710's made you step the volume down down down till silent. This is tedious and very annoying to people around you.

Hope there is a one button solution for this.

Also, does anyone know if the name lookup for the Razr will have 2nd and 3rd letter lookup ?

The normal Moto Interface does not do it but the LG/VZW UI should I hope.
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Nov 22, 2005, 9:41 PM

Aftermarket Bluetooth

Okay i didnt really know where to put this thread so im going to post it in like 2 different places. Does anyone know any very good reliable aftermarket bluetooth companies? I only know one and its plantronics. Thanks.
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Nov 20, 2005, 7:43 PM

good news

verizon will be selling the v3c for 199.99 after the mail in rebate on a 2 yr.


The Roc
Howard Forums

no price on full retail yet
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Nov 22, 2005, 7:55 AM

well this is kind of disappointing

looks like cingular is coming out with a newer version of the RAZR comparable to the one we are getting for Verizon, except it comes with a swappable memory stick?? Is that what Im getting out of this article?

Im upset the phone doesnt have a memory slot let alone come with a memory card... take a look:

http://news.com.com/Motorola+Razr+drums+to+iTunes+be ... »

on a good note, we should be getting this phone soon, and although its not exactly what we are all looking for, it should be really good 🙂

Nov 21, 2005, 9:09 PM

to buy Nokia products in person, not via internet.......

I want to have the phone, the charger, and the BlueTooth earbud all ready to test drive once I get the phone activated.

I note that there are no Nokia stores. Does this mean that if I want to talk to a real person and touch and see the product, I have to go to the Experience Center? And if not, I can order from a site?

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Nov 21, 2005, 5:11 PM


Hey, you people that are getting your new RAZR tomorrow. Just so you know, it's freaking AWESOME !!!!!! If I were you, I wouldn't even get any sleep tonight. It's THAT good 😁
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Nov 21, 2005, 7:32 PM

Alltel RAZR on the verizon network- CRAZY BEANS

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