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Motorola v60i (CDMA) / v60ci / v60ic


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Very nice phone


Aug 21, 2002 by Ktollstam

I have used this phone for a week. Reception is at least as good as my old Star Tac (a typical benchmark). Form and style are solid, attractive and ergonomically well thought out. I have no use for games so no comment there. Antenna is solid, not fragile like many other phones. Sound quality is very good - better than my Star Tac and many other phones I have tried. No 1xrtt (3G) but I don't care. Text message set up and operation is nice - can send to multiple addresses at one time. Voice recognition seems to work well. Phone book is a bit awkward, but not too bad. Voice tags go with the phone book entry and "play back" as you scroll past. Not sure how analog performance will be given the low power output of the xcvr as registered with the FCC. iTAp is a bit clunky compared to T9, but nothing to worry about. For example, pressing the 4 key gives you g. g is not a word but "I" is. Pressing the 4 key with T9 gives you "I." I like the flexibility in changing the menu and setting up "shortcuts." Lots of ringers and the ability to customize.
I have four minor complaints:
1. I wish the external display could be set to show signal strength as well as time and date. I would also like to see D (digital) and A (analog).
2. The volume of the ear piece is just barely acceptable. I have the phone cranked up all the way - no margin for a weak audio call. So, far not a serious problem but may be a problem with certain "hands free" headsets.
3. The main display/screen is small and shows "rainbow" distortion marks in sunlight. This is not a phone optimized for heavy WEB use (although the Browser works fine).
4. Battery life - not good. The 60c came with a 500 mAh rated Li Ion battery. 500 mAh = sucky battery life. The 60i is advertised to have a Li Ion 700 mAh battery SNN5704A (look on Verisonwireless WEB site). BUT all the information I have been able to find states that the SNN5704A is a 500 mAh battery.

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Aug 28, 2002 by Neil Gale

I just bought the Motorola v60i. I upgraded from a Star Tac.

I am 100% thrilled with the easy to push buttons. I dial with both left and right handed and I haven't miss dialed yet!

Suggestion: get the leather belt holster!

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Aug 21, 2002 by ALDO CONTRERAS

This phone is awesome!! I work for Verizon Wireless and I'll tell you that this phone sells a lot! The best phone of all out on the market, but the price is steep but it has come down in price since the first V60c came out on the market, which was $399.99 now $249.99 w/ a mailin rebate. Games and changable face plates just made it better to get now!

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Best Phone Yet


Oct 29, 2002 by Nixhex

I've used all the motorola's dating back to the brick phone, and this phone is by far the best. Voice dialing, games, and awesome battery life has given motorola a new taste.
No problems as of yet, and i've had this phone for about 6 months...took a while to get used to the belt clip but now its like normal

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Motorola V-60i


Aug 11, 2002 by Bob Bueding

Great phone, flimsy clip supplied, good sound quality.

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Antenna is the Worst Ever.


Sep 2, 2002 by Corey Gee

This would be an "Okay" cell phone -if- it had an internal antenna. I don't know who thought up the idea for this large object that is roughly half the size of the phone, but Motorola needs to fire them. Great, crisp clarity, and, as one reviewer already said, the buttons feel great to push. If you are looking for a phone just for making and receiving calls, then this is one to consider. It's still not worth the money.

On the other hand, you wouldn't be paying $250 if it was just for phone calls, now would you? You want the attractive appeal and such. These (aluminum?) covers scratch very easily. I am sending this piece of equipment back in a few days and it already has several scratches. I ordered the VX1 as well and am in the process of shipping it back -as well- because where the V60i delivers on attractive appeal, the VX1 lacks horribly. If you're getting a new/updating your contract with Verizon, I suggest you wait for the Samsung SCH-A310. I will be receiving it whenever it gets in, costing around $200 ($100 for me since I am having my contract renewed). Until then, it's back to my month to month service.

Overall, the V60i is not the phone for those who carry it around in their pocket or on their belts/waists, etc. If you are a woman whom carries it around in her purse, man/woman with it in your briefcase at all times or maybe it's home at all times, then try it out. Otherwise...wait for the Samsung SCH-A310--coming Sept-October.

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Mar 17, 2003 by Robert Hoke

I previously used a StarTak phone and wanted to upgrade and was talked into the V60. At the time I wanted voice activated dialing and the color screens were not yet out (except for Sprint). Like many say, this phone has the "cool" factor however I have noticed my warms up considerably after about 5 minutes of talking. No one is offering to look at the phone to see if it is the phone, but I do get many "mine doesn't do that". The antenna is also flimsy and sometimes gets in the way. I have never dropped a call and reception is great. Overall this is a good phone. Guess I am somewhat miffed that I paid $149.99 after a $50.00 rebate 4 months ago for a phone that is currently selling for $29.99. But that is the price of technology and progress. Nothing stays constant.

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Motorola V60


Mar 5, 2003 by Sean Hames

I got the phone from a family member a few months ago. Reception and voice clarity are excellent. But, the phone is to small and who came up with the crazy holster design? It has slipped out of my hands many times. It takes two hands to get it out of the holster and the phone sticks out way too far when its attached to my belt. Don't walk close to anything or it will snag and open on ya! I still have my 7868 Star Tac and I'm going back to that. It doesn't have all the neat features that the V60 has but the draw from the holster is 100% better and it has yet to slip out of my hands.
The battery life is short, but I am a very heavy user so that might have to do with it. Otherwise, its a great phone. Real easy to navigate and program. Buttons are firm and responsive.
I'm still mad though that they did away with the 7868 Star-tac. This phone is not a good replacement to me.

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Nov 9, 2002 by dsj3000

After returning the pathetically disappointing Motorola T720, I purchased with frustration the V60i. This phone surprisingly has been a pleasant surprise. The audio quality is fantastic although I must keep the volume usually on maximum. It is compact, and very user friendly with a very cool look. The interchangeable faces are great although $24.95 is outrageous for those tiny plastic covers. The display is adequate with up to 500 entries from what I understand. The ring tones are sufficient with the ability to design your own a somewhat annoying process, but I made a few interesting ones. The slick looking exterior is a slippery, heavy, aluminum cover. The cover is so heavy that it is impossible to open with one hand! Try opening this phone while you are driving and you might not be around to make the call.
It is also almost impossible to get the phone out of the belt holster with one hand. I guess we trade the security of it not falling out for both hands to remove it. We have 500 number address book and guess what? NO SEARCH! What a debacle to leave this feature out of this gigantic address book. You cannot assign ringers to particular listings in the address book either...bummer. The display has a zoom, but you loose the date. The outside caller ID display does not give you a signal strength meter or digital analog meters, but does have date and time. Overall, this a a good phone with a wish for some small improvements. I must mention as another big positive is the battery life has been fantastic, especially in the standby mode. On a few days with a few light calls I did not have to charge the phone for almost 2 days and the signal meter was still just below 50%! Even a heavy day got me through without charging until bedtime. The next version of this phone should be AWESOME.

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Jul 27, 2002 by DAVID SHAFFY


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