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Had to get a Motorola for her


Jan 1, 2007 by ZFAM14

Upgraded my wife's phone form the LG 4600 to the LG 5300 on 2 September 2006. I had a 4600 but I decided to get a Motorola 325. I wanted to keep my wife in the comfort zone of LG. We had our 4600's for two years without incident. After one week of her LG freezing, I took it to the Verizon store. They took the battery out, put it back in and gave it back to me. 16 December I handed them the LG with a warped battery door due to my wife consistently reseating the battery. They gave me a new one. It continued to freeze. On 29 December I told the Verizon people that I am willing to pay for a Motorola 325 for her. I saw that it was $69.99 with a two-year agreement. Verizon wanted to give me another LG 5300 and only if I had problems with it would they consider giving me another model. But, if I wanted to pay $239.99, I could have the Motorola. So I told the young lady who was helping me that if I closed my account it would cost me $175. Then I would go to another carrier, get two new phones and sign a two-year agreement, saving $50. She told me that I should take the third LG. I left, called Verizon and simply asked the lady on the phone if she would verify the $175 cancellation fee. She wanted to know why I would cancel. I told her my plight with my math solution. Bottom-line: She called the store, told me who she spoke to and I went and received a brand new Motorola 325 for my wife with no fee. They even transferred her phone book.
The LG 5300 works well when it is not freezing up. You can look at the time and notice that it is 3 or 4 hours slow; then the Verizon readout is upside down and it is time to grab that battery. The battery door will warp after a while. It is not up to the standard of their 4600.

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Good little phone w/Bluetooth and camera


Dec 28, 2006 by 1996perkins

I got this phone for my wife to end the life of her Motorola 325. I have found LGs to be very dependable with Verizon service. Not so much so with the Motos. As for others who complain like little babies about dropped calls/battery life/rings not cool enough(get bitpim already!), obviously you think that modern cell service is supposed to work as good as two solid wires to your house from a secure Phone company cental office. It is not there yet. Maybe it will never be. this phone is light, good sized screen and bright by the way. The only problem so far is the phone's bluetooth not giving all the services to my laptop. Especially the Serial connection which I used Bitpim successfully one time to transfer homemade ringtones and pics taken with a real camera for wallpapers. It only worked once. Now the Serial connection service doesn't show up anymore. I emailed Verizon and hopefully they will get me straight or the phone straight. I also have never had a problem with Verizon Customer service. They have always been great to me. Even when I know I messed something up.

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Dec 27, 2006 by SCARRIE

I only have one good thing to say about this phone and that is that the battery life is absolutely exceptional, I could go for 2-3 days without using the charger. However, this is my second LG 5300 in one month.
I previously had the LG 5200 until it was destroyed after a long life, since the 5200 was discontinued, I received the "new and improved LG 5300" and am not the least bit impressed. This phone freezes, the clock and the buttons freeze, when this happens there are no imcoming/outgoing calls or text msg's rec'd. And for someone who relies primarily on cell phone for the time, alarm, and does not have a land line at home... I do not recommend this phone, it is definitely not reliable. I had to reset the phone every time this happened (which was about once a day) by taking the battery out. Also when answering calls the call would be lost, and the caller would be directed to voice mail, sometimes the phone would not even ring, just send the caller straight to voice mail. The second LG they sent as a replacement had the exact same problems with an addition that the battery charger would not fit into the phone properly, I had to struggle to fit it in initially and after using it for 2 weeks the charger now does not fit at all into the hole. I have always had exceptional service with Verizon but as mentioned in earlier review there are serious problems with this phone and I would not be surprised if it were discontinued very soon.

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Great phone minus the "freeze" issue.........


Nov 15, 2006 by gtxdired

I'm giving the phone a 1.5 only 'cuz I don't want to slam it completely.

This is my wife's phone and while it's a great phone....(lightweight, great call quality, nice features, nice looks, bluetooth, etc.)......there is DEFINITELY a freeze up issue with it.

As described here before.......the phone loses time (clock will show hours earlier) and then the phone will simply lockup and eventually power down.

The worst part is that you WILL NOT be able to power it back up again until you remove the battery and reinsert it. Then it will power up.

It has happened about once per day to my wife and will be going back. I don't know what she will pick, but we will not get another one of *this* phone. It'll have to be something else.

What's weird is I don't know why either LG or Verizon hasn't caught onto this problem (howardforums reports many more of the same) with this phone. We bought ours on 11/9/06 as new so the problem is still very much alive even after months. C'mon LG handle it already!!! )c=

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Good So Far


Nov 5, 2006 by Dee

I really like this phone. The day I got it. I just keep playin wit it and playin wit it. I recently was on Cricket. with the Kyrocera Candid KX16 for not even a year. And I liked it but I couldnt send Picture Messages. But this phone. I didnt put Text on it cuz this Verizon service is just temporary.

Good Battery Life
Good Camera
Good looking phone
Nice speakerphone
Like that you can see your account free
Unlimited IN

The voice record is too short.
Color of the Screen
Smudges to easily
Hate the 2 yr Service

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Good Phone with Standard Features


Oct 18, 2006 by jason1980

If you are looking for a phone that comes with everything but the kitchen sink this phone is not for you.

However, if your primary objective is making and receiving phone calls and txt messaging than you might want to give this phone a look.

Reception is stellar... easily as good as my V3c but with far better battery life.

The VGA camera is not anything fantastic but is suitable for snapshots... if you want a phone with a sensational camera look else where.

There is no MP3 player on this phone so if you find that necessary another phone would better suit your needs.

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This 5300 is frozen


Aug 27, 2006 by gb1212

I have had this lg5300 for 4 days. First Verizon could not activate it in the store for some reason so I had to do it myself, but it would not allow me to for 5 hours after purchasing it. After doing my phone book for two hours, the phone kept freezing. I did a soft reset but did not want to lose the phone book to do a hard reset. Then it seemed alright for half a day. Then the caller ID would not work. Customer Service could not do anything the first time. I got a manager on the phone and she said it was now fixed. It was. Then whenever I went to my pictures the phone would shut down and start up without being able to see the pictures. Now it is frozen again.

I have three LGs, this model's speakerphone is not as loud as they are. Also the ear speaker and ringers are not as loud and are not up to the standards that I am used to with LG. I will be going back to Verizon tomorrow to return it.

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This phone is [...] awesome


Oct 24, 2006 by dylanisafgeeko

I dont know what you all are talking about. I got this phone today and it is the bomb. I have to beg to differ with all you who said this phone has draw backs. It is the best phone ever! Enough said. This phone replaced my crappy vx 6000 after the hinge broke and broke the wire connecting the screens and speaker to the bottom. I love the camera and the screens on this phone. BEST CHOICE EVER MADE!

Ed. note: removed profanity in subject

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Paper Weight


Apr 4, 2007 by mmarhein

My wife and I upgraded to this phone from a 5200 and we were pretty satisfied with them until they started to freeze. I called Verizon and they said they would send me a new one. They also said they were surprised that I was having trouble. Only now do I know they were lying. The first new phone was provided 12 days into my contract. Since then I have been given 5 separate phones. My wife has had the same problem but because we were dealing with the problem in mine we didn't go through the same process with hers. A person only has so much time to stand in line at their store waiting for them to find the problem and give you a new phone. Today they upgraded me to the 8300 but refuse to change my wifes. With this said I am still working on it after over 40 hours on mine. In the end the 5300 is known to have problems but they will continue to run you through the system with new versions of the same phone. If it freezes and you are in the first 2 weeks get something else. If you are thinking about upgrading DO NOT GET THE 5300. The reviewes here and others you can find in google are right and true.

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Avoid unless you need an excuse for missing calls


Jan 18, 2007 by ground

I received three of these phones directly from Verizon on a share plan. for the first week that I owned the phones I thought they were great. They had great sound quality and a very nice speaker phone. The problem was the freezing issue that every one else has discussed in detail. In short, the phone locks up, and callers will receive your voicemail when they call. The user has no way of knowing the phone has locked up until they look at the time display and notice the clock is stuck at a previous time.
I called Verizon three or four times and finally spoke to some one who admitted that there was a problem with at least a batch of the phones and as far as that CSR knew Verizon had not found a cause or solution for this specific problem. Verizon was extremely helpful and traded my phone for the VX-8300 which is working well so far.
No matter how many cool features a phone has it is worthless if it cannot receive and place calls in a reliable manner. I had one phone with firmware version T53VZV02 and one with T53VZV03 and they both had this same issue. My suggestion is that every one avoid purchasing this phone until Verizon or LG have a known good solution for this problem.

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