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Nice little moto


Aug 28, 2006 by witesamurai

This little moto phone is nice and cheap.

Definitely the small size
Sleek look
Color screen
Easy to use
Practical features
Long battery life

No camera
Small screen

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My First Moto


Sep 26, 2006 by alsal

This is my first Motorola phone. It is a nice basic phone with great battery life and easy to use. I like the rubber sides so its not easy to drop. The earpiece is nice clear and loud. Keypad has a nice layout and is easy to text on. The only things I didn't like was not being able to download ringers, graphics or games came be downloaded. Which is good if you don't want to rack up a high phone bill. Also no MEdia net which can also be a bit expensive if you use it alot. This is a great phone for anybody especially for someone who wants a good basic easy to use phone.

PROS:great battery life, easy to use, nice design

CONS:no ringtones, graphic or games to add to phone and no MEdia net

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Round and Round


Jul 20, 2006 by GravityFails

Both the Net10 and Cingular versions of this phone were a pleasant surprise; it's inexpensive to begin with, but in the pictures it looks downright cheap. Don't be fooled.

From the standpoint of aesthetics, the Net10 version wins, hands down. It's covered in slick, glossy plastic that makes it sinfully fun to hold, while the Cingular model's black matte finish detracts a bit from the C139's pleasing shape and appearance. I admit that it was a little tough handing over the Net10 version to my son, but I'm pretty much locked into my Cingular PAYG plan because of friends and family who use Cingular.

The screen is clear and bright, if a bit small, and the buttons offer sufficient tactile feedback. Menus are easily navigable, with a low-frustration factor, something that Motorola has improved over recent years. (Kyocera, I'm lookin' at you, here.)


+ Inexpensive
+ Small
+ Super clear voice quality
+ Good reception (It's a Motorola)
+ 2.5mm jack (not listed anywhere, but it's there)
+ Insane battery life
+ Solid construction
+ It's all smooth and curvy and stuff


- No speaker
- Tiny screen
- Cingular version's black plastic decidedly uncool

Of course it's not gonna do your taxes for you, or walk the dog, but for thirty clams, really, what can we expect? I'm a sucker for bar phones with killer sound, and this one's got both in bucketloads.

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Motorola C-139


May 29, 2006 by jda

"Upgraded" from C-155 (Tracfone)

1. Flatter front. Slides in and out of pocket well.
2. Rubber grips on sides make it less likely to drop.
3. Datebook.
4. Higher res. screen.
5. Longer battery life. (Prob. due to no. 1 below)
6. Ringtones are better, but still not great. (The "Flight of the Valkyries" one is the best.)

1. Screen goes completely dark when backlight is off. Time does not show dimly like the C-155. Cannot use as watch. Screensaver is useless since you can't see anything after 20 s anyway.
2. Cannot change colors. Stuck with light blue.
3. Only 3 quickdial numbers. Show up in menu as "Quickdial 1", etc. instead of name given like "Home".
4. 0.3 units deducted when you RECEIVE a message. (from Tracfone no less...)

I guess I have more issues with the software than the hardware here. It's a nice looking little phone, but tradeoffs had to be made to keep the price the same. I'd say it's a horizontal move from the C-155 at this point. It depends on what features you want in a phone.

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Decent Phone


May 21, 2006 by kywireless

Purchased the motorola c139 few days back, so far it's been just an okay phone. Didn't know what to really expect from it, it has about the same features as the rest of tracfone motorola phones offer.

1. 65k color screen
2. Good Reception
3 Good Battery Life
4. Nice Keypad

1. Ringtones suck
2. Screen to small

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Absolute junk.


Dec 30, 2007 by akchuck

-0- battery life. Takes forever to charge. Takes 5 minutes to get a signal sitting right next to the cell provider / tower. Poor reception and sound quality. I can hardly hear people on this thing with everything turned up as loud as it will go.
I was sitting in the hospital getting ready to call for a ride and all the sudden it decides I can only make emergency calls because there is no Sim card installed. The Sim card is installed. This has happened a few times. I've been talking to somebody when the call is dropped and again, the emergency call only message because it says there is no Sim card installed.
It is small and looks decent but, a major piece of junk. I would not recomend this phone to anybody.

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Great basic phone


Jul 4, 2007 by moto_slave

If you just need a basic phone to make and receive calls, and text message, this phone is a great option.


- Great voice clarity
- Outstanding battery life (I got almost 6, yes 6 days once, 5 is usual if you don't use it that much)
- Plus a few more features like calculator, stop watch and very basic datebook


- ringtones suck, older phones such as c115 or c155 do have polyphonic ringtones, C139 just mono and it is supposed to be an upgrade... they did upgrade the screen to 65k colors though.
- Backlight goes off after 20 secs max
- very few wallpapers and screensavers, and cannot download more.

Basically there is no browser, no pc connectity, etc etc but it is a very basic device, and as such is a very good phone if all you want is a... phone!

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Gets the job done


Nov 17, 2006 by sweetsoprano

I sell cell phones, so we have this site @ work. I did my research before buying this phone for Cingular pick your plan. After ten days, I'm still in strong like. I basically need a phone for talking and the occasional text, and I really don't like flip/clamshell phones, so this phone gets the job done where that is concerned. Took about 2 days for me to get used to the very small size, but I do like that it fits into a pocket. I really wanted a Nokia 6030, but the store didn't have any and my other phone, a godawful Sony Ericsson Z300a, was dying fast, so I took what they had...and for thirty bucks, I'm not mad at all.

small size
open face
basic phone functions
basic black
nice key function
key lock

ringtones (monophonic)

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Pretty suprised


Oct 4, 2006 by goober8

I've given this little phone a 4.5 happily after about a month with it.


Pretty powerful! ( I've washed it, dropped it, tripped on the cord, it fell on the floor, and it seems fine! After the washing though, it took a couple days to get back to normal. :D)

Easy to fit in your pocket
Rubberized sides
Awesome service! I'm in the Seattle, WA area, and there is excellent service on Net10! I can roam to Canada even! (Vancouver)
Nice easy, rubber tactile keys
Loud ringers
Fast charge!
EXCELLENT charge! This has been overall the best phone in charge I've seen so far!


Screen pretty small. ( Squinting sometimes required!)
You can't press the end key to get back to the main menu from a sub menu, you have to click exit on the upper right soft key, which you get used to eventually.
No very good backgrounds, ringers, and no vibrate. :\

Overall, I think this phone is a good phone for a person who is looking for a plain Jane package with no bells and whistles, but with just a special kick. ;D

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Go Little Moto!!!


Aug 22, 2006 by Mark_S

Got phone with Net10 and I am sincerely impressed with the display clarity(TFT), tactibility friendliness of the keypad, reception and earpiece volume is great. Mono ringtones are OK to live with due to the basic type of phone it is. It roams everywhere with no extra charge and the call-barring feature works with Net10. A good security feature. Now I know why Cingular chose this phone for their prepaid as well.

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