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Motorola v60i (CDMA) / v60ci / v60ic


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A real classic--maybe the best ever


May 16, 2004 by RichardM

I've owned this phone, and it's predecessor, V60c. This is the most beautiful phone ever, and the reception is excellent. The volume level is great, and the call clarity, and reception are all great as well. And its size and durability are excellent. The style is classic. At the time is came out, it was state of the art---a great upgrade over the startac in every way.

This phone lacks a color screen, camera, video, etc. Now there's a lot of other phones now out there with lots of cool new features. So, this phone is not as desirable as it once was.

When my "new ever two phone" was available, I tried the LG4400B, Samsung A530, then finally settled with the Motorola T730.
The Moto 730 also has perfect clarity and reception, but the color screen wasn't that good, esp. outside on a sunny day. But it's worst problem is that the volume isn't really loud enough. When driving in a car, or trying to use it at a noisy place such as an airport, you can't hear the other party.

So, I re-activated my V60i, and now I can hear fine wherever I am--even in airports. And my Moto T730 is sitting idle in my closet, as a backup phone. (Anybody want it?)

I wish they could just update this phone with a nice color screen, and advanced voice activated dialing. I don't need the camera or video capability. Just a very durable phone with excellent reception. (Being able to get live TV would be nice, too, but that's probably asking too much for this phone now.)
Maybe one of the new phones yet to be released by Verizon--Moto V710 or Audiovox 9900, will have the quality and recception of my V60i with the benefits of the new features, and I'll move on from my V60i--but for now, I'm sticking with this phone--one of Motorola's best efforts.

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Almost the best phone made


May 5, 2004 by hotpoint76

How can you not like this phone? It looks cool and is super small. The battery lasts for days! If the cover gets scratched you can replace it. The antenna has been improved and will not break like the V60c. Only cons I see is the lack of color if you want that and the ringer could be loader. It’s funny that the new V60s is about the same but it’s battery only lasts 1/3 of the V60i.

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Sadly it was discontinued...


Jan 27, 2004 by Getitlater

Although this phone had many flaws I am sad that it was dicontinued. The reception on this phone was THE BEST! It was lacking a lot of features though.

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Motorola Makes Me Sick


Dec 30, 2003 by Digdah

3rd replacement phone. Motorola has not been able to resolve many software issues now the phone is discontinued...sad. The engineer who designed the charging port needs to be reassigned to the unemployment department. Why on earth should it take me 1-2 mins of jiggling the charger around to get the phone to start charging?? on all 3 phones I have had after about 2-3 months of use???? Why why why. I stop asking I'm moving on to another carrier.

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V60i Plus and Minus


Oct 15, 2003 by bill smith

I have an Alltel V60i that I am currently using on Verizon and I used it previously on Alltel.

Overall, this is a great phone for the person who wants just good voice service with little need for frills such as games and color. The reception is great and the phone is sturdy as well as small. Yes, the holster gets some getting used to, but becomes easier to remove with time. The removable faceplate is nice if you get a few scratches, but Motorola doesn't let you get an original silver replacement!!! Battery life seems to be good, but I'm an average user(about 400-500 daytime mins per month)

Now things I'd like to see improved. The phonebook could be improved so that you don't have to enter names and numbers for every contact instead of one name with home, cell, etc. Also, a better desktop charger would be nice. The current one is a little cheap. Finally, viewing and sending text could be a little easier. It seems like there are more steps than necessary.

Bottom line, great overall phone with a few improvements needed to complete the package.

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Poor Reception


Aug 4, 2003 by Jason Palkovics

What Motorola Seems to have forgotten with the V60 is that even though you can make one of the coolest looking phones out there it doesn't change the fact that certain types of metal interfere with the Reception of the phone.

The #1 reason why the V60(metal) Series phones recieve such horrible reception is due to the materials used in the construction of the metal casing for the phone.

Compare this to a similar motorola phone in the V66, the V66 sports the same antenna/reciever that the V60 does yet recieves reception that is twice as good, this is simply due to the fact that the phone itself is not interfering with the reception.

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Personally the worst phone I've ever had.


Jul 23, 2003 by Felicia Scott

The motorola V-60I is the worst phone I've ever had. The antenna keeps breaking, the reception is terrible, drop calls all the time, don't get me wrong it looks great and it's small, but not the greatest cell phone in the world I found out through where I work, I work at for a cell phone company that motorola was no longer making them, I understand why they lost to much money repairing them.

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I've had better


Jul 18, 2003 by donovansmith

I got the V60i back in December after trying out a Sony Ericsson T61c when I signed up with Verizon. I liked this phone when I first got it, but as time went on I grew to dislike this phone quite a bit. First the good. It has decent reception, audio quality is very good, has changeable covers, looks quite nice and professional, and uses easily available accessories.

Now the bad. It feels very cheap for such an expensive phone. The screen is small and the contrast could be better. The outside caller ID display is only one line and can't display much. The battery life is deplorable, and the longest I can go without charging it is two days, and that's even with turning it off at night and I usually only talked on it for a few minutes every other day. The reversed soft keys and Send/End keys still confuse me since it goes against every other non-Motorola phone available and makes absolutely no sense. iTap just sucks compared to T9 for text entry. Only one phone number per name can be stored in the phone book. And the retail price on this thing does not justify what you get with it.

This was my first Motorola phone, and will be my last Motorola phone. It is poorly designed, cheaply built, and overpriced. But at least it looks nice.

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I own it and sell it


Jul 3, 2003 by SorcererOD

This is a phone its not perfect but its small, reasonable battery life , good signal strength, and very durable.
I drop and abuse this phone on a regular basis I'm not easy on my phones and this one is still going.
Motorola has the best ring and vibrate option your phone will vibrate for 2 rings then ring this allows u to not be a nuisance in quiet places but still hear your ringer in when its not on your hip
Problems are the antenna is kinda stubby and in the way sometimes. Screen is hard to see in sunlight it has a rainbow effect

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v60i Verizon


Jan 26, 2003 by Robert Garcia

I just upgraded from the v60c, and all I can say is "The v60i is great." I love this phone.

It's one of the sleekest looking phones out there (if only it had a color display because I love the shape and the titanium finish better than all my friends' t720's).

I get better reception than my v60c; and it has some cool added features:

-switchable face plates (I'm going to get the champaigne colored one next)
-calculator (which i love using in class)
-a sturdier antennae
-as well as the latest in browser, pda, etc. connectivity

In my opinion, having had all the major carriers as well as the worst (I'm not going to bash any carriers right now, though all you here in California know which carrier has the worst cell towers, the least capacity, and the rudest customer service)....I'd have to say I have the the best carrier-verizon; as well as my favorite phone-the motorola v60i (sans the color screen).

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