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Not a good phone


Jun 29, 2007 by candogg

I have had this phone for about 3 months, and I am going to sell it on ebay (where i originally bought it).

I had the Envy, or whatever it was before the Envy. since that phone was too bulky, i decided to get one as slim as possible.

the reception with the LG VX8600 is extremely poor. i have verizon service and constantly had to borrow my friends' phones, who have verizon as well.

also if you like to text message, do not get this phone. the buttons are all flat, and if you are not looking at the numbers, you cannot tell them apart easily.

the phone does get marked with finger prints - which i dont mind since you just wipe it down with anything.

i just could not get bad how poorly the reception is.

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LG VX8600 Let down...


Mar 17, 2007 by jimmyjames1978

Two parter


Have the memory of my fiance's Verizon Razr, at 25megs internal memory my mp3's are limited.

After getting the phone home I realized the vibrate, then ring... was disabled on my phone! So its one or the other. Either vibe or ring... that sucks! Petty, but I liked that feature on my last phone.

Then, The usb port is unique to that phone so I have to buy a special plug whereas the razr uses a universal mini usb.

The menu was defaulted to a strange setup which made access to common features like the ringtone folder, the pictures folder, etc. very troublesome.

The phone doesnt allow you to send ringtones like my old audiovox 8910... To send a ringtone, I have to have first sent it to my phone via mms then forward the mms message. That means I have to keep the message in my inbox if I plan to share the ringtone later.

No infrared so if you didnt buy the proprietary usb cable, or a bluetooth dongle, you can't sync your phone.

The phone does get loud enough to hear quite well but I dont think I have a speakerphone... if there is one, I cant find it!

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I have been waiting!


Feb 22, 2007 by Luniz187og

I have always been with Verizon and I have always had LGs. I had the big black ghetto LG at first, then 6000, then 8100, now 8600. I have had it for two months and here is what I think:

-Slick as can be, everyone loves it, chick magnet
-MP3 player easy to use and pretty clear
-Use Bitpim for ringtones very easily
-Takes decent pictures with no lag
-Never freezes (not yet at least)
-Rarely drops calls
-Great battery life (don't charge till it dies)
-Micro SD (standard but still sweet)
-Stereo Bluetooth, if you use your MP3 player then def get one (I use Moto HT-820 headset)
-Read text on outside screen (best thing ever)
-Great screens w/ great contrasts (you will know what I mean if you see it)
-Touch sensor buttons on front well done, automatically keylocked and not too sensitive
-Lots of texting options (font size/color, backround color, etc)

-Keys take getting used to
-Fingerprint magnet
-No headphone jack built on phone (who cares)
-Cheesy standard ringtones
-All new cables from old LG models
-Can't use other phone features when listening to Mp3s like chocolate can
-I am overprotective of it cause its so sweet

I wish I could think of more cons because that is def that most helpful when shopping for a new phone but I honestly cant. This phone is awesome and worth buying but just to make sure you like it, check it out at the store.

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Great Phone Upon 1st Replacement


Jan 21, 2007 by Sheldonoz

I was excited to get this phone for free (plus tax) after a few years with my Samsung SCH-A670. It has a great design. I quickly paired the phone with my laptop via bluetooth, and using bitpim, I was adding my own customized ringtones, pictures, MP3s, to the phone, and downloading pictures I take for some of my appraisal jobs back onto my laptop, all FOR FREE. Hahahahah Verizon!

Alas, the only thing the phone was bad at was in call clarity and dropped calls. What is the point of all that other stuff if it can't hold a signal with a client. When I decided to return it, my friend had the same phone and his worked great, so I decided to replace it with another 8600, and I was rewarded with a phone that know has excellent reception and call clarity. My first phone appeared to be defective!

Pros: Beautiful Screens, sweet design, can create own MP3 ringtones using bitpim all wirelessly over Bluetooth, MP3 playback, decent camera, decent speaker, decent battery life, can read SMS on front screen without opening phone...

Cons: KEYPAD is way too flat makes it difficult to text/dial numbers. Fingerprint prone. I needed to exchange 1st defective phone for one that could hold a signal (new phone 100% better, and saved the phone from getting trashed here). No flash. Pointless speakerphone.

Hope that helps!

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Another great LG product!


Jan 19, 2007 by RacerX

Just bought the LG8600 on Saturday and so far, I love it! I had the LG8300 for the past year and was very comfortable with its features, great call quality and the loud speakerphone. So at first, I was apprehensive about switching up to the 8600, especially knowing about the various issues plaguing other flat clamshells (not naming the company, but you know which M it is).

But to my surprise, the 8600 feels very well-made and with the extended battery, the weight of the phone sits very evenly and securely in your hand when talking on the phone.

-Great call quality
-Loud earpiece (compared to the 8300, which I had to press against my ear in order to hear the person on the other end)
-Great speakersphone volume and clarity for the other end (not necessarily for you)
-Nice and Sleek (a definite conversation piece when your friends see it for the first time)
-Easy UI to navigate
-Easy to dial numbers/txt msg with one hand due to good phone weight/balance
-Decent camera, like with the 8300

-Yes, it's true...a fingerprint magnet
-Speakerphone volume is not very loud, depending on the call
-Music volume is not very good (8300 was much louder and clearer due to stereo)

Overall, this is a great phone in my opinion. I primarily rate my phones based on call quality, reception, and reliability. So far the 8600 meets all requirements!

One quirk -- and it could be good or bad -- is that you cannot engage the speakerphone until you are in your call, whether sending or receiving. With the 8300, you could hit the speakerphone button at any time, before or during a call. With the 8600, it's only during a call. Of course, this also prevents you from being loudly surprised when you answer the phone having forgotten that it was on speakerphone....

Another great product from LG. I have been an LG fan ever since the M brand stopped making the V60.

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Big thumbs up for the LG VX8600


Dec 24, 2006 by k9blitz

I kept trying to convince myself that my RAZR V3c was a great phone because it looked cool, but I couldn't keep living the lie.

I recently upgraded to this phone at the advice of a friend who works for Verizon Corporate. Great advice.


In hand comfort
The screen is huge and colorful
Keypad design ergonomic
Great sound/call quality
Great camera quality (for a cell phone)
Super thin
Works great with Jabra JX-10 Bluetooth
It's a great looking phone with features that actually work. As if LG took the time to design a sleek phone with the user in mind. (This is my first LG phone and I'm very impressed)



Not observed:

Don't use my phone for music.


RAZR fans will love this phone.

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About time....


Nov 19, 2006 by shooptek

About time LG got into the slim-form phones. I have had this for a week, and love it. I give each item either GREAT, AVERAGE, or POOR.

.:Displays:. GREAT
Internal is beautiful. I still wish it was QVGA though. External is big, sharp, bright and you can read text messages on it. MP3 player can be displayed on the front.

.:Battery:. GREAT
I text all day and talk for probably 2 hours, plus browsing the web. I have had no problems with about 2 bars left at the end of each day.

.:Build:. AVERAGE
This phone feels relatively solid in your hand; not enough to throw around but you dont feel as though you have to be overly ginger either.

.:Clarity:. GREAT
Voice quality is great on both ends, no garbling or robotics.

.:Reception:. GREAT
No dropped calls yet. Signal strength is just as good if not better than my 8100/8300.

.:Casing:. POOR
Fingerprints are the enemy. I'm not sure why manufacturers think it is a good idea to put this shiny surface that ends up looking like dog crap when you touch it.

.:KeyPad:. AVERAGE
Buttons are a little small and difficult to text and type on without looking. Good tactile feedback though (click on press and snap back).

.:BlueTooth:. GREAT
Great range, easy connectivity and OBEX is enabled. You can transfer objects from your phone to computer and vice versa, but phone to phone does not work, though it is still very convenient.

.:Camera:. AVERAGE
Not quite as good as the 8100, but still solid.

.:Speaker Phone:. AVERAGE
A bit quiet, but good enough when alone in a room. I dont use this much as I use bluetooth. Also can't use the speaker phone with the lid closed.

.:Speaker:. AVERAGE
No stereo speakers, but the one speaker is loud enough for ringtones and alerts.

I have not owned this phone that long, just coming up on a week now, but I am thrilled with the performance of this phone. So far it is the best phone VZW has had. This phone has everything you need in a small, compact form factor at a relatively low price.

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LG Does it again with the 8600


May 5, 2007 by lg8600

Well I have to say Lg has to be the leader in cell phones. I upgraded from my lg 8000 which let me tell you was hard. I loved that phone.

Pros. As far as the 8600 it is great phone all around. I purchased the 2 gb memory card from ebay for 25.00 and I can store about 1000 or more songs on it. I also purchased the aux cable and I can hook up to my car radio. As a phone it is great. Great sound. Also has external mp3 controls on the outside.

Con. The only gripe I have about this phone is it is prone to fingermarks on the phone but they are easily removed.

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This phone


May 26, 2008 by dvshrtn

OK so i have had this phone for 2 months now and i absolutely love it!! the only things i dont like about is, no flash,and keys are very sensitive.but other than that it is an awesome phone

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Very nice phone


May 14, 2008 by misnomer58

First time I saw this phone, it was a MUST HAVE! Even though I was only 4 months into my contract I was willing to pay listed price. Only problem was it had been discontinued. I was able to find a little used - in great condition from a third-party. It is worth every cent I paid. This is my third LG phone (1st VX4400, 2nd VX5400). I like the way LG phones fits comfortably in either hand which means texting is a breeze with either hand. After customizing my phone, it's damn near perfect. The only time I have ever had a dropped call was due to batter needing to be recharged.

On the other hand, there are a few "cosmetic" faux pas - besides the smudge factor - that come to mind.

1) The side controls are on the top part of the phone instead of the base, making one handed operation not possible.

2) No mark on home (#5) key, I thought that was a standard on keypads.

3) Large font setting applies to dialing only. All that screen for such small print.

4) Those funky port covers which LG insist on using. I feel like pulling those freakin things off! Those definitely need to be improved or discontinued. A slide-out/snap-shut shouldn't be that hard or costly to use.

With that being said, I am so happy I finally got one.

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