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LG VX-8500 Chocolate


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Chocolate spells nightmare!


Aug 18, 2008 by smashme101

This phone was sweet on the outside but had a bitter taste inside.

I had to get it replaced beacuse it wouldnt send flix messages.

The new one still sucks

Cute looking
Mp3 software is surprisingly good
Free backgrounds are ok

Battery life-This not only drains fast it makes the phone super hot!
Camera pictures suck!
Charging does take forever
Random messages saying "Insert valid battery" appear once a month
Touch is wayyy to sencitive. Push one thing and it flys into diffrent things
Vibrate is a huge joke. Was i punked?
Software is B.S
Smuges easy!!!
Keybad is cramped
Vcast does not work! Thats a huge problem for me. I use Vcast alot!
Get it Now doesnt work! It turns off the phone.
Texting stinks!

Overall do not get this phone! Please dont!

i love it but there are some kinks to it


Dec 18, 2007 by booderbear87

i just got this phn choc 8500 red the day after thanksgiving and got it put on cricket it was cool at first the touch screen and the syncing of all the music and i really like the texting and it knows what ur trying to text BUT NOW it takes a whole hr for the usb cable to connect with the computer when i'm texting it pushes different letters you can't use your synced music as ringtones when i'm on the phn and i get another call i click back over i keep saying hello and then i realize that my phn is on mute because my cheek pressed it when the touch screen is on high sensitive it does everything like calling ppl going to different screens and if its on low it won't do anything and someone on here put that there was no vibrate plus ring yes there is when you go to setting and set it to vibrate

clear pics
texting dictionary

buttons are too sensitive
can't use syncs as ringtones
music could be louder
speaker could be louder

What a nightmare!


Dec 11, 2007 by kylehiggins1

I had this phone for about a year and it was quite a hassle. Major software issues led to people being called costantly from my pocket. The phone would also send a text when I was in the middle of typeing it, leading to a lot of confused friends. Drunk texting is not as fun when you are stone cold sober! haha. the touch pad left someting to be desired as it never quite did what you wanted it to do. The sound quality was also surprisingly poor, which I don't know weither it was a verison thing or just the phone. This ohone was very upsetting and expensive to boot, it is no wonder verizon quickly pushed out the chocolate two.

cool looking
concept was good
speakers were good for music

execution of concept was poor
Sound quality god awful
major software flaws
major touch pad glitches
sends text midway through

Worst Phone I've Ever Had


Dec 10, 2007 by southernbelle29

i'm not one to normally complain about things like phones when there are so many other real problems in the world, but my dislike of this phone cannot go unsaid. the list is long, but please take my word for this. the touch sensitive key pad sounds great, until you're actually on the phone and your earlobe hits the pad and your have a vibrating buzzing sensation on your ear in the middle of a call and a menu asking if you want to erase all your contacts, making you back out of the menus while still on a call. i had the phone for three months and a day didn't go by that this didn't happen at least once. also the speakerphone button is extremely awkward while on a call. you have to unlock the keys with a strange sliding button on the side of the phone, then touch the lit up spk button in the few seconds that it is lit up. very awkward. on top of that the voice command is unreliable, often not recognizing names, but then working fine with the same name at another time. the keys are tiny making texting difficult, but this is the least of it's problems. the charger connection port is awkward and difficult to plug in. and the phone battery dies quickly when listening to music. the ringer is difficult to hear if it's in a purse or pocket. the only plus points for this phone is that it's good looking, the slider is comfortable, and the display is good looking. i'm no phone junkie, and i'm pretty easy to please. but even after i couldn't return this phone, i still elected to spend the extra money to replace it with something that doesn't make me want to throw it out a window. there are really good reasons this phone has been discontinued. learn from my mistake. keep shopping.

i hate this phone!


Dec 10, 2007 by chocolatehater

I have had this phone since the day it came out. it died within hours! i even tried getting a bigger battery it didn't work! they sent me a new one and it worked fine. The touch sensitivity is cool at first but after awhile it gets annoying. i want to get a new phone but verizon is making me wait till April! ive had this phone for a year and 4 months and I'm sick of it. it recently broke the call button so i had to get yet another new one which is quite annoying. luckily they were able to transfer all my contacts.

-the music player is quite good

-to much sensitivy
-camera quality stinks
-breaks easily

LG chocolate can be inproved


Dec 2, 2007 by gottabsomethingmore

i had the chocolate when i first regestered 4 verizon. i had it for about eleven months. seems like a long time i'm sure your thinking, but i went through three chocolates!! this was kind of a pain, i lost many numbers to people i will not see 4 a long time and many priceless photo's, not to mention ringtones and games. i belive there are a few good features to the chocolate but also a few flaws. i personally would not recomend this phone to anyone. especially if you text a lot or plan on using it 4 more than talking on once in a while (if your only gonna talk on hte phone once in a while u might as well buy a diffrent cheeper phone). i bought the chocolate when it was $200 with a 2 year sign up contract and am very disapointed.


1. looks fabulous in all colors
2. great music settings (plays even when texting)
3. great graphics
4. nice volume
5. pretty good camera
7. pretty good battery (no complaints)


(i'm going to be as nice as possible)
1. freezes a lot
2. text messages wont send
3. fingerprint magnet
4. sometimes hard to navigate
5. music menu hard to get through
6. my phone would call people when it was in my pocket
7. it sent my text messages two or three times
8. charger can sometimes be hard to plug in
9. the SD and charging port i often got confused (the SD port is hard to close again)
10. keypad is small
11. software not as nice as they could have been made
12. they released the chocolates before all ther flaws were gone

these are a few of my complaints it would take to long to list all the problems i had i recommend you don't purchase this
the only person i know who hasn't had problems with there chocolate is my mom and all she does is talk on it every once in a whil. i have 18 friends who have had problems with there phones 15 resulting in one or more chocolate replacements and 6 resulting in a diffrent phone replacement (this only happens if u request it after you have gone through three phones under your waranty)

Leave making Chocolate to Hershey!


Nov 29, 2007 by jabez825

I purchased my chocolate in March 2007.

First the Pros:
Great stereo sound. That's about it.

First of all, the phone freezes A LOT. I found that if I pass any area that does not have phone reception, the music would stop automatically. Doesn't make sense. Second, the buttons are extremely sensitive. Every time I would take out my phone from the holster, I found that it was about to go onto the mobile web. Third, this phone is not for individuals for large hands. Texting can lead to potential carpo-tunnel. LOL. Fourth, battery life is horrible.

Lessons Learned: In the future, I will never buy a combination phone with an MP3. Just get a good phone or PDA and use an iPod. I am waiting for the vx8600 for verizon to come out and I will buy that when I can upgrade in March.



Nov 28, 2007 by sammyjnrtwins06

This phone stinks! I have only had it a year and I have went through 2 batteries and now it calls people at random with no one around it. The touch screen is set to super sensitive and it doesn't work 1/2 the time. I wouldn't buy this phone again. The only thing I like about phone is bluetooth and the quality of pictures it takes.

Terrible Phone, What were they thinking?


Nov 23, 2007 by omar510

I don't want to be to negative that is why i rated this phone 1.0.

Honestly, verizon really has to do something about their userface. It might seem easy but it really can bring the value of a phone down a lot. for an example, look at the new razr2 phone and then look at at&t's phone...what a huge difference.

This chocolate phone is beyond terrible. The buttons are way to sensitive. Speakerphone is horrible. Texting? lol they should make a bluetooth keyboard for this phone so you can text.

Battery life is the worst ever. i had to actually beg verizon so they can give me an extended battery..

Don't think about getting this phone ok, take my advice

Chocolate and phones do not mix in well


Oct 30, 2007 by LatinoHeat101

As a verizon wireless premium dealer i pride myself in selling the lg brand and promoting it to every customer in the store. However when it comes to the chocolate it is a different story. it is a good thing that they have discontinued the phone. The heat sensitive pad is great until it calls people on its own. It has alot of software issues and not very durable at all. if you buy this phone look forward to about 5 or 6 of them in your 2 yr contract.

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