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Despite a few short comings it's a winner


Feb 14, 2007 by miel

This phone is a replacement to a Motorola E815 that shorted out on me, and although this phone frustrates me because I have to learn how to work Verizon's U.I. which the E815 did not have, I am impressed with its peformance. There are cons but they don't affect me personally so I can live with them.

+Sound quality is as good as I've found on other high end phones.
+Looks, the phone is sleek, thin, and has a mirrored finish that looks grand as long as you have a clear cover over it.
+Keys are large enough to prevent average to large size fingers from multiple keying at once.
+Large enough to conform to the size of a human head. (As opposed to so small you feel like your ear is too far from your mouth.)

Cons: The speaker for voice/ringtone recording and music or voice playback is even below sub-par.

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Love At First Sight


Feb 11, 2007 by nachooo

I work for the wireless industry and upgraded from an LG VX8100 to the 8600. It caught my eye and I knew it was love at first sight. I haven't found anything wrong with it besides just with have my fingerprints all over it. I know other people are complaining about the speakerphone, but I haven't found anything wrong with it. This is the best phone I have bought so far. I would recommend it unless you don't like cleaning your phone a lot.

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I love my VX8600


Dec 28, 2006 by shesHOLLYWOOD

I've only had this phone for a week and I can not stop playing with it.

The call quality is really good. I haven't had any "I can barely hear you" from anyone I've called. The speaker phone is lacking, though. It's entirely too quiet.

The phone rings loud as all hell which is great. The vibrating alert on the phone isn't a ratcheted vibration like on my old phones. It'll catch your attention without scaring the crap out of you. Plus I like that you can set vibe alerts for text messages without turning off the ringer.

I love that I can check new messages, take pictures, check missed calls and start the mp3 player all without even opening the phone. The internal screen is really vibrant, clear and BIG. The external screen is great too. It's very sharp and colors really pop.

The phone isn't too heavy, either. It feels good in my hand. The fingerprints aren't a big deal. Get over it, folks.

The flat keypad is a bit weird. There is almost no tactility so dialing without looking can lead to mistakes. I'm getting used to it, though.

Although, I couldn't tell you just what EV-DO means or does, I do know that I download music and applications from VCAST in a snap.


* Great look and feel.
* Sounds good to me
* Good battery life
* Both screens are vibrant and big.
* The touch sensitive buttons are just too cool.
* Attractive menu interface
* Checking messages from the front of the phone. Ah...so neat.
* I haven't had trouble with the MP3 player yet. Works fine, but it's definitely a very basic player. Don't expect custom equalizer settings or anything like that.
* EV-DO is fast as hell!

* flat keypad
* weak speaker phone
* no custom ring for ID/restricted/unavailable like on older LGs.


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as good as the Samsung a930... almost


Dec 22, 2006 by iwasthetas

I have had this phone for some time and am VERY impressed with it. I paid full retail and feel it was worth it.
the overall of the phone is awesome, the screens, call quality, battery life, outside display that is much more than a clock and picture frame and can be seen in bright sunlight.
the a930 surpasses it in the speakerphone( everything about the speakerphone on the dark chocolate sucks imo ,not just the volume), button feel, bluetooth range,ability to see what time it is without opening the phone or pressing any buttons,overall build quality, camera is WAY better.
BUT the 8600 is as good or better in reception, call quality on both ends, battery life, signal reception for 1x and EVDO. Ive yet to drop a call on either phone and I live in a weak signal area.
where the 8600 outshines the a930 is in screen size with awesome quality, better bluetooth earpiece volume, stereo bluetooth with at least a 30 meter(not feet) range on my Jabra bt620s, faster vcast load and looks and you ca add words to the T9 database. my a930 is a phone Darth Vader would want and my Dark Chocolate is the one the emporer would own.
pros. picture,sound features.features
cons. bluetooth earpiece range is 10 meters TOPS although the a2dp is 30+ meters, had to get a second handset the same day because the first one was a dud, hinge feels loose when closed.
if you want a phone for music as well as excellent call quality without using a speakerphone and an ok camera that is nice to look at and will make your friends drool at its features as well give this one a go.it blows away anything else Verizon has right now except( IMO) the a930, for looks, call quality, reception, features and battery life. you can even get rid of the red bars at the top and bottom of the screen that so many people hate

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Best Phone I've Had Ever!


Dec 19, 2006 by MAKADA97

I've had the 8600 for about a week now and can honestly say that I love it! It replaces my Razr which to say the least was pretty bad. I work and live in an area with spotty cell phone reception and found myself missing numerous calls each week. My Razr could never hold a call at my office unless I ran out into the parking lot before it was lost. With the LG 8600 I have had several 10+ minute calls right from my desk and have not lost a call yet. I have also been able to download video with no problem right at my desk.

Great slim size
Beautiful inside and outside screens
Battery life
Comfortable to hold

Flat keypad - hard to dial by feel-but now that I have all my #'s saved I will hardly ever need to dial-voice command works great!
Finger prints

I recommend the Verizon Universal Side Pouch holder. It fits this phone perfectly and helps protect it from scratches, finger prints, dropping etc. I have broken way too many plastic clip holders to count. This one seems much more durable.

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An excellent phone..


Dec 16, 2006 by Andym0107

After purchasing this phone, I have to say that I'm very impressed. I came from the regular chocolate phone and this sister phone is definitely a better phone overall. The music on this phone seems a bit louder and more clear when on the highest volume setting, which was something that surprised me considering the chocolate's main attraction is it's music capabilities.

The overall look and feel to the phone is very solid. The external part of the phone is the black, glossy type material, which is prone fingerprints and what not. The outer screen is big and clear, which you can also read your incoming texts on. There are actually three touch sensitive buttons on the external part of the phone, which is used for music. I find no problem with these buttons, but others might. As far as the the side buttons go, there's one for voice commands, camera, and the volume. These buttons might take time getting used to, since they're small and all, but once you're used to them they feel well placed on the phone

The inside screen on this phone is big and vibrant. All the buttons on the inside are flat to the surface, somewhat like the razor but with a much better feel to them.

Texting on the phone gets extremely easy after a few minutes of practice. I've never been able to text this fast on a phone ever.

Call quality on this phone is extremely good, best call quality on a phone that I've "heard".

Overall I would recommend this phone to anyone. It's just a very solid phone with a great look to it.

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8600 vs. 8700... 8600 wins!


May 24, 2007 by NY8100GUYS

The 8600 is a gorgeous phone.. black "ebony" like a Steinway grand piano!

First, I tried the 8700.. the screen was the best, but the keypad felt "tinny" to me and looked like the Razr. Also, I didn't like the vertical front screen.. it's useless! The lower edge of the phone was fat, ugly, and annoying. The stainless steel was nice at first, but I grew tired of the "brushed" look quickly. BTW, it picks up as many fingerprint smudges, maybe MORE, than the 8600! The sound quality was very good, but not excellent like the 8600.

I had a hard time hearing while outside with the 8700. When I got the 8600, I tested it in the same outside area where there is a lot of ambient noise.. and I could hear perfectly!!

Now, to the point.. the 8600 is a sleek telephone that functions PERFECTLY as a telephone. While it's not made of "stainless steel" like the 8700, it is nevertheless quite sturdy, and in my opinion, more attractive and cleaner-looking than the 8700.

I added the leather case to the 8600 which gives the phone a bit more bulk and feels great in the hand. With the case, it's absolutely the perfect size for handling.. and less likely to drop.

The leather case for the 8700 fit poorly, and because of the fat lower edge (which I believe is where the intenna is housed), the case had nowhere to grip and kept coming off.. very lousy and annoying!

Since I'm not into all the gizmos of the phone, I can only say that the 8600 is a GREAT telephone with great sound, beautifully designed, BT works well with the car BT system. I feel it's the best flip phone Verizon is offering right now.

All in all, I rate it the highest (5.0), and I would rate the 8700 at around 4.0.

If you are considering either of these two phones, I highly recommend the 8600 over the 8700.. and you'll save a few bucks also! Get it while they are still available!!

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Great looks... if you don't touch it.


Feb 2, 2007 by kurzy12

The LG 8600 is a great phone overall. I work in the wireless industry so I see alot of phones.

The speaker is useless, and may be a hair louder than not even turning it on. The biggest downfall is that the "shiny sleek" casing is a fingerprint nightmare. One touch and there goes sleek and sexy. You will find yourself constantly rubbing the outside.

Pros: Great looks, awesome mp3 player, unique design, great voice commands and bluetooth, clear screen, and great reception.

Cons: Worthless speaker, only one level of vibrate, smearing.

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Gotta Luv LG!!!!!!!!!


Dec 16, 2006 by fitch

Ok well i read just about all your reviews and i'm really glad most people feel the same about this phone...Sophisticated & Classy with a hint of attitude...to coin a phrase once used by Pontiac it's "Luxury with an attitude" perfect discription.

I waited until i knew i was passed my 15 days and i returned the KRZR(garbage) and i played enough with the LG to post this but i'll make it short.

Pros: EVERYTHING!!!!!, battery especially good for its size.



Best Phone Verizon Offers At The Moment!!!

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Love it......when it works


Oct 10, 2007 by mess729

I have had many different phones, I upgraded to this phone from a vx-8300 in December 2006. I had that one for a few months, by April it started to shut off randomly all of the time, as did the vx8300 I had upgraded from.

Went to the Verizon store, and got it replaced no questions asked. Had that one for about a day, and realized that even though it was supposedly brand new, the side buttons did not work at ALL.

Went back and exchanged that one later in the week. I had that one from April till middle of September 2007.

The one that I have had since September 2007 likes to turn it's self off when I am running any type of get it now Application. I am scared to get a new one......

On the plus side, it has excellent reception, decent battery, I can text very fast on it, and it its very attractive. I don't know if I will be better off with another one.

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