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LG VX-8500 Chocolate


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this phone


Apr 2, 2012 by lukejr47

i really want one of these because i was supposed to win one one time but it was stolen out the mailbox so i never got to use it

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ok phone back in the day


Jul 23, 2010 by narn3049

Let me start by saying I owned 4 of these units, yes first phone didnt turn out to be the best chocolate but the 2nd and third were the best.

The first phone was purchased in 2006 around Xmas. I got it new. It started lines going down the screen, then just blinking the verizon logo.

Yeah I'll admit that I dropped the phone maybe three times, three times just scraped it a little bit, and ive dropped more and it never affected them. I got this replaced (all chocolates were the cherry)

The second one, took many little falls and one time was dropped into a toilet but I dried it the best I could, it worked and I continued using the toilet phone, and it kept working this was 2007 by now lol and it broke because it got stuck under my seat, it was more of a blob and no cracks were visible, because of the screen and the phone touching water my warranty was voided. So I went with the lime one and the top of the screen stopped displaying it was just black there, everything else worked. i got another one and it was again the cherry,. it worked until i tossed it in a lil breakup lol and it hit the table and the screen broke. I got the samsung smooth bc i let someone take my upgrade and that was the cheapest deal. As i type this I am with a rival and i like it, its a pretty good phone. but this isn't the Rival section.

My gma also owned this phone and she washed it once, and got humidity in it.She ended up replacing it with the lg env2 and getting it washed, went back to the chocolate and back to the env2 when it was finally dried. Even though motorola really has a good messaging line, id consider lg for the durability, they also have good texting phones. But i also like motorola and samsung and pantech, because they have better keyboards as well

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Sexy phone, but takes getting used to.


May 7, 2009 by Father Nebro

I've been using this phone for almost a month because I always liked its design. I'm not going to get into detail with this review as this phone is about 4 years old and nobody will probably ever read this review anyway.

This phone gets a 5/5 for style. The phone is pitch black which looks very nice and I always feel like a secret agent or something when I slide it up to check the time or to make a call.

The buttons on this phone take some time to get used to. Besides the numeric keys the send, clear, up an down keys are all heat sensative. Don't make the sensitivity high. Set it at the lowest or you're going to go to menus you didn't want to access. The most interesting button placement on this phone is the end button that they stuck on the side. Once again it takes some getting used to, but it's nice to have a change. The numeric keys are way to small for me, and as a big texter...I feel like an uber fatty mashing about 4 keys at once by accident. The Phone really needs bigger keys so I can only give it 3/5

Standard features and vzw interface. I like the verizon interface, but this phone gives a new interface option that looks a lot different, but when you get down to the nitty gritty its still the same thing your used to with a different color scheme. I'm probably only going to be using this phone for a few more days. I think I'm going to hold on to it just to use it when it'll match an outfit.

The call quality can be a bit choppy sometimes which is why I gave the phone an overall 3.5. It is a good phone, but I can understand why a lot of people don't like it.

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worst phone i have owned


Mar 24, 2009 by ann91496

i really liked having this phone it was cool. but the first one i had didnt even last 24 hours. i have had 6 of them in less than 1 year. they all froze or went to a white and black screen.

great camera
easy to use
recordings sound great

don't last long
doesn't lock immediately so it calls people while in my pocket
kinda hard to text on
not durable

my suggestion is not to get this phone

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Jan 17, 2009 by stfusuesue

This phone breaks CONSTANTLY !

i had five different chocolateS!
i lost the first one...
but the other four broke on their own!
the screen turned white on all of them.

i charge it and eventually u have to hold the charger in the charging slot.
SPEAKERPHONE SUCKS You can not hear clear at ALL very raspy.
camera could have better quality.
no flash.

-texting is easy people say its small i like -it.
the touch thing i never had problems with.
it always worked.

cheap, sucks.
only has a couple good things.
but other phones are better

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Dec 20, 2008 by HANNAHxoNICHOLE

Okay. I just recently got rid of my Chocolate and upgraded to the EnV2. But, i must admit, my Chocolate lasted a really long time. It still works, i was just tired of it. Most of my phones break really quickly because I tend to drop them, but this phone is indestructible.

Good things:

-It's adorable. (mine was pink.)

-I'm easily entertained, so the touch buttons were pretty spectacular.

-Call quality was good.

-Camera worked well

-Messages send fast.

-Easy to text

-I was surprised with it's durability

Bad things:

-Battery life

-When on the charger, message sending failed alot.

-Ok, this wasn't a huge problem, but my nails are long, so when i text my fingernails are pretty much pushing the buttons instead of my fingers. It pretty much made all of the colors come off of the buttons, so my buttons are all white. haha.

-Video recording could only go up to fifteen seconds.

Overall, i wasn't one of those people who were like "I LOVE MY PHONE" but i never got tired of it, and I was pleasantly surprised.


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Oct 27, 2008 by Milesxsmiles

i had this phone, and i hated it so much it made me cry. my friend had 3 of them before she just gave up and changed phones.

PROS: it calls people.... if you're lucky

-Touch buttons don't work half the time
-it freezes easy
-mine took at least 10 minutes to turn on
-texting is sooo hard
-recorded sound is so quiet
-bad camera

and so much more

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Almost two years old and going strong


Sep 25, 2008 by caleb25

Alright, to begin with, while reading the reviews and the issues other people have had with this phone, I had to chuckle. I have been using this phone for nearly two years and I have come to love it. A large portion of all negative reviews criticized the phone for not having features that it actually does have. The phone DOES have a speaker-phone (I use it almost daily). If the touch keys are too sensitive, adjust them in the "Tools and Settings" folder. The phone doesn't send random text messages (check your hand position-the touch keys are close to the borders of the phone). After a few days of phone use you will adjust to the sleek feel of the phone. With all thats said, here are my likes and dislikes.

MP3 player is surprisingly high quality.
Phone is accessible while closed.
Sound quality is always nice.
Extremely durable.

CONS: Downloaded MP3's can't be used as ringtones.

While speaker-phone is loud for the user, the person on the other end will struggle if phone is more than just a few inches from your mouth.

Touch keys are too close to the outside of the phone, and therefore are easy to accident ally press.

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Well Here Are My Thoughts


Sep 2, 2008 by ggmangrant

I have had this chocolate for one year now. It has broken by itself twice now which is why i am gettting a new one. It is a piece of crap but there is some good to it.

Good Sound Quality
Sleek Look
Camera is good
Nice Menu Settings
Micro SD Slot
Keeps up with you when you txt

So/So Battery Life
Inbox only lets you hold 50 msgs
Small Keyboard
Very Glossy on the black one so fingerprints are everywhere
Weak Speakerphone

There are more little things but I don't think they need to be addressed. But I just have to say be careful about sliding it open to hard because it may break. Also on some it did freeze. And on my mine twice and it has just shut off and wont do anything except display a white screen.
OVERALL: This phone is so/so. Not horrible but the best in the fleet.

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Suckish phone


Aug 26, 2008 by Jordy16

I am on my fifth lg chocolate! Not worth it. Dont get this phone. It sucks. It freezes while on the web. It will eventually delete EVERYTHING on your memory card. Its a stupid phone.

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