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Great phone.


Dec 17, 2006 by velvetchopsticks

This is a wonderful phone. I have experienced no predicaments so far; it's probably the best phone I've had. I have had it for a month now and I get a lot of compliments at school about it :).

-MP3 player is cool.
-The color of the clamshell. The white is cool since most phones are either black or silver.
-SO EASY TO TEXT MESSAGE. I suggest if you have T-Mobile and don't want to get a Sidekick, get this phone.
-Good reception.
-Camera is really good.
-Speakerphone is good.
-MicroSD slot.
-Good screen; big and bright!

-You have to buy the headphones separate.
-Can't turn off the shutter sound for the camera.
-Outer screen isn't color; plain blue and white.
-Size could be smaller.

Overall, a great phone. :). Great for all ages; especially teenagers. With T-Mobile you get all these sweet features like Hi-Fi Ringers. Yeah, highly recommended.

Love it!


Nov 4, 2006 by skumkitty

I have the Samsung T309 and loved that phone but wanted an upgrade. I ordered the T509 but it was thinner then the Slvr, I though I was going to break it when I used it. So I sent it back and ordered the T609.

-Mp3 player speaker actually sounds good.
-Micro SD slot
-1.3 mp camera good got still photos.
-Paint is really durable, doesn't scratch easy like my other phones.
-Mirror good for taking pics of yourself
-Outside display makes the phone look decent (dislike color outside display)

All and all I think its a good deal for its price. With having card slot, mp3 player, bluetooth, and good camera.

-Mp3 phone didn't come with headphones so you have to purchase them separately.
-Keypad smaller then t309 makes it harder to text with one hand.
-Network doesn't switch fast enough. Meaning if cingular has more of a signal where I am located it will stay on T-mobile tower even if its has little to no signal. Even when in auto. So when I make a call it will drop the call I have to go in switch towers and I will have a full signal.
-Camera button on the side, doesn't lock so if the phone is in your pocket your taking pics of the darkness of your pocket.
-Can't adjust volume on the folder tones.
-Phone will reset its self sometimes.

I have had no problems with the phone besides the random resets which is typical.

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awesome but.............


Jul 25, 2006 by nyankees_rno1

1.3 pixel cam/vid
mp3 player
small compact
memory card slot mirco
good sound

txt ringtone cant be changed
no external display in color
charger breakable

this phone had ALMOST everthing in a good phone how ever it came with no memory card, data transfer cable.....and the headphone plug in not normal

Loved it!


Jul 17, 2006 by beautifulstorm

I wouldve given this phone a 4.5, but it doesnt come with a USB cable, memory card, or memory card reader for the mp3 player, and that could become quite pricey. I loved the design of the phone, and the menus, but the mp3 player expenses caused me to exchange the phone for the t809 which I am also returning. The camera on the t609 was okay, but when you zoom and take the picture, it comes out further back than it looked. The ringtones were pretty loud, didnt try the speakerphone......Even on silent mode, the camera shutter still sounded. Overall I loved it and wouldve kept it if it werent for the Mp3 issues.


Nice appearance
Loud Ringtones
Multiple phonebook entry
Okay camera
Mirror like outer display


Camera Shutter
Cant silence from the outside
Outer display isnt in color

This is an Awesome phone!!


Jul 2, 2006 by Justin9479

I just got this phone yesterday from t-mobile and I love it. It has all the bells and whistles that a phone could have. It is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera which is better than I have ever had in a phone.The only thing I see as a problem so far with this phone is the earpiece volume. I have a hard time hearing the person I am talking too. Does anyone else have this problem??? Please let me know Justin9479@yahoo.com Overall this is a really nice phone.

If your not a "slider""


May 17, 2006 by tstodda

I ran across this while trying to purchase a t809. Features are identical and I will still sleep at night knowing I have a flip phone and not a slider. The best flip phone tmobile offers right now!

Great display
1.3mp camera
charger same as previous samsung flips :)
MP3 ringtones
MP3 player sounds pretty nice.
Cheaper than t809.
MicroSD slot.

Battery life said to be the same as t809...and so far ive experienced it.
Menu takes a lot of getting used to.
No memory card, software, or USB cable included. (apparently included in t809).

If your one of the many who drool over the t809 but can't handle change, the t609 is absolutely perfect.

Samsung T609


May 16, 2006 by theswiftguy


* Text without hassles! Very easy & fast!

* Very loud ringers esp. Hi Fi's are crisp clear and not muffled! Great for lots of music downloads!

* Nice Mega Pixel camera! Way better than an average VGA camera such as the Samsung Slider E635 has!


* Speakerphone problem: The owner can hear the other party just fine, but the other party cannot hear the owner too well, sounds muffled.

Promising but a miss.


Aug 7, 2006 by Nick47

With great features such as edge, Mp3, hi-res camera and micro xd card and Samsung’s reputation it seemed like a promising choice but, despite high hopes I soon discovered this little gem could not hold enough signal strength to hand off between about 30% of the towers along my weekly 200 mile Interstate 5 commute in southern Oregon. I had a problematic V300 could do along the entire route without loosing signal between towers and the V300 is pretty poor compared to newer top end phones. I also noticed that in fringe areas and inside buildings where the V300 was able to marginally talk the Samsung t-609 could not resolve enough signal to even register on the system. I could also hear annoying PCM radio signals (Ticks, hiss, buzz and clicks) in the flip earpiece and the audio quality was noticeably inferior to my V300 with broken words and odd distortion that made callers occasionally sound like a Borg from Star Trek.

The case while cheap and bland, it is seemingly sturdy. The phone is small and for me almost too is small for my average male hands. I find the case a bit to slippery for my taste. Battery life seemed to be pretty good if I kept the Bluetooth off. Software and user menus seemed logical and clean.

After two weeks of wanting to like the phone I began to experience more dropped calls and started to hear an occasional squeal along with the annoying buzzing, clicks and pops.

Three independent resellers have related similar complaints form customers and one told me he heard it was designed as a new Edge technology test piece for the Portland Or. And San Diego markets. Another reseller said they decided to stop selling it because of all the returns and complaints of poor performance.

Not sure if my t-609 was a dud or normal but but I am back to the old problematic V300, and if someone can recommend a reliable quad band T-mobile phone that has good reception and talk power I would appreciate a recommendation?

Just O.K


Apr 6, 2007 by annmarie780

Got this phone through T-Mobile for free and thought it would be my last phone (for a while) but no such luck. (I just upgraded to the Nokia 5300). It's good to have an MP3 player built into your phone but would have been even greater to use those songs as ringtones. The camera is o.k for a 1.3mp (if you need great pics get a digital camera). The voice activated dialing is great and it's so easy to go to quiet mode (you need this at the movie theatre).

MP3 player
Sound quality

You need to buy stereo headset separately
Can't use MP3 songs as ringtones

A Little Better Than Expected


Jan 13, 2007 by L7jr

I have had the t609 for about 2 months and feel that I can now make judgements on the phone.

Reception, as compared to my old PEBL, is much better at holding onto a signal on the T-Mobile network in Brooklyn, NY.

The phone is extremely light and can be hidden when my fist is closed and I don't have big hands.

I like the external monochrome screen because I don't have to push any buttons to see the time or reception.

Most of the time I take the phone out of my pocket I push the camera button and wind up taking a pic and sometimes I'll hear the shutter from the camera go off while it is in my pocket because of the way the button gets hit. This is probably my biggest issue with the phone because it happens so often. I hate going to my photos and seeing like 6 or 7 black pics.

The phone has to be charged every other day as soon as I see it drop down to 2 out of 3 bars. I've tried many times to see if the phone will make it through the day and it will die by 7pm the next day if left on while I am sleeping. My old PEBL could go 3-4 days without a charge so this is definitely bothersome.

The volume when talking on the phone is very low, even when at level 5, and it is very difficult to hear what people are saying when it is windy outside or if it is noisy. My bluetooth headset is louder while in the street.

To sum up the phone:

Free on a 1 year contract (for me at least)
MyFave capable
Decent camera quality
External Monochrome Display
Memory Card Capability
Make your own MP3 ringtones

Location of Camera Button on the side of the phone
Can't shut off shutter when taking pictures
Low volume when on calls
Menu UI took me a while to get used to it
Pics on memory card shrink down for no reason when set as a wallpaper

Overall, I would say I would recommend this phone only if it was free or no more than $50 on a contract. Once you get to that price bracket, you can get a better quality phone.

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