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HTC SDA (USA) / SP5m (Tornado)


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Good phone... I'm Impressed


Feb 28, 2006 by MarcoAyuso

I just got it today and the phone works great and i like it a lot

>Good Camera (You got to keep it very steady or it will be blurry)

>Good sound Qaulity ( I live in Minneapolis Minnesota and have t mobile)

> Wi-Fi is lovely

> Very Crisp Clear screen


> Little keys, It's very hard for me to text people.

Thats about my only gripe but i would definitely suggest you buy this phone... I have some questions though if someone could... please send me an AIM at Meazycuz


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Feb 25, 2006 by sk8er522

im only 17, but i no a good phone when i see it. ive encountered over 20 phones in the past 2 years looking for the right one. after having every single 2005 tmobile fone, i gave up and bought the i870 from nextel. then i saw this phone last month and just had to get it. had to give tmobile 1 LAST try.

i must say, this fone is amazing. here are the pros/cons


- great service. i get full bars even in my basement.

- finally, a pda that works so well. syncronizing could not get easier!

- windows media player works very very well and plays all my music and videos.

- i bought a 256mb memory card and it holds over 800 photos, 3 hours of video, or 75 songs.

- i hooked it up to my laptop and used it as a cable modem with the WIFI feature. very fast!

- screen is GORGEOUS. so clear, vivid, and bright!

- calender/oragnizer is very efficient for busy lives.

- instant messenging is exactly how u would see it on the computer.

- camera is so clear. i had over 7 1.3 megamixel camera fones, and none of them were real. all bullshit. this fone's camera is finally something i found better than the sharp TM150. pure amazing.~

- video is very high quality with low storage space usage. great!

- many shortcuts, cut and paste feature, customizing is very easy.

- belive it or not, the same website used for nextel ringotnes, can be used for this phone. wen syncronized, to to the voice notes folder and the ringers from www.nextpimp.com, and just drag.!

- bluetooth is aweseome!!


- small buttons, hard for big fingers

- baterry life isnt that unbelieveable.

- not very loud. the headphones make it better.

- more of a pda than a phone. good though

overall, the biggest problem is the small buttons, its ok compared to all the BADASS faeatures on this fone.

the price? i got it for 249.99!!! VERY VEry good deal for the fone it is!

pros overwhelm the cons, i recommend it to anybody!

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*Near* Perfect Phone With Potentially Fatal Flaw


Feb 19, 2006 by TobiasFunke


-Windows Mobile OS is terrific and synchs with Outlook perfectly
-Excellent form factor for as functional a phone as it is; it's a phone first that has many quality PDA functions; great for reading e-mail or casual web browsing but it's better with incoming data than outgoing since there is no QWERTY keyboard
-Battery life is far better than advertised
-MiniUSB charging port is very convenient
-Dedicated Windows Media buttons
-Bluetooth is excellent; far better than my LG VX8100 using the same headset
-Service in Detroit, Chicago and Miami has so far been flawless


-Keypad is almost impossibly small - so small that if you dial a lot of numbers that aren't stored in the contacts file I would strongly advise you not purchase the phone for this reason alone. Texting, of course, is very difficult also for the same reason. Those dedicated Windows Media buttons that were a pro above? Well, they could have made them far smaller or eliminated them altogether and created about 50 percent more space to include a usable keypad.
-Toggle button is difficult to use and should be rubberized
-Speakerphone cannot be left permanently on and must be activated during each call with a short key sequence. Also the speakerphone is simply not loud enough

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this phone. The cons list is very short, and while the toggle and speakerphone troubles are annoying but hardly dealbreakers, the keypad renders an otherwise five star phone into one that has me questioning whether to even keep it. This is extremely frustrating because of how well the rest of the phone serves its intended purpose. Moreover I am growing tired of VZWs increased nickel and diming and poor phone/PDA selection and have so far been very impressed with TMobile's service and price (2000 minutes + data for $90 - same setup on VZW is $130). I guess if most of your numbers are stored in your contacts I highly recommend in spite of the glaring design error.

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Best Choice Made


Jun 23, 2006 by puerdei

The SDA is everything I had hoped for. . . and more. I am absolutely pleased with it's high speed internet browsing capability, not to mention its superb resolution. I've been able to do everything from using it as a regular phone to listening to XM radio while browsing webpages. This is a great phone worthy of its price. I highly recommend this device!

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Very nicely designed phone


May 30, 2006 by randyps

In short, I've never been happier with a cellphone and TMobile as a carrier. I've had the SDA couple of months now and grow to appreciate it more each day.

I've owned several smartphones by Motorola, Nokia, and now HTC/TMobile and this is the best one yet.

PROS: Reception is excellent everywhere. Wifi works at home, hotels, airports, and hotspots. Ringer volume is quite good and excellent speakerphone. Windows Media Mobile 10 is awesome and syncs so easily with my pc. Also Windows Mobile 5 allows me to add programs like PocketStreamer and programs to listen to my XM radio channels. You can't get that on a Nokia/Symbia phone.

CONS: very minor. Yes, the buttons are small but if they were larger, so would the phone be. Joystick as always could be better but I've never seen one that was very good anyway.

As a phone this is a great one. As for its additional features, they make it truly the pick by PC Mag and others as an Editors Choice.

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SDA fantasic!!!


Mar 26, 2006 by bigboss

The sda is the perfect upgrade from any phone.I just got rid of my t809 for this one.

Pros: Battery life, windows mobile, streaming video and audio, wifi and the edge is suprisingly fast, and the size/weight is perfect!!

Cons: Key pad is kinda small, and i can stream some types of wmv(??strange??).

Overall this phone is excellent... It's a hot buy.

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May 19, 2006 by foxmxer254

Phone is the bestttttttt. I love it soo much, Wifi is amazing, Resolution is amazing. Everything is perfect about this phone. I recommend this phone to anyone....

Bads... NONE!

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inconsistent design, bugs


Apr 25, 2006 by sergei1001

Phone is obviously designed by people who had little experience with mature, polished interfaces of Euro GSM manufacturers like Nokia or SE. While phone looks great on a spec sheet, it fails in basic-consumer function: calling, typing text, finding phone numbers, etc.
Physical layout on SDA crowds out main keypad in favor of oversized music controls. Important interface control keys are microscopic...
Contact book is implemented in a very clumsy way - it ignores the fact that people recognize numbers: e.g. +44207 is London landline, and +1646 a US mobile - except SDA doesn't show the number, only a designator [w|h|m] - silly given that screen has enough room to show every number in full. Implementation of contact book is buggy - try to select and edit contact...
Bluetooth implementation doesn't allow to exchange pictures, sounds or contacts- at least I couldn't do it.
Radio tract is crap - signal is often lost, and very sluggishly reacquired - I generally force it to search for network manually. Nearby PEBL had no trouble at all...
Ergonomics of interface is horrendous, although I can understand why most US consumers accustomed to CDMA phones won't understand what I mean. Default menu choices are not most common actions, and not doubled to softkeys, softkey confirmation sometime mapped onto joystick, sometimes not. "No" sometimes gets it own softkey, sometimes must use "Back" hardkey." sometimes appears as "Done", sometimes it is joystick press- I can go on and on. Interface doesn't create mechanically repetitive user action patterns - requires cognition, once must look at the screen, understand and think...
T9 is weak- word choices are not redisplayed after wrong choice is made, must erase the whole word and retype. Adding SMS recipient - try that...
Shoot a video - try to find it later: certainly not under "Pictires/Video"
I really wanted this phone to work for me - but had to give up after 2 weeks, returned it to T-Mobile... Try SE W810...

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i dont now wy i cand get more volume


Feb 27, 2006 by victor8090

the first time that i got a pda & i dont get vibrate withe sound together
& i dont get a nof volume by incoming calls there is no place to get higher volume
thats a stupid problem for sucvh a Fancie phone

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