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May 9, 2006 by nnylannej

I have had way too many phones and this is one of the best I have ever owned.
The volume is excellent. No trouble hearing whom ever I call. It has blue tooth and a great camera. The camera has a flash and you can print the pictures on your computer by sending them through blue tooth. The graphics that come with the phone and the ring tones are decent but that mainly depends on your preference. The PTT works perfectly absolutely no problem. There is voice dialing. Battery holds good charge.
The phone is a great phone if you want a PTT and blue tooth and camera. If you want other features like music and such then this isn't the phone for you.

I have Cingular and they are pretty good service provider. Good Price for what you get. Has roll over and good coverage.



Oct 13, 2006 by Foom

For the most important functions, this phone is the best I've ever seen.

(*) The earpiece volume is good enough to hold a conversation in a loud public place.

(*) The signal reception is at the very favorable end of the spectrum, within the bounds of what you can expect from any cell phone.

(*) The speakerphone quality (my favorite part) is superb. The only way somebody on the other end ever knows that I'm using it is if I actually tell them. I close the phone in speakerphone mode and talk into it as if I were holding a microphone. The convenience and comfort of this, especially on long calls and conference calls, can't be over-praised.

(*) The ring volume is plenty loud, so I never miss a call.

(*) Text messaging is quick and easy.

(*) I love that I can literally log onto my Yahoo email account and check my email through the phone, wherever and whenever. Not only that, but I've set the phone to emit a soft chime every time I get a new message. I can either check my email on the spot through the phone, or at least I'll know that I have new emails waiting for me when I get back home.

(*) I can do real-time instant messaging via my Yahoo IM account, directly through the phone. This capability is also available for AIM. This is terrific when it's needed.

People complain about some really stupid things when it comes to cell phones. The ring tones aren't cute enough. The external display doesn't have enough choices for background graphics. Who gives a crap? The substantive features of this phone, including their relative quality, make it a tremendous value, and I haven't even begun to explore them all:

(*) I haven't used the PTT feature, since I don't yet know who else among my friends and colleagues as a Cingular plan, but I've heard that it's a great feature.

(*) Since most of my talking is on the speakerphone, I haven't had occasion to use a bluetooth wireless headset, but the phone has this capability.

Excellent product.

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Love the Phone


Mar 23, 2006 by thalionhrt

My wife and I both purchased this phone for it's PTT service, and we absolutly love it. I have never been a big fan of the clam style chaissis, but I really like this design. The PTT works great, and the sound on this phone is amazing, especially when you have it on speaker phone. But most of all I am more than pleased with the reception I receive with this phone. I now receive reception in areas that I never received reception before. Big step for LG.

Here are some Pros and Cons:

-Great Reception
-Nice Clear Sound
-Bluetooth works great, even with PTT
-Nice color on the screen
-Ease of use
-Great looking
-The camera works good

-Cant change the outside display, but the cloudes are growing on me
-Battery life isnt as good as it could have been.



Apr 17, 2006 by nick120791

This phone (unlike any other) has the first ever 1.3 mega pixel and push to talk combination. Not to mention the flash along with it. I recently purchased this phone for me and my wife and we have favored the ability to PTT, it's a great step for LG. The design was excellent, I have never been a big fan of shell designed phones, but I have to admit that the features and design of this one has won me over. From the Instant Messaging to the outstanding color LCD display, this phone hits all of the standards and excels them with its unique ability to PTT. I know some of you may disagree, but I highly recommend this phone because of its outstanding reviews.

cg 300


Mar 20, 2006 by jrdfox

I purchased this phone several days ago and must say, what an awesome phone. I have had many phones..razer, l7, roker, v557, 600i, z520a and by far, this phone outperforms them all in rf and sound quality. A must have phone if you are looking for rf and sound quality.



Apr 11, 2006 by ls209

My first LG. After getting used to the menu & functions, I find the phone very capable and functional. Speaker/earpiece volume and sound quality are both superb.

LG CG300 The Best yet!


Mar 17, 2006 by I_Sell_Cell

I just got this phone and LG has done it again! The phone has everything! 1.3 mega pixel camera plus Push to talk. The first phone to come out with that combination. The phone is user friendly with speakerphone, bluetooth 1.2 that will even allow you to make push to talk directly from your bluetooth headset. 255 entry phone book, speed dials up to 9 numbers. the ONLY con I can find is this is the first LG phone that does NOT have voice activated dialing! I even called LG and the rep was shocked to see this. The front speaker is crystal clear. I highly recommend this phone to my customers who are looking for a high quality camera & push to talk phone. When it comes to quality you can't get better than an LG.

Not ready for prime-time


Mar 20, 2006 by acidradio

I purchased a CG300 in it's first week of release. I was anxious to see what LG had to offer, especially with so many features. But after only one day of ownership, I was tremendously let down. I returned it and bought a Sony Ericsson W600i.

The Bluetooth would connect to my headset, but that was it. And when I used the headset, it had to be manually activated in the phone in some deep menu setting, where every other Bluetooth phone I've used will automatically connect to the headset when the headset is turned on. It would not connect to my computer or to my old phone so I could retrieve my phonebook. Perhaps this is acceptable at Verizon, to disable most of the phone's features in order to force customers to buy overpriced ringtones and graphics, but totally unacceptable in a GSM handset.

The PTT never worked right. Every time I would go to access it, it would say that the feature was not activated and that I had to call Cingular, even though it was supposedly activated at the time of purchase.

The outside screen has only ONE background - that cloud scene. I guess it's kind of neat, but come on! Spend the extra few dollars and put a real color LCD on the outside screen, like everyone else does. Actually the graphic quality was lackluster altogether. But then again this seems to be positioned as an entry-level model so I won't complain there.

The camera was alright. Even has an white LED flash to it. But no way to Bluetooth the photos to anything.

I gave LG a chance but there is some serious refinement that needs to take place in this phone. LG has perhaps become accustomed to making cheap entry-level CDMA handsets. Quad-band GSM handsets w/PTT, more than likely aimed at finicky business customers, demand more quality and refinement.

Great Phone!


Jun 17, 2006 by yeahyeah1

okay, after reading the reviews, i've found some people who have disliked this phone.
come to say, i have this phone and it works great for me. every feature has turned out right like the way they had said it in the descriptions of the phone.

some of you might complain because:
1. it's messed up & it needs to be fixed
3. you're just complaining.

i say, if the phone is bad for you, send it back and get a new one and stop complaining. let people want to buy the phone they want without you criticizing it.

these reviews are for people to look at yes, but it's simply retarded if you're saying all this stuff and you might just not know how to use the phone.

sorry, but it's true.

once you know that you actually KNOW how to use it & all it's features, then complain about it.

I like it!


Sep 14, 2006 by cheermom

I have had my phone for almost 2 weeks and have decided to keep it (Cingular offers 30-day return policy). I have mostly owned Motorola phones so the LG menus take some getting used to -- the trick is to memorize the "numbers" of the menu items!

I'm keeping it because: it has great reception (Cingular, L.A. area) and I can hear it when it rings as well as hear the person I'm talking to in the earpiece. I moved from a RAZR because I never heard it ringing in my purse (on the loudest level) and the way the earpiece speakers are configured I could never get it situated to where I could hear well. Granted the RAZR has many more "bells and whistles" that the LG does not, but I can live without them if I can hear my phone when it rings and hear the person I'm talking to!

The pros for me are:
-- great volume both upon ringing and in the earpiece
-- features of phone are easy to figure out even without reading the manual -- only had to look for a couple of things
-- has a feature or 2 that I haven't seen before such as the "tip calculator"
-- good reception within the Cingular service area

-- I wish the battery would last longer. Upon normal use it lasts about 2 days. If you do a lot of "menu surfing" or entering of addresses it uses up a bar pretty quick. Of course I'm used to having a Motorola that lasts 3-4 days if not longer.
-- The ringtones and graphics that come with the phone are pretty blah but I find the screen to be ok -- I haven't had a phone yet that you could see in sunlight anyway!
-- Would like to have the ability to download my pix to the computer -- don't have a bluetooth printer.

I noticed someone mention you couldn't individualize ringtones. I have found that you can, as well as photo id's, but you must store numbers to the phone as opposed to the SIM card (Cingular). (Also true with Motorola)

If you mostly want a phone with good reception and volume, this is the one! Used as a phone it works perfectly!

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