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Nokis E62 w/ Cingular/ AT&T


Apr 26, 2007 by dpnolen

The best business phone out there. The Treo 750 is close, but the screen and internet browsing on this phone are phenomenal. Could be smaller, but hey this is a business device....You want the room to do all of those important mobile projects.

Best bang for your buck


Jan 15, 2007 by Future

I've been using the E62 for about 3 months now, and overall, its my favorite pda phone.

Since I've had the E62, I've used the Cingualr 8125, 8525, Pearl, and Blackjack... and the E62 is still my favorite.


-The Screen is big, great clarity, color, and picture.

-The key/number pad is big... very easy to use.

-The center function button is very easy to use and especially handy when internet browsing.

-Media player is also very user friendly.

-Preloaded memory is more than enough for your average user.

-Great bluetooth connection.

-Works great with Mobi TV and Radio



-The phone functions slow from application to application.

-Battery life is just OK.

-Its certainly not the best "phone" functioning pda I've used... so I always have my bluetooth headset hooked up

-Its a little big, but if it werent, you wouldnt be able to enjoy the big key pad and oversized screen.


Overall, its a must for a business professional, or a busy student.

Great device with BlackBerry service


Dec 30, 2006 by gendur

You need to sign up for push email service, like Blackberry, to fully appreciate this phone. BB's online interface makes adding multiple email accounts stupid simple and having push syncing for email is great. Not sure how other's tolerate other email services where the phone has to log on every 15 minutes or so to pull their messages like Cingular's Medianet email service which was annoying.

Once I called Cingular and put BB on my E62 I have close to my ideal phone (for the next few months anyway). Yes, the OS does lag between apps, and I appreciate the beautiful screen, call clarity, long battery life, and head-turning uniqueness. It is no wider than my old BB 8700 and just a bit longer and more square (it just looks bigger because of the metal finish). The joystick is easy once you get used to the side to side and push to select functions.

Coming from both BB and TMobile's 8125 I highly recommend this device for phone junkies like me.

I would rate this a 5 if you could charge via USB and if the OS were snappier.

Awesome Phone/PDA/Smart Phone


Dec 6, 2006 by AWAR

Screen: is phenomenal, I like the screen saver, that allows you to see if you have any missed calls, voice mails, text messages, E-mails, everything.
Keyboard: is awesome and I look forward to texting, back light on Keyboard is beautiful.
Speed: Is good, can be a bit sluggish if you've got too much going on at once, however I've never had a phone where I could be checking my E-mail, on the phone, scheduling appointment, and text messaging all during a phone call.
Looks: A bit bulking but I love the way it sits in my hand, and you can always get a bluetooth so you don't have this brick to the side of your head. I might add that the bluetooth works great (Motorola H500). I love the voice recognition it has, all I do is press the side of my head set and speak the name of the person I want to call and it calls that person, with out ever pre recording and setting it up to call certain people from my phone book.
Sound: Is out of this world, I love the call clarity I have (Cingular, So Cal). The sound that comes from the little speaker on the side of this phone is unbelievable. I was also amazed about how easy it was to transfer music over to my phone from my pc. All I had to do was hook it up with the data cable it came with and pop in the cd it came with and it was done for me. Even more impressive is that the songs I transferred over could be used in their entirety as a ring tone.
Battery: I am blown away at how flippin amazing the battery is on this thing; I wish I could take the battery of this phone and inject it into my laptop.

If you want an AMAZING phone/PDA go get this one. You could actually get it for free through Cingular right now, you wont be let down. This phone has helped me tremendously with time management.

WOW!!!!!!! I love this phone


Nov 1, 2006 by talisien

After nightmares with a blackberry 8700 I decided to go back to what I know, NOKIA. This is the best of the best. PROS: great keyboard, the phone size is good, the display is fantastic (best Nokia has come up with yet), the volume of the ringer and earpiece is very loud, great for me since I am older and have some hearing loss, excellent calender, and notes screens, works Excel flawlessly. CONS: I am having problems getting the blackberry server to work. The only reason I did not give this phone a 5.0 is because nothing is perfect. If you want or need (in my case) a high tech smartphone then don't waste your time with others, just go get it.

Ya gotta love Nokia


Oct 31, 2006 by Doogle

I am taking the time to write this review because I appreciate it when others do the same.

I've had the E62 for a few weeks now through Cingular. The unit is very solid and is well made as expected from Nokia. I had a BB 7290 for a long time prior to this phone although I am also responsible for setting up and issuing other units for the company I work for. Therefore I have used the BB 7290 and the 8700c. Following are my comments in a nutshell:

-Awesome display
-Aluminum case (solid)
-Very functional "joystick"
-Awesome sound quality
-Great speaker phone
-Allows for music via a mini SD disk for memory
-Very slim
-Excellent web browser

-When goes on standby; screen extremely dim and difficult to see w/o hitting a button to turn on the backlighting again
-Much slower than a BB when opening/writing e-mails (BB immediate, E62 5 seconds)
-GUI overall slower than BB (i.e opening address list)
-Can't reduce font size on e-mails to allow for more info reducing scrolling
-Doesn't come with belt clip or cradle
-Keys don't auto lock when holstered like BB (I was told this is patented by BB)

In summary, the unit is great and I do recommend it unless you are getting and having to answer e-mails all day via a handheld unit. I still prefer the unit over any of the BB's.

Hope this helps guys.

A Cool James Bond Type Phone


Oct 22, 2006 by hdtravel

The best smartphone yet - period !

Gorgeous Screen
Great keyboard ( lighted )
Great reception
Solid Audio
Very compact
Very low price ( $149.00 )
Excellent Web browsing ( very good page rendering )
Excellent Office support

Nokia you have winner with this one. I love mine !

Great phone


Oct 15, 2006 by elegant

This is a great phone. I am fully happy w/ it. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Widescreen, crystal clear display
2. Lightweight, very slim
3. Voice quality is excellent.
4. Battery life is excellent.
5. QWERTY keyboard is compact and easy to use.
6. Max call volume is very loud.
7. Ringer quality is great
8. Full HTML browser, user friendly
9. Mini USB interface is very useful.
10. Charging is quick.

1. No camera
2. Response time is slow compared to normal phones (not smartphones). But that's not a significant problem.

Grrrrrreat (Nokia E62)


Oct 11, 2006 by lilnyc

Window-in-Window Browser
Design (head turner)
Customizable Profiles
Back browser shows past windows

No camera (2 types would be appreciated)
No Wi-Fi
No High-Speed capability
No 3G to play Cingular videos

I hate a phone that touts features that have barely any supported content (eg. Flash...but where does one find Flash Lite 1.1 content when every site supports Flash 8/9?) and video when the carrier tells you that your phone doesn't play their video. *sigh*

Other than that, I love the E62 and sold my BB 8700. I didn't really consider the Q because it looks t a Tonka toy. The Treo 700w almost made me switch to Verizon until I held the Nokia E6...love at first touch.

I don't think any phone is where I'd like it to be technologically speaking. I want a gadget that surfs like a desktop and plays multimedia...really. As in I can go to MTV.com and watch videos without a plug-in error. Where are the companies making media content for phone browsers? Arrgh.

I love the sound on the E62 for phone use and ringtones. I've downloaded several of my own. Sa-weet. I look forward to watching vids on it because I want to see small clips like news, entertainment, etc. in 2 years, we'll see what's new.

Love this phone/PDA


Sep 14, 2006 by dapjsj

This is clearly the best "phone" PDA. The phone is a good or better than any Nokia. I've owned the other new PDA - phones and they do not compare to this phone. I don't need a camera so this is not important.

What I do need is one device that does it all - this is it!

- Phone quality is fantastic
- Loudspeaker is good
- MP3 allows you to put songs in 5 different formats
- made of metal - feels solid unlike the cingular PDA
- screen quality
- games - there aren't many yet, but the few so fare are as good a gameboy
- WLAN connectivity is easy - I have mine hooked up to my home WLAN - bypasses the telephone provider
- Email is quick and easy to set up
- Calendar updates with Blue-tooth
- Upgradeable memory - bought the 2gb SanDisk Mini - holds more info and songs than the ipod Nano.
- Battery life is great

- standard Nokia plugs
- need to get adapter to use "good" headphones
- Voice record button is easy to hit by accident
- Limited games and applications so far, but these will come

Throw away your phone, your PDA, your game boy, your iPod...this has everything for the business person and business traveler.

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