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This phone works great but not so great looking


Jun 7, 2008 by ndirishjack94

This phone is a great phone that has excellent sound quality picture quality and it works great. The cons are that this phone looks terrible. It is very fat and it has the impression of a slider but it is not. I did not like where the power button is located because it was hard to press. The phone's middle mouse thing often got food or dust in it and would be jammed but overall the phone plays great but does not have the looks. More info http://assignmentworld.com

HTC Tornado SDA


Mar 3, 2006 by Lau Pan

This is a great phone. I have had mine for a week now and each day it becomes easier to use. Even the small buttons become more user friendly.

Quad feature is great for business travel.

I added a 512 Mini SD II, Comp USA, $42.00 so I am able to download templates I made on my PC to respond to emails, works great.

Edge feature is great although spotty right now, T-mobile said they will add more coverage.

Battery life is great.

WiFi feature is great I have had no issues with the system.

Sync went smoothly, software is great, T-mobile tech support great although they are on a learning curve as well.

I have been a Nokia client for many years so the transition at first was interesting however after the first day 5.0 became more comfortable, in fact I think it is more efficient.

Great screen, sometimes can wash out in the direct sunlight.

I have a lot of contacts for business so the search can be slower as there is limited find features, I have to scroll more.

There is very little to complain about with this phone.

HTC makes some great products for the business and professional market, I think we will see some great things from them and Samsung in the near future.

Nokia watch out.

Almost has everything you need...


Mar 2, 2006 by tonyl2e

I have had it for about 4 months now. It's a good phone, especially for road warriors like me. With its EDGE feature, this phone makes browsing more fun, and makes listening to web-radio, watching web-tv a reality. But make sure your carrier offer unlimited internet access because it can get very expensive if your charged by MBs. I have the grandfathered unlimited internet plan with TMobile for $19.99; therefor I have more reason to enjoy this phone.

However, there are several things this phone is missing. It really annoys me that I cannot record a phone conversation. This feature should be a must for all phones, since there are times when you don't have a pen to jot down important notes or when you're driving. Second, you cannot play mp3 through your bluetooth headphone. This is a shame, most phone support A2DP even those released two years ago.

I also noticed some problems with the GPRS/EDGE feature of this phone. If you answer a call while using GPRS, it always disconnect the GPRS connection. While the GPRS traffic is high, for example you're listening to stream audio, all incoming calls go directly to voicemail. I used two different GPRS phones before and they didn't have these problems.

This phone is great!!



Best phone I have had in years. I am normally a big Nokia phone freak but let me say that this device has made me reconsider my stance. I just got it yesterday so I cannot tell ya all the quirky problems it may have but with using it for 24 hours. I would say so far so great. I could even see a novice using this with ease. My only true complaint is the button size. They are tiny. I have slender small fingers and still am not pleased with them. So guys with big hands may run into issues. The edge flys on the device and the wifi is awsome. The bluetooth works well and is rather loud. Even at my lowest setting on the volume control it is still extremely loud. For all of us music lovers there is another draw back. The bluetooth does not sync with the audio playing on the phone. So use the stereo headset provided or the external speaker. The camera and video are also very nice. It is by no means flawless and indoors you would change the light settings but all in all for a 1.3mp it is pretty darn good. So over all I give it a 4.5 the only draw backs being the button size and the bluetooth settings for audio play back. If your a novice at windows based phones but want an upgrade go for it. It is not to complicated and with in a few hours you will have it down(keep the instruction manual handy). You will love this phone.

The best all around smartphone


Feb 18, 2006 by crispeto

I absolutely love this phone. Wifi, edge, great sound quality, beautiful screen. Windows mobile 5 has been great so far. I'm with Tmo in the Northwest and my reception is much better than with my other cell. Perhaps my only gripe is the video playback. I put a video clip of my son on it and is was pretty choppy. Other than that, its the best phone I believe I can buy!

I Love This Phone!!!


Feb 19, 2006 by ejforest

Every Thing On This Phone Is Awesome And No Problems If You Want To Get A Reliabile Smart Phone This Is It With WIFI EDGE BLUETOOH 1.3MP Windows Media Player10 Msoft Outlook I Mean I Could Go On And On Just Got Hot Spot For Tmobile Works So SO So Fast And If You Have Hi Speed Internet At Home Could Also Work WIFI On Your Phone So No Matter Were You Are Phone Works Fine And No Drop Calls At All So If You Decide To Get A Smart Phone Buy This One You Will Not Get Disappointed...

Unbelievable - I love it!


Mar 15, 2006 by smartphonedude

I have tried many many cell phones but this phone is unbelievable. I put a 1 gig memory card in it. Right now, I have a 140,000 word dictionary on it, the NIV bible, Star Wars, many videos of my son, about 100 wma songs, and a ton of pictures. It syncs up to MS Outlook like a charm so all of my contacts, appts, tasks, and emails are always up to date. It comes with bluetooth and works great with my logitech headset. It also has wifi which has been flawless with my wireless network and is very speedy. The screen is absolutely gorgeous. The camera takes decent pictures and video. One of the best features is the battery life. For all it does it lasts an incredibly long time. I have not found a smartphone that even comes close to these features especially for the price. Once you learn all of its features, you'll agree it's the best phone - mini computer there is!

Works very well


Feb 13, 2006 by romy101

As far as functionality goes I have yet to see another OS that has phone mastered as well as WM5. I love using this operating system. The phone reception is great and that says a lot. I used the cingular version for a couple days before this and I constantly had dropped calls and stutters. This I associate with the network not the phone. T-Mobile has a better network in my local area - Ft. Lauderdale. Anyways the wifi, bluetooth and phone works well when all on. I jumped on wifi to google mobile and it was quick quick. I synced it with my outlook and media player perfectly and now have all my contacts as well as my mp3s on the go. The speakerphone is a little low in volume and the screen is a little washed out in bright daylight. If you have big fingers you may not like the tiny buttons they put under the screen for the home and soft keys. They are tiny. Great phone.

This SDA Rocks!!!


Feb 14, 2006 by dboss52

I Just Got This Phone And I Have To Say Wow The Os Windows5 And WiFI Is Great Also Outlook And Explorer Is Great I could stream the INTERNET very quick comparing to treo this phone kicks treos A!!@s by a long shot The Camera Is A 1.3Mp Video Great you could store your mp3s and you Are good to go Remember to have wifi you must call tmobile to get this feature so if i were you jump on this phone especially if you into a small or big business.



Sep 26, 2006 by gbenrus25

Got this phone 3 months ago and all I can say is that the phone is just great!!! I daresay it's one of the best cell phones around. I hooked up my phone with a 2.0gb miniSD card so I basically have all the apps I nned on the phone. The wi-fi is very good, the bluetooth top notch and the other features are just great.

- Wi-fi which makes connecting to the internet very fast. Also, have Skype so could make VoIP calls in the US for free!!!
- Bluetooth: Very good bluetooth range and functionality. Also has infrared which I guess isn't all that useful considering it has bluetooth.
- Music Player: Hook the phone up with TCPMP player and you can play practically any format/codec you can find.
- Camera: I know it says 1.3Megapixels camera but it's better than other 1.3megapixel phone cameras I compared it to.
- Reception: Not as good as some other phones but it's a smartphone!!! However, way better than other PocketPCs in terms of reception.
- Someone mentioned in an earlier review that voice calls couldn't be recorded. However, you can download a freeware called PMRecorder that records all your voice calls so that problem's fixed.
Can't continue listing. There're too many pros. Just hook it up with a large miniSD card and your usage of this phone would be limitless.

- Obviously, the location of the miniSD card (behind the battery) is so stupid.
- Can't play music using bluetooth headset. However, that can be fixed by downloading Tornado A2DP or other programs out there onto the phone.
This phone is worth every cent you might have to pay for it. Get it is you can cuz you'd not regret it.

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