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LG enV VX-9900


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Very Nice phone!


Jul 20, 2007 by db1561

I have owned over 20 cell phones in the last 7-years..and I can honestly say I enjoy this phone more than any other that I have owned.


1.) solid construction
2.) first and foremost it is a phone! and a dam fine one at that..Clear and crisp call quality.
3.) 2-megapixel camera is very nice by far the best I have seen to date.
4.) Full keyboard for texting is a little awkward at first but even I mastered it after only a day or so.
5.)I was able to de-verizon it with help from www.howardforums.com They can give you step by step instructions.
6.) inner screen is very clear and sharp.
7.) lens cover is a very nice feature.
8.) It also has a 2.5mm headphone jack which is better that the goofy jack style that the chocolate has.
9.) Mp3 player is above par.
10.) expandable memory using microSD is very nice!!


1.) Battery life is not as good as advertised
2.)speaker phone only works when phone is open? kinda dumb but since I don't ever use the speaker phone its no biggee
3.)when phone is open volume control is hard to get to!
4.) Stupid e-mail button!! it only is usable when you pay verizon $20.00 a month to access you personal e-mail account.

All in all the pros far out weigh the cons and I would recommend this phone to anybody that likes to text or just goof around with allot of features. And make sure to purchase a car charger if you plan on using the navigation feature it drains the battery very fast!!

The BEST of the BEST


May 24, 2007 by fantomiu

Go get this phone and you won't regret it. It's going to be hard to get moving on another phone after this one really...

Displays are sharp and beautiful
Speakerphone is nice and loud
Obviously the QWERTY keyboard...oh, so nice!!
Camera with auto focus
VZ navigator is easy to use (and saves me gas!!)
Nice feel and weight
and so much more...

It can't do laundry yet...

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Such an EnVious phone!!!


Apr 1, 2007 by carfanatic2

I owned the LG 9800 for about a year. I loved the phone for the keyboard as everyone else did. I never really had any problems with it and yes, even though the size was big and heavy, I didn't mind it too much. My inner screen crapped out on me a few days ago and i basically swapped it out for the EnV. I've owned the EnV for about 2 days and so far, it's been great! Even though the outside screen is a bit small, it 's fine for me because how big of a screen do you really need on the outside? I can see everything perfectly well. The inner screen is amazing! Camera quality from the 2 megapixel camera is awesome and so is the autofocus.I can tell that ringers on the EnV are also louder which I love because with the 9800, even in my dorm room, i had to keep the ringer volume on medium all the time. Now, I'm starting to keep it on medium low. The Voice Commands work awesome when someone calls or texts me. Here are the pros:
-Amazing 2 megapixel camera w/ autofocus
-loud ringtones
-nice speakerphone
-much slimmer and lighter than the 9800
-Awesome and more intuitive UI. Not the -standard Verizon Red which was boring me a bit
-on the front display, the clear button is now on the bottom not on the left side above the send button so I can't accidentaly send out a text and then have to cancel it and start all over
-the outside send and end buttons are bigger and easier to locate
-Brilliant and vibrant screens
-Nice, spacious keyboard layout w/ spacebar buttons on both sides (takes a little getting used to but is nice)
-Nice looking and sounding speakers.
Ability to put custom, free ringers on the phone w/o having to pay for them anymore
-The Communicator UI looks very smiliar to that of a PDA
-Nice PDA like features w/o having a lot of the other stuff.
-More Bluetooth profiles supported such as stereo bluetooth
-Finally a lens cover so that i don't have to worry about dirt getting on lens
-cover for charging port

So far, no cons to think of. This is a very nice and well built phone.

Another Gem From LG!


Mar 31, 2007 by RFPUNCHFAN

i just upgraded from the lg vx8000 (which i absolutely loved and didn't want to get rid of) to the EnV. This phone is everything i wanted and even more. This is by far the best phone to date from LG.

Battery Life - went 3 days without charging after texting, making calls and listening to hours of music playback.

Camera - 2.0 MP is great

Video - the increased resolution is a plus and being able to take an hour rather than 15 seconds of video is amazing

Displays - although the display on the front is a little small the displays on this phone are great, very clear and easy to read and the inner screen is rather large and couldn't be clearer

Keyboard - the keys are fit for someone with large hands, nicely layed/spaced out

Speaker Phone - clear and loud

there are just too many pros to list but these are the ones that lead the way...now for the few cons


Size - I'm used to having a flip phone so this is a little larger than I'm used to but not that big a deal because you do get the keyboard

Front screen - a little on the small side but for the most part you use the inside screen for anything that may be important

i would recommend this phone to anyone that is looking into it...its feature packed easy to use and just overall a great phone!

After the Fifth one I have changed to WOW


Mar 31, 2007 by phidelt20

First, I give it a 4.5 because I have had to go through 5 of these phones to get one with out a defect. Guess I was the unlucky one. But the fifth phone seems to be working well. The first one froze and went black, second, rebooted itself third one had defective craftsmanship, and the fourth rebooted in two separate phone calls in five minutes. Well please don't let that scare you. I was just unlucky. This phone is wicked.

I love this phone!. I would not get to the vx 8600 because this one has the 2.0 camera and the qwerty keyboard. Though I hear the reception on the 8600 is slightly better. The reception on this one is fine. I can make a call most of the time with the 1x and no bars. and with one bar it is crystal clear. I have a few people that text me, so that feature (keyboard) is a must.


1. The Keyboard and camera. Crisp pictures even at VGA This camera does go up to 2.0 mega pix

2. Bluetooth features. Most people did not mention this. It has the ability to be used with the brand new features of remote control wireless stereo headphones. In other words, the headphones can control your music and you do not have to touch the phone according to the LG website. I will soon find this out with my new Jabra BT8010 bluetooth stereo headset. I will update you.

3. MP3 player,
4. Loudness of the earpiece, you can hear who your talking to at loud parties.
5. Up to 2 gig mem card.
6. VZ navigator. crisp inside screen and you can see all your turns clearly. The navigator is the best value at $2.99 per use on this phone.
7. IM so easy with the keyboard.
8. Extended battery available. I have it and it lasts over 4 days with use of bluetooth. Standard battery lasts 2 - 2.5 days with bluetooth use. usually 2-3 hours of blue use while talking.


1. Small outside screen
2. Flash on camera is not very brite. good for one foot or two.
3. Buy a smart phone to do internet

Over all:
This phone will be the Envy of your friends

Love it!


Jan 11, 2007 by jetaudio77

I work for an indirect agent that sells only Verizon Wireless cellphones and plans. At first I was planning on getting the LGVX 9800 until I heard this phone was coming out.
It was worth the wait and was an early Christmas present at work. Ever since I've had this phone I have been loving it.

Battery Life is incredible.
Surprisingly thin
2.0 Megapixel is incredible
Keyboard makes texting so much easier
Games and videos look great on this phone

It is the pound for pound best phone Ever!!!


Dec 23, 2006 by 7thquedog

All I can say is that I work in the wireless industry and see phones every day. This is the best phone I have had to date. And I had the 9800 1st. Here is the quick run down pros and cons.

Very Light no suppperrr light!
2.0mp camera better than samsungs 3.2mp
1hour of video. WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Email on the go.
Auto Focus.
Great MP3 player.
Great intro price 200 for new users or upgrades.
Stero Bluetooth sound matches the LG hbs 110
which is a great buy for music heads.
And last but not least the battery is 10 times better than any other phone in its class. This battery last all day long even with music and videos being played.
Yes you can down load DVD movies on your phone with 3gp transfer.
Signal never drops calls
And the winner and Biggie is that it has made me put my IPOD down. Music and movies and contacts and email with out having a pda bulk. All I can says is Lifes GooD :)

Email like Pda and it would be perfect.
If you are look for a complete package phone get this phone now you will not be let down.

best phone i've ever had.... surprisingly


Dec 22, 2006 by geminices

let me just start out by saying, that i have never given a phone a 5 star rating.

the pros on this handset outweigh the cons by tenfold.

the only cons i've had about it, are that there is no closed phone speakerphone.

for a verizon phone, the battery is incredible, the camera is absoultely amazing, the speakers are loud, clear and perfect.

the internet is blazingly fast for a phone, with vcast, and to top it all off, it's thin, and has a full qwerty keyboard.

lg could not have made a better handset.

go verizon!

Highly Recommended!!


Dec 21, 2006 by wwhizzard

The fact that I also owned and enjoyed using the 9800 truly gives me clarity on how much better this model is. When I pick up my 9800 I think to myself..., how did you deal with this phone?" Self then answers... the time it was the only option for me!" The 9900 feels good to have in ones hands. The camera is awesome. Although the AF does cause the picture taking process to be a little bit longer it is worth the wait to be able to truly have "printable" pictures. Yes the phone is a little on the wide side and is still somewhat heavy (compared to other non-smartphones)but the speaker quality, improved keyboard, improved use of menu functions from the front screen, spectactular main screen, stereo BT, overall better BT functionality, Improved UI, the ability to hear VZNav through BT, charger port cover, lens cover, and its ability to work as a plain ole phones makes this the ultimate for my needs.

Listed above...unless you really want me to start from scratch.

Wider than the 9800
Outer screen is a tad smaller
Lengthier picture taking time
Lens cover rattles when phone on vibrate
Inability to personalize contact alerts (text, pix and flix)

Best phone I have ever owned...a must have if you are a high text user, would like to print pics taken with phone, and are a VZW user.



Dec 11, 2006 by CELLSAP

Totally awesome phone! All around pretty much perfect! If you are hesitant to get this phone at all, forget it and go buy it! You will be happy! I am a new phone fanatic and I am very pleased!


Battery life is great!
Speaker is loud!
Sound Quality, Ear-piece Volume Great!
Inside screen is amazing!
Very solid all around quality!
Keypad is perfect and easy to use and fun!
Reception kills previous phones I've had!
VZ Navigator is the bomb!
Mobile Web is very convenient and fun!
I keep finding more & more cool features!
Camera quality best I've seen on a cell!
Inside screen more clear than my 5mp cam!
Videos look awesome! 60 min record time!
Phone reads your text messages to you!
Games look real good and sharp!
Games fun to play with flip open, very fun!
Fits in a pocket perfectly! Not too big!
Calendar, Calculator, Tip Calc all cool!
Typing, Texting, Pixing All Very Fun!
Very Speedy Interface, OS and Menus!

As far as cons go I could not think of many but I guess if I have to add the few I know of I will:

Hopefully bigger exterior screen on next version!
Able to use speaker-phone with flip closed on next version!

Overall, this is an excellent all around phone especially if you like to text and take good pics/vids! You will not be disappointed with this phone! After having mine for 5 minutes I was officially hooked! A good way to describe the 9900 is simply "A Very Fun Phone To Have"

Peace Out!

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