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Bad Bluetooth transmission


Aug 3, 2007 by stclairguy

Overall the phone is very serviceable on the US Cellular network. Signal strength is better than any phone I have owned in the past, and the phone book is easy to use.
Someone stated they could not use the Ring/Vibe feature on their phone, and I disagree with that.
It is one of my favorite features.
My biggest problem is with wireless bluetooth connections.
I am on my 4th device, and my second phone, and all I get are complaints that I sound as if I am in a tunnel, cracking up, in a tin can, or they can barely hear me.
I am currently using the Jawbone, so I have not been buying junk sets.
I have even noticed that my wired hands free units, have reduced sound levels as compared to my old Sanyo.
I would not recommend this phone if you plan on going bluetooth.
Otherwise a good phone.

LG VX 5300


Jul 28, 2006 by jdr30

I picked up this phone the first day it came out and have been playing with it for about 3 days now. So far it seems to be an excellent phone with only minor drawbacks.

Battery - The battery seems to last forever on this phone, I use about 3-4 hours talk time per day and I can go 2 days without having to charge the phone. About 5x better than my RAZR.

Size - The phone is about the same size as the 8300 minus the speakers on the side. The displays are smaller and lower resolution, but this helps with the battery life. The keys are nice and big, and the menu keys are actually bigger than the 8300.

UI - The UI is the same as the 8300 minus the flash themes. You can still customize the banners, color schemes, and change the red bars. Overall the UI seems to work well with this phone. You can also change what each of the directional keys do, something you could not do in pervious phones.

DUN - This important to me since I travel a lot. After about 60 minutes of toying around I was able to activate and successfully use 1x DUN over bluetooth. I am only getting speeds of about 14K/sec but for checking my email and cash balances on the go it works fine.

Camera - The camera is nothing like the 8100 or the 8300. The max resolution is 640x480 and there is no zoom unless you go down to 320x240. There is a flash, and also no video recording option.

Speakerphone - Is not bad, pretty loud, but like older models you can not use it with the flip closed.

Sounds - The ringers are pretty loud, however not as clear and naturl sounding as the 8100 or 8300 since this phone only has one small speaker on the front of the phone.

Overall I would reccomend this phone to someone who wants a phone just to talk on, and have it last a long time. If your looking for tons of features and a megapixel camera go with the 8300 which is the same price after mail in rebate.

I am in the minority


Jan 7, 2007 by pwfb

Clearly I will be in the minority with this review.

I swtiched to this phone from an LG VX-8300 because I wanted a tri-mode phone and I hate those music buttons on the front of the 8300. Because of my waistline I was always getting beeps in my BT ear piece as I would bump the front of the phone when it was on my belt.

I have not had any "freezing" and I have found that the battery life to me much better on this than the 8300.


1) I wish that there was an external memory card slot (SD, Mini/Micro, etc.) like on the 8300.

2) Ear piece volume could be louder, especially when using a BT device.

3) I'm not crazy about stub antennas. Either let it extend or don't have it at all.

4) When the phone is done charging, the external screen stays lit until you push end. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but if you charge your phone every night like I do, it makes quite a night light on your nightstand ;-')


Size, BT, tri-mode, no EVDO (save battery time!) battery life, no front external buttons.

I am not into music on my phone (I have an iPod) nor am I looking to be a master photographer with my phone, so if you want those features, do look into the 8300.

Best Phone Yet


Aug 26, 2006 by arrowshooter

I have had this phone for a week now and could not be any happier. I took me a long time to decide to upgrade from my trusty VX4400 and this phone is exactly what I had been waiting for.

With Verizon, in Central California, I had narrowed my search down to the VX 5300 and the VX8300. Being as I really only use the to talk on, and the tri-mode feature, I opted for the 5300. I spend a lot of time up in the Sierras East of here and Verizon has very good coverage up there. Where the all digital phones poop out I just keep on talking.

Now for the Pros:

This phone receives a far better signal than the 4400 did. I even had two analog bars and was able to make a call from a valley at 7,000 feet, where I had to hike up with the 4400.

Battery life is excellent. I did find though that if the phone is left on and searching for a signal, the battery dies pretty fast.

The displays are fab when compared to 4400. I also had no problem flipping through the menus. Very easy to comprehend.

Sound quality is excellent. No odd buzzing or backgroud noises. Speaker phone is also great, and I don't mind having to open the phone to use it. Have to open it anyway to talk.

The camera is a welcome addition for me. Won't really use it much. But having the pictures to prove it last weekend was cool.
Even sent one home.

Cons: Absolutely NONE!! Well, maybe Verizon could have included a belt clip.

Overall, if you just need a phone to talk on, and travel in areas with questionable signal strength, you will not beat this phone, hands down.

Another (fairly)Solid LG.


Aug 29, 2007 by Static

I just got this phone and have been pretty pleased with it for the most part. I miss a lot of features from my old LG-VX8100, but I couldn't keep Verizon where I moved to, so it's a given that this is quite a downgrade.


+ Great call quality majority of the time.
+ Camera is decent for VGA.
+ Menu is fairly competent.
+ Loud ringer.
+ Overall layout is solid.
+ Ability to set recorded sounds as ringtoness.


- On some occasions calls sound like you're in a tunnel, with some echo problems.
- Camera is still just VGA.
- Display quality leaves a little to be desired.
- No expandable memory.

Overall, if you're not looking for anything too advanced and feature-rich, this phone will be more than adequate.

Not a bad phone for a replacement


Apr 4, 2007 by OARDarby

Not an overall bad phone considering the reviews. I have this phone on US Cellulars network in the St. Louis area and haven't had any major problems. I haven't had this problem with freezing or with missing/dropping calls...so i'd say maybe Verizon just sucks. It's only been a few weeks....but here are my pros/cons thus far.

-lightweight, compact phone
-camera quality not too bad for a VGA camera
-battery life....seems to last twice as long as my samsung 850 (no surprise)

-can't bluetooth ringtones because its a locked feature, so I have to get them via MMS...and there is a tremendous quality lose in that process
-sorta of an echo in some calls, i can still hear fine and they can hear me, but theres that tunnel sound

overall, i'd say not a bad phone if your looking for a cheap replacement....this is what I was sent when my previous phone went tumbling into a puddle...and i like it more than the samsung 850

The Best Non-Media LG Phone To Date


Feb 2, 2007 by phonetech01

I have been in the wireless industry for several years now.

Specifically, I have been responsible for testing and diagnosing phones for VZW. And yes...I have also played around with other phones from other providers too.

After several weeks of testing, playing around, and using this phone by LG, I have come to the conclusion that this phone is hands down the best non-media phone with Bluetooth in the market today.

Verizon currently offers this phone free to many of its customers, especially if a contract is renewed.

The reception, signal strength, and sound quality (for both caller and receiver) are superior to most other phones on the market. The construction of the phone, and appearance is simple yet perfect for business use.

Bluetooth is "echo-ee"??? Not from what I have seen, heard, and experienced.

The camera is only 640x480 but perfect for those who just want a quick snapshot. Of course, LG could have easily included a better camera. But no matter.

There is no reason not to get this phone if you have no need for the fancy features. Ignore the review that states this phone locks up. I have witnessed hundreds of customers including myself who use this phone with no locking up at all. NOBODY has EVER complained about the call quality to me or anyone else. The voicemail indicator has never acted up or "stayed on" for hours at a time. (The previous reviewer may not have noticed that a separate mailbox in the phone keeps track of the voicemails and treats them like text messages and will only delete this "quasi" message if you access it through the box...but 99 percent of time it freaking doesn't matter...the indicator will turn off after a few seconds!!!)

Missed calls on this tri-mode phone with analog capability? What universe does the previous reviewer live in?

Coming from a tech, believe me, this is an overall excellent phone!

its not the best!!!!!


Jun 12, 2008 by burdo95

dis fone is an ok fone but its terrible 4 txting.and turns its self on and of alot.over all its an ok of a fone speakerphone iz terrible.

Modest Mouse


Apr 19, 2007 by Circuitskater

This phone has been awesome for me.
1. not to flashy, very modest,
2. packed with bluetooth and a nice camera
3 easy to navigate menu, everything is clear!
4. Very GOOD Price for what you Get
5. Durable(I droped this thing 6 times and it hardly had a scratch)
1. I wish I could have mini sds on this phone

-The bottom line is that Iv sold alot of phones and LG comes back the least + thats the phone we sell the most of-

Drops Dead


Dec 2, 2006 by MIGA

This phone has serious problems.. It just stops, it looks good but it stops working.. The time freezes , then if you try to use it , it shuts down completley. You do not get incoming calls or messages when it freezes. The only way to get it going again is to remove battery and restart it... Took it back to verizon 6 times, they kept telling me it was a software problem and tried to fix it.. After the 3 rd time they gave me a new 5300 phone. Same problem. They told me that they had not seen this problem before, I finnally took it back and am trying another brand.. Stay away from this phone, it has serious problems that can't me fixed, it does have a nice camera

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