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The Best of all G'zone's


Dec 12, 2008 by furinkas

This phone is the first and best of all the g'zones. I owned it and abused it for 2 years. It's a no frills phone. The later versions have blue-tooth and mp3 but the camera isn't anywhere near as good. I just drop it yesterday on the concrete and it bounced 4 or 5 times tumbling like an Olympic gymnast. I pick it up and made a call. I also live 15 minutes from the beach. I took it in the water everytime. Never a problem. If you need rugged, this is the phone. You may be able to find a cheap one on ebay, but if you notice people aren't selling them that cheap. That should tell you something.

Issues with Data


Jan 5, 2008 by markj73

Good for Voice
Works fine for txt
Crashes on Pix Messages
Crashes/drops/locks up on Mobile Web
Crashes with a WSOD white screen of death on Vcast Videos

UT is Unwilling to provide a fix for these issues. I have replaced the phone at least 6 times from VZW refurb deal under the 1 year warranty. Also Replaced it 3 times with UT Starcom the last with a "NEW" phone or so they say. Whether it was or not it still crashes and if you want Mobile web/Vcast forget it on this phone. Grab a Type S so far it has been much better though it lacks the Vcast, after a sw update it is working on the mobile web, (had the same MW issue as the V)

I do not know if this issue is common but after at least 9 diff phones are all the same I find it hard to believe that it was just those 9... Anyone else experience this besides the one poster commented about the MW but Vcast anyone?

If all you want is a voice phone it should be fine, that is why I gave it such a low rating. I hope the S is as durable without that bumper...

Like A Rock, Built Ford Tough, this is one sturdy phone


Nov 28, 2006 by skyjet15

I have previously owned:
Kyocera 3036
LG vx4400
Moto v710
Samsung n330
razr v3c
Let me tell you, this phone looks like it can take quite a beating.

Tough hinge mechanism (definitely won't break like the flimsy razrs)
Great Battery life
waterproof (shower/accidentally toilet tested)
feels solid in-hand
great reception in CA (better than razr v3c)
cool little flashlight
2 megapix. camera
loud/clear speakerphone
scratch resistant
looks different from slimphone trend
haven't seen too many of these on the street
stopwatch/countdown timers

this phone is as big as some of the bigger phones offered by sprint/nextel. You will notice this in your pocket.
stub antenna (i like it)
slippery side buttons

The verizon UI is pretty quick on this phone and it's not nearly as glitchy as the razr. If you are looking for a reliable, decent looking, tough phone that will last you a while, this is it. And rest assured, bodies of water prove no match for the strength of this mighty casio



Nov 30, 2006 by mellowpaul

I got my new Casio G'zOne yesterday morning and have been getting used to it, coming off the LG VX-8300. The 8300 RF was too weak and the size and weight was the worst of both worlds. The Casio is a good basic phone.
It is a man's phone, you do not have to baby it.
It has a bigger screen (240x320 pixels). Every time I upgrade to a larger screen I cannot go back to a smaller one.
Good reception and a good speaker phone.
Good 2 megapixel camera.
Good UI response time, good keyboard layout.
Good RF and acceptable SAR.
None whatsoever.
Either get a strong, sturdy phone that can take it, or if you want a small, light phone, go with one under 3.5 ounces like the one of the RAZRs. But a phone like the 8300 is too bulky and heavy for a light, convenient phone, and too fragile to masquerade as a tough phone that can take a licking and keep on ticking.

A well built phone but no frills


Oct 28, 2006 by erikclarke

The timing of this release is ironic. It seems that Casio has already released a newer model with a memory card port, however Verizon doesn't sell it. As reported in other online reviews, there is a buzzy quality to the sound of the speaker during voice calls and ringtone playing. However, the volume of the speakerphone is quite sufficient for easy communication, even when set the lowest level (however, like most VZW phones, the speakerphone doesn't work when the flip is closed), although ringtones are a bit on the quiet side of the spectrum. The keypad is wonderful and the screen doesn't touch the keypad when closed (thus avoiding the "screen-imprint" phenomenon that plagues many flip-phones. The camera takes fine pictures and the general operation of the phone when switching menus/applications is extremly fast. One boo-boo that is inexcusable is the lack of a holster or case in the OEM box. Considering the unusual shape of the body, it leaves me wondering how I should safely carry it, since its "kinda on the big-boned side" of flip-phones. It would also have been nice if the outer watch face was customizable (its not, it also cannot show seconds.) As for simple talking, its great as a telephone. If toughness and MIL-SPEC is your main requirement as a Verizon Wireless customer, then this phone won't disappoint.

The best phone ever made !!!


Jan 20, 2007 by JD6321

Had this phone for a few weeks now, and I must say it is wonderful !!! The signal is just unreal, I had it right next to another Verizon phone that was searching for a signal and this phone had 2 bars and made calls perfectly !! The waterproof feature is outstanding, I was using my phone while working outside one rainy day and dropped the phone in a mud puddle that was at least 2 foot deep, picked the phone out of the mud (it was totally under water for at least 5 minutes) washed it off with clean tap water and it never missed a beat ! This phone isn't for the people who have to have the blue tooth headsets of expandable memory slot, but if you work outside in the weather (construction, Firefighter, Law Enforcement, etc) this phone is for you !! Nextel tough phones do not compare at all to this phone !!!

Rugged phone, decent reception


Dec 2, 2006 by jskrenes

Pros: the obvious nigh indestructibility, decent signal strength.

Cons: size, no bluetooth, accessories are limited.

I work at a cell phone store in SD, and decided to demo the phone for a day or two. I activated it on my line, made a few test calls, and then drove to a few known poor coverage areas around town to test it out for service. In places where some phones would drop calls (mostly in some valleys outside of town), the GZone held a signal. When down to zero bars, call quality became staticky but not so severe that the call became unintelligible or cut off.

Obviously since I'm demoing the phone, I'm not going to put its water, dust, and impact resistance to the test, but this phone feels sturdy and rugged. The phone opens and closes with a reassuring snap, and while the buttons feel a bit slick, they are sealed.

I wish it had bluetooth. Using a headset compromises its waterproofing, and if it were bluetooth, I could get a waterproof headset. Verizon could have forsaken EVDO for bluetooth. Also, I'd like to see some creative accessories to accommodate either extreme sport enthusiasts or construction workers, but perhaps some third party people will get to that.

One last thing I like is that it has a charging base, so you don't have to open the bottom charging compartment to power it up.

perfect phone


Nov 26, 2006 by andrewm32

I have had the phone for over a week and love it


well built
good reception
very durable
great keypad
good battery life


little big (but how small does a phone have to be)
no bluetooth

hopefully we see more casio phones in the US they seem to produce a good product

Great Phone!


Oct 31, 2006 by CPCO55

I just returned the LG CU500 and even switched providers so I cold use this phone. I'm so glad I did!

What's great about this phone...

It has 'military specs' which means it's water resistant, dust resistant and hard to break.

Maneuvering around is easy. Great menus.

2.0 MP camera, very clear

Sound quality is great

Quick Internet


It is a bit bulky

Hard to rest on your shoulder and talk

Standard rings are bad

Other than that I love this phone. The sales person said it was best suited for people in jobs where a rugged phone was needed and the might drop it or get it wet. I don't need it for any of those reasons, and still love it. I think it has features that work for everyone.

I like It


Jan 24, 2007 by GBC

Its very expensive but its made very well, feels good and is the ONLY Verizon rugged phone. The screen is amazing!!!! No signal issues that I see. Its the only Verizon phone that I can actually see the outside display time without my reading glasses (I'm not old). The phone has some nice unique functionality. No Bluetooth or MicroSD-so what! Bluetooth stinks and not worth the trouble and play songs??-who uses their phone anyway for that, I've never seen it. Thats why we have our iPods!!
-Amazing large Display.
-Easy to read outside time, analog also.
-Feels good in the hand.
-Rugged features are amazing
-Ear piece and speaker are a little tinny
-Could use protruding rubber volume buttons considering the user, (nextel type person),they are hard to feel.
-It is a little slick to hold, could use rubber grips on the side, again, considering the user.

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