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Motorola v60i (CDMA) / v60ci / v60ic


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Motorola V60i


Jun 22, 2003 by G.M. Forsythe

I got this phone when I moved from T-Mobile to Verizon. The phone is great ergonomically (although a little difficult to get out of the holster-which has the flip side benefit of not falling on the ground). However, many features of the Nokia 3390 cheapo are missing on this phone.

Recent calls to or from the same number show as distinct calls, so 10 calls to or from the same number will wipe out all others - VERY BAD idea!

The ring volume is pathetic. The alarm feature is also pathetic due to low volume - and I have it turned up all the way.

Battery life is poor compared to the Nokia. It takes much longer to charge up, and the charge last much less time.

Lack of distinctive rings for specific persons is a real drawback.

There is no documentation of forwarding ability, although Verizon reps tell me that it is possible to do. It would be nice to find it in the documentation of the phone.

Security would be nice to have.

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Motorola V60i


May 15, 2003 by NDCellman

Being in the cellular business for five years, I have seen a lot of cell phones come and go. It seems that cell phone manufacturers rush new units to the market before really testing them fully. I have used the Motorola V60i since last October, and find it probably the best phone that Motorola has ever made. Having the stainless steel hing for the flip has removed the problem of the stress point where service indicator is, which usually cracks in other phones after heavy use. The concept of being able to change the covers easily when they get scratched up is another great plus. The only downside I have experienced is the slipperiness of the metal case. Many times due to this the phone is dropped after being snapped out of the holster. Good thing the rest of the phone is solid also. In addition, I have rarely had to send one in for repair. Overall use of the phone is easy. I recommend this phone daily to my commercial/industrial customers. That customer is not interested in a lot of fluff in the phone anyway.

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Best phone to date!


Aug 7, 2003 by ddruyor

I have used this phone for about 2yrs (v60c and v60i split each for a year).

I would have to say I have still yet to see a phone as good. It's very durable (i can't tell you how many times I've dropped it). The only exception is the antenna, which tends to break quite often.

It's sad to see that it's discontinued....it doesn't sound like the V60p is as good reception-wise (from people who have used it). But we'll wait and see when it's released. It is a little bit of an outdated phone, and not color so I would never use one again now that I have a color phone.

I now use the LG VX6000 and have to say that it comes pretty close to V60i status. I have only been using this new phone for a couple weeks, but so far so good. Digital only isn't bad, but haven't needed analog yet.

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Possibly the Best Phone Out There


Jul 11, 2003 by Jessica Jones

Currently working as a sales consultant selling Verizon phones, I can honestly say that the Motorola V60i is definitely the best phone on the market right now.
I have had the phone for several months and have never had a problem with it. It has excellent service, a very strong battery (as long as you charge it properly), and several useful features including the voice activated dialing as well as a gigantic address book.
I would honestly recommend this phone to anyone looking to join in or upgrade. It's an excellent choice for both a beginning cellular user as well as for a more experienced phone owner. You just can't get any better than the V 60i!

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Excellent phone - great sound clarity & reception


Sep 19, 2002 by Robert Lee

I currently have the Motorola v60i on a 2-week trial period from VZW. I'm switching from AT&T where I have the v60t. I consistently get better signal strength on the v60i. I've experienced numerous dropped calls with AT&T (in NYC) whereas I haven't run into this thus far with Verizon. As for sound quality. I'm not sure if it's the function of TDMA vs. CDMA or v60t vs. v60i, but the sound from the v60i is distinctly more crisp & clear. When I use the voice recognition feature, I usually had to repeat myself twice on the v60t whereas I haven't had to on the v60i. Again, I'm not sure if it's due to the carrier or the phone. I was a little concerned with the issue of battery life and the antenna. But based on my usage and the frequency in which I charge my cell, the difference between the 700 maH battery in the v60i and 800 mah in the v60t is insignificant (based on my 7-day usage). The extendable antenna thus far has not been an issue though I put my cell in my pocket . I love this phone!!

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v60i/v60c antenna issue addressed


Dec 28, 2002 by john doe

just a quick note to advise of an antenna kit (rln5474a) that has been released by Motorola to correct the issue of the antenna breaking so easily.

On the initial release of the phone in 95% of markets North America wide it came with an antenna collar with an indented lip to hold the antenna onto. This new antenna (RLN5474A)
holds the retractable antenna flush with the back housing and prevents a lot of 'easy' breakage.

Depending on your dealer/ service provider they should be able to replace the old antenna w/ the new antenna under warranty.

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A capable phone with outstanding options.


Aug 13, 2002 by ensell

After being frustrated by the LG VX-1 for more than 2 months, I've just switched to the Motorola V60i. The V60i is a minor upgrade from the V60c. Basically, you get the following:

- Interchangeable housings
- Games
- Customizable ring tones
- Exchange rate calculator

Not a whole lot, but the phone LOOKS like a million bucks.

VX-1 users should consider migrating immediately. You get the following with this phone that are missing on the VX-1:

- Voice dialing
- Voice notes
- Playable games

The V60i is about $70 pricier than the VX-1, but you'll spend hundreds more on accessories that make this phone REALLY fun. Motorola has done such a wonderful job complimenting a somewhat ordinary phone with exceptional accessories. It should be noted that none of the following accessories are limited to just the V60i -they work with other phones as well.

The FM Stereo headset is impressive and innovative. It's perfect for commuters and listening to Howard Stern in the office. The MP3 player headset is on its way. I can't wait.

I love the faceplate colors - each one done very elegantly.

The desktop charger with clock is a poor design with a flimsy clock. The adaptable dual pocket charger has a slightly better design, but is still flawed. If you are looking for a good desktop charger, get an aftermarket design. The best part of these chargers is that they are compatible with complimentary accessories. Namely, the clip-in speakerphone attachment and USB data cable. The speakerphone is a must have for those stuck in their office for long periods of time.

The Retractable Self-Install Handsfree Car Kit is AWESOME. It is well worth the lofty price. I was pleasantly surprised by the voice quality and thoughtful design.

The Freecharge (crank charger) is not worth the money, but is fun to play with and good for extreme disasters.

I look forward to a future version that is BREW, 1xRTT, and Bluetooth enabled.

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Vast improvement !


Sep 5, 2002 by Charlers Hoelzel

I have to admit I was skeptical when the v60i came out. I sell phones for a living, and have had the v60c model. While i have to say it is one of the better looking phones on the market i was disappointed with its per formance. But the V60I is great it is almost as loud as the startac and the Timeport. the navigation is different but if you live by your phone it will make sense after a week or two of use. With the extended battery I only have to charge it every few days. the voice action works well and the hands free car charger (zip kit) works almost as well as an installed kit. Also it is nice to be able to make your phone look new with the changeable color covers. I sell phones for aliving and i would recommend this for anyone looking for a compact phone.

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Slick phone, iTAP sucks


Oct 2, 2002 by Terry Garland

Just bought this phone for Verizon Wireless service. Before I had the LG-510, which was the bomb, but I felt I had to keep with the
times so I went a head and got this one. Its
a pretty nice phone, reception seems a bit less
that what I used to get with the LG, iTAP text
entry SUCKS compared to T9. The best thing about this phone is really the cool factor. This
is probably one of the slickest phones I've ever had, and the interchangeable housings are really cool. Battery life with the slim battery is a bit short, but I make a lot of calls so that probably has something to do with it. I despise Motorola's menu system, but this one isn't too horrendous. Not a bad phone, really cool, takes a little getting used to but you feel like a million bucks sometimes when using it.

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I like it---can't wait for new V60x


Jan 16, 2003 by Phillip Purdy

After using Nokias, Kyoceras, and others I have returned to the mothership of mobile designers/manufacturers----Motorola.

Even after months on the market this phone still turns heads thanks to its exterior metal casing and small size. Moto has fixed their earlier antenna problems with the release of the V60i on Verizon, Alltel. The sound clarity and ability to pick up and hold a signal on the Verizon network has been a noticeable upgrade from my previous Kyocera!

Motorola has improved their menu system to get within about 10-20% as intuitive as the gold standard---Nokia. To name a couple features where Nokia bests Moto is SMS/text messaging and using the phone as an alarm. In both cases Moto requires double the number of keystrokes compared to the Nokia interface where the menus are simple & powerful.

I was fortunate enough to purchase my V60i for $49 from Verizon in the Seattle area. It was a steal at that price.

The new V60x will support Verizon's Get It Now functionality (high speed downloads) when it arrives and that is about all that's lacking on this solid flip phone. I wonder why Sprint doesn't sell this phone since it supports CDMA? Maybe they were waiting for the V60x???

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