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LG enV VX-9900


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Had a 9800 and wanna know the new scoop?


Dec 6, 2006 by tjbruin

Here's the real story on the enV:

I just went to the store to get my 2nd one in a week. The R and SPACE buttons were not responsive and led to many messed up emails/texts. Hopefully it was that ONE, not ALL.

The new space bar is split and they shouldn't have made it smaller. The CLEAR button is also smaller and moved a bit, takes some getting used to. The speakerphone button seems useless, I doubt I'll use the phone regularly while open. It would be nice to have a closed-phone speakerphone but I got used to the 98 being this way. No biggie in time.

You cannot change the keyguard timer from the main screen, do it from the front. There are some other options only available from the front as well. Explore the menus.

An alarm or calendar appt will show up as a whole line on both screens, slightly ugly/in the way.

The plug was changed because the housings were getting ripped out of the 9800s, costing everyone $50. Actually happened to me, I'll buy a new car charger.

The camera is great. 2.0 MP is NOT the best one on the market, btw. Vzn puts out a Samsung that is 3.2MP. This one will suit you just fine and will take video for an hour. The autofocus is a great idea but makes the pictures lag a lot longer than the 9800. The shutter on the camera is GREAT because I could never keep my 98's lens clean.

There are two rubberish "panels" on each side of the main screen. DO NOT SCRATCH THEM, it will show.

Haven't used microSD, I'm sure it will work fine if that's your thing.

The games actually appear to have better graphics than the previous phone and although they say the main screen is smaller I couldn't tell.

If you are typing a text and receive a call and close the phone to answer the call, your text will not get put into drafts. I thought this was annoying on the 98, turns out it was quite useful.

Overall this phone has a few quirks but it improved on the worst part of the 9800, the size. Sound/Reception are AMAZING... GREAT PHONE OVERALL.

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Dec 4, 2006 by Mary424

I have had EVERY high-end phone Verizon offers so, of course, I had to get this one too. Figured I wouldn't like it because of the size, but wanted to try it anyways, knowing I could return it within 15 days. Well, I'm keeping it! This thing is nice! Yeah, it is bigger than a regular flip-phone, but the quality and usefulness of it makes it well worth it.

Looks amazing-great style.
Very solid build.
Great UI.
Sound is clear.
Camera works great.
LG makes a horizontal pouch that keeps it slim and fits close to the body when clipped on your belt. Doesn't feel big or bulky at all!

None that I can think of yet.

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May 24, 2007 by Verizon81

I do not typically take the time to review a phone but with the EnV I just had to.

Inside Screen
Battery Life
Call quality,
Volume of ringers and ear piece
Internal Memory
Expansion Slot
Build Quality

Outer Screen could have higher resolution
Wish it was even thinner

This phone is amazing...it has everything and more. Do not hesitate to recommend this phone. I am rough with my phones and demand more than most from them. This will not let you down...enjoy!

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Gr8t Phone!


Jul 29, 2007 by iRawesome

I work for an indirect so I know phones inside and out; this is a fantastic piece of technology.

-Great sound quality from the dual stereo speakers
-QWERTY keyboard makes texting a breeze
-2mp camera takes nice, crisp pictures and videos
-Bright LCD color displays
-All the of a smartphone at more than half the price
-Much slimmer than the 9800
-Micro SD slot holding up to 2 gigs of memory

-The inside display could have made better use of the space between the speakers
-While slimmer and sleeker than the 9800, it's still a little bulky.

Overall, this is a fantastic phone. I would definitely recommend it to anyone signed with Verizon.

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Great Phone!


May 27, 2007 by golferjl

First of all, compliments to the Phonescoop web site. It has been an outstanding source of information in helping me decide which phone to get. This phone the LG 9900
is with out a doubt the best cell phone I have ever had and I have owned cell phones since those old phones in a bag with the outside antenna. The features I wanted are all on this phone from the 2 megapixal camera, the stereo speakers, the brite clear screen, the keyboard that even these stubby fingers can type with and most of all I wanted the VZ Navigator. I am traveling to a part of the country I have never been and if rent a GPS from the car rental people it's at least 10 bucks a day. Venison is 10 bucks for a whole month.
And I did not even mention the battery life. I have had the phone 5 days and have yet to recharge the battery. Finally I have been with Verizon when it was Celluar One.
They could give me free service from another company and I still would not switch away from Verizon. Their coverage is outstanding and most of all when you call them for info or a problem their people care about you the customer.
As far as the phone goes it just does not get any better than this one. I have absolutely no negative comments about the LG VX 9900. None whatsoever.

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If everybody on verizon had this phone...


Jan 19, 2007 by soldier_monkey

there would be no complaints about their service. Thats how good this phone is. Before THE enV i was using the 8100, a work horse phone, and it feels like day and night going from that phone to the enV.

-Awesome call quality!
-Reception is better than my old 8100, was getting evdo 15 miles out from the city
-evdo is fast, downloading apps is fast
-Bluetooth is great, much better than my 8100
-2.0 mp camera
-lens cover and charger cover
-auto focus makes pictures look so much better, i don't mind the 1 second delay because the pictures look stunning
-higher resolution for video plus you can record an hour of video
-qwerty keyboard is very nice
-size and weight of the enV is nice. feels good/solid in your hand when you talk on it
-two beautiful screens
-long battery life
-music mode is nice when you don't want any interruptions
-speakers are loud
-call and ear piece volume is loud as well, i have to turn it down when i talk cause I'm too loud and they are as well
-being able to force phone to go the extended when needed
-videos and movies look great on inside screen
-free ring tones, couldn't do that on my 8100
-people will be jealous

-cant send 2mp resolution pictures

Ive played with the 8300, 8500, 8600, 9800, sammy 930, 950,970 and all the razrs. All i thought were still not as good as the 8100. The enV trumps all these phones. even if your not a big texting person i would still highly recommend this phone for its overall quality, i promise you that you will not be disappointed.

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Simply impressed with my enV


May 25, 2007 by hillbillb

I am very impressed with my new enV. This phone has it all for me!
The best of the best with this phone is the Texting. It's so easy and convenient with the full size keyboard ... and the best part is that the phone is still pretty light. How can you beat that!

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Love EnV!!


Apr 20, 2007 by cellphonelove

This is the phone for you if you are a text messaging fanatic!!! Not to mention other great features like the upgraded 2.0 megapixel camera & camcorder with autofocus and lens cover and the Vcast Music and Video...

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GREAT phone (with a couple of wishes)


Jan 29, 2007 by rotobadger

My wife has the LG 9800 and I liked that enough to buy the Env a week ago. So far I am VERY happy. The battery life (which was very important to me) has been fantastic. I am now on my third day with no charging and am at 2 bars. I have been playing games, texting, talking, listening to music, looking at pictures and goofing with the web browser. So far GREAT battery life!
I agonized over whether to get a PDA phone (Blackberry, Treo, etc.) but decided I wanted something more compact and with better battery life. I feel like the phone is lacking in a few places however. Here are my wishes for the Env:

Better web browser...sorry but WAP stinks.

Larger screen. Why didn't they use all the real estate available for more screen? Cost? Power consumption?

EMAIL CLIENT! Really wish they would add this!

Better video control. If I am watching a 1 hour video and have to leave off and come back later to, say, the 30 minute mark, it takes forEVER to fast forward to that point. Please add a better "seek" function.

The ability to view attachments to emails (Word, Excel, etc.) This is not a big deal for me but if I'm wishing anyway...

So here are my pros:

Great battery life

Good sound quality

Ability to watch video and listen to MP3

Compact design (does a lot for it's size)

Very good camera
QWERTY keyboard (of course)

Reception (so far) seems good

Fantastic external speakers for speaker phone and music

Here are my cons (other than mentioned above):

Screen a little hard to see in sunlight (I did not have this problem with my Motorola V710)

Web browser seems slow also...I thought EVDO was supposed to be lightning fast

No picture rotate option

No "function" key for shortcuts

That's about it. All in all this is a fantastic cell phone that does just about everything. If you do not need all the PDA functions of a Treo or such but want the bells and whistles...this is a great phone.

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Dec 12, 2006 by lancealot43232

1.) Screens(2)
2.) MP3 player
3.) Speakerphone
4.) 2 megapixel camera and flash
5.) Style and form
6.) QWERTY keyboard
7.) 2 year contract price
8.) Battery life
9.) Countless others...

1.)Low initial availability of carrying cases
2.)Clamshell flip hindge is a little awkward compared to old version
3.) The rest are just nit-picking...

1.) This phone is EXCELLENT, not perfect, but I still recommend it to anyone...period.

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