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Heard this phone is available with Net10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mar 29, 2010 by realestateman2

I heard this phone is availbel with Net10!!!!!!!!!!! My GF just went out and bought this phone and absolutely loves it. She says the service with net10 is great. She also just told me that Net10 won a JD POWER award just recently for overall phone service.



Dec 23, 2009 by MountainMike

This was my first Tracfone (TF) (UGH!) back in Jan. 2008 and it was replaced by a V-170 because it made calls from my Levis pocket and had poor earphone volume. The pocket phone call issue is because the keypad is unprotected in my pocket while the phone is "on".

The AT&T network here is pretty crappy - I do live 10+ miles from the nearest GSM tower - so poor reception is to be expected.

I have had 4 of these at one time or another (TF ran a special last year!). I gave one to a friend, I had so many of these around the house!

The ability of this little phone to pull in the signals when compared to other GSM network phones is impressive, but it is VERY basic.

PROS: Battery life is long... like advertised, 7+ days on standby!
Reception - pulls in signal.
Small size, good for a lady's purse.

CONS: Earphone volume is low.
Ringtones are very poor sounding.
Keypad is unprotected.

Great phone


Oct 25, 2009 by gas28man

If you want "just a phone" I don't see how you can do better. I get signal everywhere, even in places where friends with contract services get no or weak signals.

I'd say the best feature, though is the signal retention. I have owned my C130 on Tracfone for almost two years, and I am just a light user -- maybe 125 minutes a month -- but in all that time I have dropped exactly ONE phone call.

The battery life when I first got the phone was, no joke, 8 to 11 days, depending on my usage. Now that the phone is 2 years old, battery life has JUST started to dwindle down to about 2 to 4 days.

I'm gentle on my phones. I have never thrown, dropped or drowned this phone, so I can't testify to the ruggedness, but in 2 years of light usage, it still looks and operates like the day I opened the package. Nothing has worn out or broken on it.

Given that the phone has no camera or other bells and whistles, I can say that, for what it promises to do, the only drawback I would say is the ringtones. There's not a really pleasant-sounding one in there. But the ring is plenty loud.

Battery life
Signal strength/retention
Voice quality
Build quality


Great Little Phone


May 14, 2008 by krems2009

this phone has had some good times and bad. but mainly good...i can literally throw this phone and it will not break. if i ever got pissed off b/c a txt msg wouldn't send then it would probably hit a wall. but its still working.;) im through tracfone but wish i could've gotten it through at&t b/c it costs too much. but for having it a year now, it has done me wonders. if you want a phone with the basics...GET IT!!!

pros: kick butt long battery life
small in size, great for a pocket
cons: long charge time...
small screen
no camera...but i have a digital anyways.lol

I Could Not Be More Pleased!


May 26, 2007 by Wireless Buddy

I could not be more happy with this basic-yet-functional handset. I bought it with Tracfone service from WalMart for $14.88. I bought it so my $620 Samsung SCH-i730 PDA phone wouldn't get messed up when I went kayaking and other outdoor activities. This phone has met and exceeded all of my expectations. I wanted the following in this device:
- Sturdy, durable build
- Good battery life
- Good reception
- Small
- Inexpensive

The Motorola C139 was all of those. Bar phones always tend to be more sturdy and durable than flip phone, but this is built like a rock! It reminds me of my old Nokia 5160i. The keypad is very tough on this phone. It requires some getting used to, as you have to kinda push on the keys with some force. But once you get used to it, you will be glad you have such as well made keypad and not some loose/flimsy keypad. The keys are perfectly sized. You will not press more than one key even though it looks like that. The battery lasts for weeks! Granted, I hardly ever used it when I have it turned on, but still. The reception is great. Motorola always has a great antenna in their handsets. Remember, I use this with Tracfone service, and in my area Cingular's the network. When I had a Nokia 3595 with Cingular, I couldn't get coverage at my house. I get 4 bars on my C139. The phone is very small. It almost feels like it was based on the PEBL's body, being very compact and round. It's not thin, but it's not thick either. Same with the weight. I think it's a very good balance. It is very sleek, as well. Tracfone's C139 is glossy black with silver trim in between the key rows and on the sides. On the side, there is a rubber strip to help you hold the phone better. While the UI isn't the prettiest, it makes good use of the screen size and is easy enough to use.

And of course, it was only $14.88. It has provided me with a great outdoor sports phone, for me, it's perfect, and I give it a five out of five.

Judge this phone in proportion to its price!


Aug 27, 2007 by jsph72

I've had a wide variety of phones in my day and this one is very decent, considering the price. If you want something very basic that just makes and receives calls, isn't cumbersome to carry, and won't break your heart if it is scratched, stolen, or dropped, this is a good alternative. As far as the other functionalities (texting, ringtones,etc) of course it will fall short, it was less than $20.00! I bought one because my regular phone was giving me problems and I'd rather wait until my contract ends before I buy an expensive model. Simply pop your sim card into this "shell" and it's ready to go. Perfect phone to use as a backup or "in between" if something happens to your Blackberry or upscale phone.

GREAT Little Phone!!!!!


Aug 7, 2007 by TampaBayMan69

I have been with Cingular/AT&T Wireless now since May 2006. I live in Hernando County (Weeki Wachee) Florida where the reception is terrible (being out in the "sticks"). I was using a Samsung D357 clamshell phone I paid $160.00 for back in 2006 and could never get any reception inside my house unless I was at a window or holding the phone a certain way. Dropped calls were an everyday ritual.

After a careful investigation of the Motorola C139 I purchased one at Wal-Mart for $14.99. The reviews were favorable so I thought I would see if the reception would be better. As soon as I changed my SIM card from the Samsung to the C139 I was blown away by the 100% improvement in reception! This little phone works in any room of my house with at least one to two bars whereas the Samsung usually was lacking any bars or only one bar on a good day.

The C139 does have a few drawbacks (hard to hear the ringer, long recharge time, etc.) but it more then makes up for the minuses with it's many pluses. I would recommend this phone to anyone and for 14 bucks, come on now! I use the phone for making and receiving calls and texting, that's all. I don't need or want anything more in a cell phone and this phone does this and more.

Pros: Fantastic reception
Kick butt battery life
Candy bar style
Rubber sides (easy to hold)
To many more to list...

Cons: Very hard to hear ringer
Long recharge time

Again great phone, get one if you don't need many bells or whistles!

Great Phone


Mar 8, 2007 by wwehavok85

I purchased the C139 as a backup phone in case anything happens to my MOTORAZR. I purchased it for $20 as a GoPhone through Cingular/AT&T. I used it for about a week to make sure it worked. I found that this was an excellent phone, emphasis on PHONE. It is capable of voice calls and text messaging ONLY. No WAP browser and no MMS. This is very simple a cell phone.

Size and Design
Great Call Quality and Volume


Some would say that not having a WAP browser or MMS is a con, but this is a GREAT phone.

Moto C139


Jun 5, 2008 by aaronr21

My first cell phone, and a great one at that. My nephew is using mine, and he loves it( he is 12).

Super basic
Excellent battery (once lost it and couldn't find it for 3 months, still turned on!)
Easy to read screen, even in sunlight

After about 8mnths of owning it, the buttons are starting to squeak. Thought it was a phone, not a mouse!
iTap just sucks. I love my T9 on the Sony.
Ringtones are super annoying, like old Nokias
Buttons are almost too small, I have bear paws, but I have to live with a Walkman phone, not much better....
No internet :(

TracFone is just a great service, this was my only Tracfone and it's still being used. Got it in Oct '07, and upgraded to Virgin Mobile (cheaper minutes). The only major complaint is the iTap predictive writing system. Its painful and slow, heres the comparison, from my nephew. He can type a 24.89 second message on my Sony, but with the Moto, it takes 48.9 seconds to type the same message. I hope they improve this, since I am buying a Moto W370 for my niece ($50 and includes a Doubler card) and she will basically be texting. Texts are 0.3 units send/receive, that equals to about 5.5 cents a message for a $20 card.

My recommendation: Get this if all you do is talk and/or text. Note: the best deal is to get a doubler card and buy the 450 unit card. It gives you 900 for a total of $130, 14.4cents a min or 4.8 cents a text. I gave this a 4.5 because it does 1/4 of what my Sony can do.

Great Kid's Phone


Mar 18, 2008 by abdad

We were going to buy our two kids the C168i Go Phone, so that we could talk on our AT&T phones, but our local Wal-Mart had these on an end cap for $10 apiece, half the price of the C168i. So, we grabbed two C139s. They must have been old stock, because they still carried the Cingular brand.

1. The $10 price. With the $10 airtime that comes with the phone, it's like a free phone. Also, it makes it very easy to forgive the phone's shortcomings. Also, if the kids lose or break them, we're not out that much other than the airtime.

2. Surprisingly good reception for a dual-band.

3. Easy to fit into a pocket or purse.

4. Good size for a kid's smaller hand.

5. The free M2M on the AT&T PAYG plan.

5. The kids love 'em!

1. Display backlight quits too soon, although it's easy enough to get it back.

2. Doesn't vibrate very hard.

3. Owner's manual not very good. Had to figure out a lot of things for myself, and then show them to the kids.

All in all, I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a phone to just make or receive calls, and especially those with kids.

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