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Jun 6, 2007 by romo684

Ever since i got this phone, I've been testing its durability so far I've:
-Played soccer with it in the mall
-Used it as a hackey sack
-drenched it with a bottle of water (head set and charge port latch closed)
-Dropped it in a water cooler (head set and charge port latch closed)
-Punted it as far as I can
-Threw it as far as I can
-Slammed it on concrete
-Threw it down the steps
-Stood on it
-Threw it through a slab of dry wall (that was fun)
-Hit it with a pair of nunchaku
-Had someone hold it as I punched it as hard as I can
It still works like new, the only small, almost un-noticable scratches are on the bumper and antenna. I have to say that this is the most durrable phone I've ever seen!!! (I also plan on launching it from a nice sized trebuchet I'm building in shop class rite now.

Phenomenal Phone


May 25, 2007 by halifaxx11

Awesome call clarity.

Loud speakerphone.

Nice, large, brilliant screen.

Best phone I have owned.


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GREAT Phone...exceeds expectations!!!


May 3, 2007 by pvq

I have had my eye on this phone since its introduction. My only hesitation was because it lacked bluetooth (which i do not currently have...but sort of wanted.) I was originally going to wait for the type S to be released, but most of the previews I have read indicated that the type s phone was actually not an upgrade in that it had an inferior screen display and an inferior camera. I decided I ought to grab a V before they are gone and I got the V for Free with my NE2 which saved me about $150 I would have spent on a type S. The phone is FAST when texting, has an excellent crisp large display and is built like a tank. I can finally go to the beach this summer without my phone in a little baggie! My sole complaint is that apparently spare batteries and an additional home charger and cradle are not available as OEM accessories. C'mon Casio...get with the program!!!!



Apr 21, 2007 by canine29

I ordered 4 going on 5 GZ1 type V phones and they are activated and deactivated and shipped back. Reason- If you have the volume on high - the speaker in the ear-piece has a very bad-noisy vibration and is annoying ! I have 1 more new replacement on the way and will post my results soon as I get it.

I did find out that the pre-programmed ring tones are different in 2 out of 4 phones.

GZ1S is due to come out soon. I cannot wait to see if they improved the ear-piece speaker (resolved the problem) ......

April 21, 2007

A Tank


Apr 10, 2007 by BBman

I have been using this phone for a month now and it has not failed. I travel a 5 state area in the mid-west and this phone has rf like all others (solid). I have experienced some lag with the vcast (no big deal)and do miss bluetooth. Hopefully the type S comes out soon, then it will be an ultimate warrior phone!

This is a man's phone without the gimmicks.

UTstarcom G`zOne


Mar 25, 2007 by darc

I got this phone a week ago I love it. Pros. earpiece volume, clarity of calls, camera,ease of use( really easy to navigate the menus and set up the phone),durability(this phone is a tank),call claraty, the screen is beautiful and the camera it takes great pictures( I took a picture of my black cat and captured her eyes which are very green).My only gripe is with the user manual which really sucks.I thought Motorola manuals were bad till I read this one.I highly recomend this phone.

Mil-Spec Phone .... Almost


Mar 17, 2007 by Focuspuller

The one item missing form the Mil-Spec is a 24 hour clock.

UTStarcom says Verizon did not want it.

Verizon said:

"The reason why the 24-hour clock was not added is because of several factors. First, I need to advise you that the military spec that were in most demand was for dust, shock, and water resistance. This is how we are marketing the phone. Moreover, the GZ One phone has a rugged design based on the demands of our customers who wanted a sturdy phone but not a military clock. Moreover, there was a demand for other features, such as a camera, VZ Navigator, Speakerphone, Get It Now, Video Messaging, and the ability to use the phone as a modem upon purchasing a kit. Unfortunately, the demand for a 24-hour clock application was very low based on the information we received from a vast majority of our customers."

Also there is a lack of accessories available for this phone.

Can not find a phone tools program.

Other than the above the phone is great.

Best phone for the working man!!!


Feb 26, 2007 by cjohnson0692

To start off with this phone does exactly what it says it will do. This is not for the pretty boy office worker who wants his phone to do everything and be small and slim. This phone is for the person that actually has to work in harsh conditions or the outside world, and his phone doesn't need to be tiny and feel like if you don't baby it it will break. I see there are reviewers that say it has no bluetooth and that is bad who cares The speakers crack at high volumes, no kidding really duh! The speakers aren't perfect but they can go under water and the rest can't. So the others must be bad then to because they can't go under water? As for the rest of the phones on the market, I have or my family has owned most of them even the latest samsung a990, razer, and krazer ...etc. If you look at this phone for what it is a working man's phone not a pretty boy phone you will love this phone. I work in the snow, rain, sun, cold, hot and this phone always works. The camera is excellent it works and takes pictures, faster with better quality than even the Samsung a990, which I owned for a short time and it sucked. The battery life is exactly what it says it should be for talk time, it's not over rated like most. The speaker and ear piece volume are plenty loud, loud enough other people will hear your conversation. I have dropped my phone at least 5 times and twice straight on to the concrete unfortunately for me. The phone has some scratches but works perfectly and never broke. The inside screen size and resolution are better than most. The outside display is not a cheap hard to see LCD, but instead a useful easy to read digital clock and you don't even have to open the lid and close it to lite up the outside so you can read it, even a blind man could read it. The buttons are nicely spaced on the keypad so you don't hit the wrong button. I don't drop calls and I usually have better signal than everybody else. Best phone for the working man, thats what this phone is for.

Rugged, Reliable, Practical – Highly recommended!


Feb 4, 2007 by studionyc

The main feature I look for in a phone is the simple ability to carry on a conversation without having to strain to make out what the person is saying, to be heard, and if at all possible – to hold the call! Of all the phones that I have had THIS is the one that can do it best! This phone DOES have a way of getting a signal and holding a call much better than others, which to me makes it worth more than the others! Though based in NYC, I spend a lot of time in the Catskill Mountains of NYS, where service is limited to some towns. With this phone I’ve been able to hold a call from one town to the other while most people in the area assert that they can’t with their phones. The other aspects of the phone that I like are that it has a solid feel, you don’t have to treat it like plutonium. Sure it’s a bit bigger than the average but it’s a lot more solid! The water resistant feature is great too in that you can literally answer the phone in the shower! It has a great screen, good size and very sharp. Its 2.0 mega pixel camera takes pretty good pictures - for a camera phone! The outside display is nice and large, easy to read and offers all the info I’d want; day/date/time/mode (ring or vibrate), if I have any messages and if the alarm is set! After trying out the alarm clock, I replaced my bedside alarm since this one is so loud – if it doesn’t wake you, YOU”RE DEAD! Its LED flash can also be used as a flashlight, which is very convenient. Menu pages come up quickly. Also, this phone paid for itself the first week I had it. The GPS in the car crapped out, which I noticed only after hitting the road for a business dinner in Boston. Alarmed, I then remembered that this phone has V-Nav GPS capabilities. Well, I initialized it and was amazed at how it worked as well as my $2k Garmin 296 in getting me right to the door of the hotel, 4hrs away! Simply put – I’m very happy with this phone.

No mobil web


Mar 10, 2007 by mark-Gz1

I cant add much that hasn't all ready been said except that there is a known issue with
Mobil web on this phone.It drops connection
very quickly.Just depends on what your looking at.Ebay--less then a min.Yahoo-about a min.
If your not using Mobil Web A great phone.
I'd give it a 5 if they fix the Mobil Web.

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