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Almost Perfect!


Apr 14, 2007 by PMcOuntry

There really isn't much more I can add to what everyone else has said about this phone.

I noticed most reviews seem to be my men, well, I'm a "chick" and I love this phone!

I have been playing with it all day since I got it and only found a few VERY minor cons:

1. You cannot change the colors of the bars, they are default red, unless I am missing some setting somewhere.

2. Games for this phone are near zilch, I am not a phone "gamer", but a nice puzzle game once in awhile to pass the time is always nice.

3. I sent some midi files to the phone, and it stuck them in sounds, not ring tones, so I cannot use them for my ringer. Guess I'll finally have to break down and buy a few songs! Seeing as my phone is almost always on vibrate, its hardly a big deal.

4. This is NOT a small phone and is hefty. Since my old phone wasn't small or light, this doesn't matter, but if you are looking for paper thin, buy a RAZR but don't drop one of those in the pool.


If you decide to make your own wallpaper, I recommend you use 260x320 settings to get it to fit all the way across the screen.

Mil-Spec Phone Nice!!!!


Feb 2, 2007 by GrumBag

This is a very cool phone. Very solidly built. Some nice functionality, fast menu response. The QVGA Screen is amazing. Its razr sharp. You cannot see the pixels. The large external screen time is very easy to read and you can put it in analog mode!!! Yes its big and heavy but this phone is meant for that gadget type guy like me or outdoor worker. No Bluetooth or MP3 Player-who cares, use your iPod. I crossed the Motorola line for the first time to buy this phone. I came off Nextel and the i580 because I could not live with the poor cell service any longer. Verizon's service has been outstanding but I have missed my i580 which PC Mag named the best rugged phone but with the intro of this Casio, I made the jump.
-QVGA screen-its absolutely amazing
-Meets Mil-Std-810F for shock,vibration,dust,salt fog,water submersion
-Excellent flip hinge mechanism
-2MP Camera
-Feels good in the hand
-Keypad easy to use
-Decent battery life
-Earpiece and loud speaker are a little tinny at high volume.
-earpiece voices sound slightly muffled.
-Volume and Mode buttons could be a little more pronounced.

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Not worth the money


Apr 7, 2009 by Urbanfirefighter

I've had two of these overpriced paperweights. The audio is horrible. Just after the warranty period was over (1 year) the first phone died completely with no warning. The second phone just after one year, is dying and unreliable. These phones have gotten very light use and never dropped or subjected to water. I've never had so much trouble with a "Mil Spec" piece of commo equipment.

I was very glad to see that the new style Mil Spec Boulder was released. This phone is a huge disappointment. Audio sucks. Difficult to hold. Unable to download the Personal Assistant software so I had to reload all of my phone contacts by keypad.

My service is with Verizon and is pretty good.




Dec 23, 2007 by KIDDBROTHER

i bought the Casio G'zone typeV 3 months ago !! I'm on the 3rd phone & the 3rd phone was the worst ever the 2 other phone the the speaker & ear piece of the phone cut out & could barely hear them for no reason?? Verizon answer was change the phone !!
my old was a Motorola V60 ! the best I've had !! I've a few!!!

Couldnt Be happier


Oct 16, 2007 by biggriz86

Only a 4.0, because i havent had it long, so cant honestly say its perfect.

This is my first phone, but ive certainly been around phones, and had to borrow others on a regular basis because my apartment dosnt have a landline.

I just got the Type-V, after researching for weeks. First off, im a basic kinda guy, i drive an ex military diesel blazer, go camping, hiking, rock climbing, and all around outdoors kinda stuff. im also pretty rough on my things. When i talked about getting a phone, everyone who knew me immediaty said, "dont get a razer", im "THAT" guy. So i got this phone because its neigh indestructable.

so far, i have never had fewer than three bars reception, call quality is excellent, and standing next to a busy highway with semi trucks going by, i have no problem hearing the person on the other end of the line.

the design is also very appealing, granted it dosnt effect the way the phone works, but nobody wants an ugly phone. everything is well laid out and easy to use. the quick function buttons (camera, vid, speaker, flashlight) help tremendously with this.

In short...

Pro - Tough as nails
- easy to figure out
- great reception (as far as my experience goes anyway)
- awesome call clarity and volume
- fantastic design work
- full function phone (camera, gps, internet, messaging etc.)
- great customer support thus far (verizon)

Ccn - Only thing ive heard about, that i can understand, is people dont like how big it is. which i actually love. i never understood the trend towards tiny, easily broken cell phones.

Biggest Con - verizon apparently isnt making them anymore. if i had the money id buy a stash to keep around, just in case.



Aug 14, 2007 by Editor3000

Not only is it waterproof, it is unbelieveably durable!

I first heard about it from an ad I got from Verizon. I red up on it at VerizonWireless.com, and even chatted with a Verizon rep online about it. What pushed me over the edge was, I went to a Verizon retailer. They had their active demo in a fishbowl on the counter filled with water! They then wanted to charge me $50 to upgrade to it. I saw previously online that I could get it for free from Vreizonwireless.com. SO I DID!

I freaked my best friend out the other day. He came home and I started washing it with the dishes in the kitchen sink. He freaked out but I showed him that's it's OK. Now he's ordering one! I highly recommend this phone! I work for a Wireless retailer but I don't sell Verizon or this phone. But I certianly have it on my hip!

For a durable case, I got one from Rugged which can be found at a local retailer that uses a big red ® as their logo.

I'm finally happy


Jul 15, 2007 by brickwall90mph

I owned a LG 8300 that started to have problems after a year so Verizon then sent me a new broken LG 8300, at this point I had enough and went into the store well it didn't end there folks I took the bait and walked out with a RAZR well 2 days later I walked back into the store and this time I wasn't smiling when you see a 360 pound man not smiling it makes you nervous. Well a hour later I walked out of the store smiling again I got the GZ 1 free of charge to replace my broken LG and I have to say so far this is a amazing phone I am 100% satisfied the sound quality could be a little better but that is my only gripe this is a great phone. One other thought if i may the S series what the hell is that anyway I thought new models where suppose to be like a upgrade of a older model a piece of crap cam crappy screen and smaller too and all so people can have 3 things a memory card reader (yeah like i need that on the worksite) a internal antenna and bluetooth ok so in the beginning they where looking out for the working type guy or lady and now they have turned on us to market this to kids. Well I am done rambling buy the V if it still available it is the best phone out there

Finnally A Phone That I really Love!


Jul 6, 2007 by Spongebob-rd

This is the best Phone I have ever bought.
Great reception I live 25 min's from nearest town.Best I have ever had.
Camera is the best one on phone i have ever used.
So easy to use. Layed out so well I love this phone.
Well built, solid as a rock.
Nothing missing as far as I am concerned.
None as far as I am Concerned.

To sum up I am thinking of buying a spare so if they stop making it I will have another.
I have owned Razors, Lg 8100, 9800 5200, samsung A950, and others.This one is best buy a mile.

A Phone I Can't Break!


Jul 5, 2007 by Chef

My wife ordered the Type V phone after doing research on it, she said it was the only phone that could survive my abuse. She was mad at me for leaving my old phone on the kitchen counter in a puddle of water which killed it. She said that I better not break it or they'd be hell to pay.

It's a pretty cool phone it's large enough that doesn't feel clumsy in my big hands
No more dropped calls, cool color
I dropped it more than I can count, left it on a dripping wet counter and it survived

The speaker phone sucks big time if you raise the volume high.

Otherwise I love it!

I Have a Draw Full of Old Cell Phones (13)


Jul 4, 2007 by Anthony1958

The GzONE-V will have to wait many years to
join them! By Far the Best Cell I ever owned.
Out standing Sound Quality, Reception is Great even in the middle of Boston. The phone is Tough & Rugged. I just wish that someone made a Construction Grade Case for the GzONE.

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