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LG VX-8600 / AX-8600


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Nice Phone


May 6, 2008 by LSU 07 NATL CHAMPS

I have had this phone for one month now and I enjoy it. The sound quality and reception are great. Has a good solid built feel to it. No more blue-toothing ring tones though, but you can receive them in a text message and save them to your phone and then apply them as a ring tone, no problem. Only a few minor things I can see that I wish were better: numbers on keypad could be a bit bigger, especially for people with big fingers, no auto-complete for words while texting. Hard to beat this phone for the price I paid. (free after rebate, with new contract of course)

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Mar 19, 2008 by melescity

This phone is great. I have never had any problems with it!! The battery last forever, the screen is great, the mp player works great, screen is great, very few drop calls, can hear great on it. I can't say enough good things about it, Just it is a great phone!!!! The lg brands are great phones out of all the brands out there!!!

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Good Phone


Feb 22, 2007 by mango54

I have had the 8600 for about a month now and it's growing on me. I went to it from an 8100 and there were some things that I missed but overall I'm pleased with the phone. I love the fact that you can save sounds you get from text and pix messages for ring tones!! I'm glad that LG has come out with a slim style phone...my 8100 was so bulky.

nice and slim
decent battery(WAY better than the 8100)
UI is better than the 8100
good reception

the camera
the speaker phone (pretty much useless)
ring tones aren't as clear as the 8100
text on a flat keypad takes getting used to

I'm happy with this phone and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cute slim phone..just be aware text freaks...it takes a little getting used to...

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Awesome phone.


Jan 13, 2007 by jmarquez03

I have had this phone for about a week now. So far I have not had any big issues with the phone. The pros out weigh the cons in the case of the LG-8600. I am going to say right of the bat the cons I will be listing are very minute. I don't feel they should stop anyone from purchasing this phone.


Finger prints.( Which are only bad in direct lighting).

Speaker phone is very quiet. ( Not bad if your in your car or a quiet room).

Camera is not much better than my Motorola v710 and its a 1.3 mega pixel camera. I have been told pictures are excellent when uploaded to a computer. When left on the phone their just average.

Volume, Camera and Voice recorder buttons are located on the flip portion of the phone. This makes turning up the volume a little difficult while in a conversation.

External buttons are not functional until music player is launched.( This means open the phone, go through your menus, launch the player, and then shut the phone).

This phone requires the most ridiculous headset adapter I have ever seen.( Phone is blue-tooth so no big deal).

I am not going to get into much detail with the pros because overall this is by far the best phone I have owned regardless
of the cons I listed. I listed the cons for those who are very picky when it comes to a handset. But even the most critical users will see they are not big issues at all.


Good call quality, this goes hand in hand with the excellent reception.

I love how you can change the themes on the phone.( No more being stuck with the horrible V-cast layout all verizons phone have now).

Phone is very sharp looking and fits perfect either in your pocket or attached to your hip in a pouch or holster.

External and internal screens are beautiful. They are very vibrant and clear.

Music player is very cool especially when using external keys. Although sound is not as loud as I would like, it is crystal clear.

Battery life is amazing even when using Internet and V-cast.

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Ergonomic Issues


Nov 28, 2006 by airos4

So I've had this phone for about a week now. It's nice, don't get me wrong. However, for your heavier users it's got some glaring flaws that are just annoying enough to make it go back.

Reception seems strong, although this is subjective.
Volume is good, sound is clear.
Screen is nice and bright.
VZ Navigator is great! Volume and tracking with this handset were dead on.
Camera is great!
MP3 player is functional - I don't like the new VZ user interface, but that's not this phone's fault.

The side buttons on the handset, used for volume, camera, and activating the voice commands are very difficult to hit one handed. You pretty much have to hold the handset in one hand and press the button with the other. Bad for driving.

The voice commands are not as easily used or accurate as the Hellomoto version from my E815.

The flat keys are murder for texting or even dialing. I can't tell you how many times I've missed the "1" or the "3" and hit "Send" or "End". Fortunately unlike my E815, the 8600 has an idiot box that pops up and says "Are you sure / do you want to save your message" but still, annoying as hell.

Same area, unless you set the keypad to "Always On" the backlighting goes off and the keys are invisible. They also don't light up for any changes midway through; so, for instance, if you are on a call and get a text message, the only way to get the keys to light up is to start fumbling for buttons that you can't feel and can't see. It's a problem.

I wanted to love this phone, I really did. More to the point, I did NOT want to join the Me Too Razor crowd. But this one while close just is unusable for me.

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This is a Super Nice LG Phone!!


May 8, 2007 by bubbly07

This phone has redeemed LG in my eyes! I wasn't a big fan before, but I really love this phone! I live near Raleigh, NC and just switched to Alltel. Alltel's phone selection is poor to say the least. I tried the LG AX355 and then the Motorola E815. Both failed the test. I don't get great reception here in my office and with the other two phones, reception was choppy at best. The 8600 has done fantastic! In fact, this phone gets great reception everywhere. I also didn't want a phone that was too small or too thin and I actually love the size of this one. It seems to fit perfectly in the hand. Here are the pros & cons:

Outstanding reception
Great call clarity (not choppy)
Beautiful phone (get the gold or green and you won't have the fingerprint problems)
Thin phone but very easy to handle
Great ear volume
Nice ring tones

Flat surface makes it easy to hit wrong key if not careful - not a deal breaker just annoying at times.

My daughter also has this phone and loves it!! I look for great reception and good call clarity. This phone has it! You won't be disappointed if you try it.

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Great phone!


Apr 1, 2007 by ilikefood

I've had this phone for a few months now and I absolutely LOVE IT! It's slim, cute, and very practical.

-great signal pretty much anywhere (I have verizon, so this is kind of expected).
-No annoying antenna so I can carry the phone around in my pocket--very convenient.
-when you miss phone calls or get texts, you can read then from the external screen (it may not seem like a huge deal, but it's fun to do :) ).
-decent camera
-great keypad (it may take some getting used to, but once you get it, it's very smooth).
-very clear screens
-good battery life
-great volume
this is all I can think of right now

-Speaker phone isn't very loud (I don't use speaker phone very often, so this isn't a problem for me).
-phone gets very fingerprinty

I don't use the mp3 capabilities (that's why I have an iPod), so I can't tell you anything about them.

Overall, I LOOOOVE this phone. It's pretty inexpensive and it's definitely worth it.

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Nov 25, 2007 by Marie1973

I was debating between the razor and this. I read alot of reviews on both and thought this one had the better reviews.

When I first got it the #8 key wouldn't register. That has since fixed itself. Now I am unable to take pictures and the phone shuts down and up by itself. People are unable to hear me.

I took it to Verizon and they told me that it was water damaged and they would not honor the warranty.

The phone looks great but is very hard to keep clean. The screen is large which is nice for texting. I would not buy another one.

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A Possible Best-Seller


Nov 15, 2006 by bkw79

I purchased this phone a little early from VZW customer service and received it on 11/10/06. From the time that I opened the box, this phone was definitely the best looking phone that I have ever seen for any carrier, with it's glossy black finish, with chromealong the outer part. The phone is as thin as the Razr, but with larger/more vibrant internal and external screens. The outer touch screen music player buttons also add a nice look. The phone has very easy to use/customer interface/menu's through a new flash theme that has no lag. My favorite of these themes is the ARCH. The Vx8600 also allows you to view your text and pix messages from the front screen, without having to open the flip. The phone feels very sturdy and well built, and feels great in my hand. I also have gotten great call clarity and reception here in Atlanta, on the Verizon Wireless network. Ringtones, and music play very loud and clear through the front speaker, and mp3 ringtones can be sent to the phone by emailing a pix message from your computer to the phone. The thing that I like most, is that this phone has File Transfer of unprotected files in Bluetooth. I have been able to connect my phone to my computer using bluetooth, and transfer pix, videos, and sounds to and from both my phone's memory, and the micro sd inside of my phone, to the computer, and vice versa.

I was trying to find something wrong, or something that can be improved upon for this phone, but there isn't much. One thing, is that the speakerphone should be a little louder, although it is ok. Second, I wish that this phone had the same music player interface as it's older brother, the Chocolate phone had, however, it is still very good. And third, it would have been nice to finally have a 2 megapixel or greater camera on this phone, but this one is sufficient.

All in all, this is easily the best phone that I have ever used so far, in looks, convenience and functionality. Two thumbs up for this one.

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Slim and shiny


May 16, 2007 by hectozz

I am extremely satisfied with this phone and the main contributors are:
-Amazing call quality and clarity
-Slim, slim, slim
-Sleek, smart looking piano like finish
-Beautiful display

Overall, I highly recommend this phone. It does attract fingerprint smudges though so you have to wipe it often but not a big deal really.

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