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Nokia E61


Oct 3, 2006 by Grant

I have used a Treo 600 and 650 with GoodLink extensively, and played with a Motorola Q, I would say that I like the Nokia E61
Cingular is offering the E62 locked, as opposed to the E61. Differences:
•The E61 has WiFi, which is much faster than mMode, but I have been told that it burns through battery MUCH faster.
•E61 has 3G, but 3G will not be available through AT&T (only Cingular). And the 3G may not be compatible with any U.S. 3G network
•Earlier reports said E62 was dualband GSM only and dropped the quadband GSM from the E61. I have seen a sample one at the Cingular store, and this is not true.
If you get an unlocked E61, make sure that you get one without foreign letters on the keys -- my Arabic letters sharing the key with English letters and symbols (for the upper register) is distracting. (CellCrew.com refused to take mine back, even though the website picture did not show other lettering on the keys.)
THE PHONE: much better than the Treos. Fully operational, volume great, fewer dropped calls.
KEYPAD FUNCTIONALITY: Works much better than the Treos. Keys are wider, and typing is faster.
KEYPAD LOCK: No automatic locking feature; you must manually lock the phone. I have accidentally drained the battery a couple times. The upside -- no premature locking while waiting for a website to come up.
SCREEN: much better and larger than the Treos, and larger than the Motorola Q.
GOODLINK MESSAGING, CALENDAR: largely identical to the Treos, but the larger screen makes several features easier to use.
NAVIGATION: the joystick is not as user friendly as a touch screen, but getting used to it; it is pretty intelligent.
INTERNET: seems faster than the Treos.
ACCESSORIES: Not sure when they will be more readily available, but now that Cingular is carrying the E62, which is fully compatible, I am sure that it will be soon.
WIFI: apparently can be used with business VOIP services.

Very good


Sep 20, 2006 by aganthorp

I have owned this phone for about a week now, and I find its overall performance amazing. The voice recognition is very workable, the browser the best I have ever seen. The reception is very good and the voice quality is probably the best I have ever experienced in a phone, much less a smartphone. The only complaint I have is how sensitive the internal antenna is. If I place my finger above the edge of the battery cover I will drop 2-5 signal bars depending on the area I am in. This seems a bit touchier than normal, but it has been my experience using cingular so far with this phone.



Jul 15, 2006 by Austiniter

I haven't bought a Nokia phone in a few years, but when I heard from my friend in the UK that he had the new E-61 and had fallen in love with it, I elected to acquire one myself. NO, Nokia does not support the E61 here in the United States yet, but in the UK and Europe it is. This phone replaces my 8700g Blackberry and is a workhorse compared to my 8700g. The first thing you will notice is great voice quality, and the WLAN is blazingly fast.

NOKIA's Blackberry solution isn't what its cracked up to be just yet, but they're working on it. I'm just using the pop3 account email as it works just as easy and checks email every 30 minutes.

If you need a smartphone this is the one hands down.

The Pros:
E-61 has built in great voice quality unlike BB 8700g. Sound Quality is excellent, clear, and has a loud spearkerphone, easy interface to master in a hour and Screen Pictures are BRILLANT. Battery life is double the Blackberry 8700g.


NOKIA has not worked out the Blackberry solution for this phone for the United States. Its very difficult to get the Blackberry solution to work without spending hours - so just use the pop3.


THIS E1 IS A SMART BUY and worth the investment. Easiest phone I've utilized to date, and the talk time and battery life will put the BB8700g out to pasture.

Great, However . . .


Nov 2, 2006 by simpsjd

If you have read any of the reviews then you know all the pros

Device Handling

No Camera
Very slow reaction time

The major reason that I had to return the phone was this; the phone will NOT take self-signed certifications (not applications or programs) but actual certifications. i.e. if you are running owa, and a new security profile is created by your IT department and it is not one of the MAJOR 10 players your phone simply will not accept it. Nokia will tell you what the designation needs to be but only after a level 4 tech does 2 hours of research.

Were it not for the inability to customize this device it would be a 4.5 easy!!

3 days with e61


Jul 20, 2006 by tjyak50

I waited a long time for an upgrade to my 7290 Blackberry. Finally I ordered the e61 and it arrived 2 days later.

Screen is great. Blackberry connect took some work to get done but it now works fine (T-Mobile). Quality is good.

1) Screen is bright and clear. Except in the day when the backlight is off.

2) Internet is quick, and gets into all my secure sights.

3) Ring tones and vibrate are good.

1) No USB connection???? WTF?
Now I need 2 more cables when I travel, one to charge and one to data connect.

2) Voice recorder buttons kicks on all the time and captures things it shouldn't.

3) No carrying case??? WTF? Where is it supposed to go?

The E61 is a cool device, but isn't there yet. Feels more like a phone than a PDA or BB.

I don't trust it, maybe after working with it for a while I will feel better, but for now I'm ready to sell and get an 8700G blackberry for the carrying case and USB connection.


such an annoying phone!


Oct 9, 2006 by gatekpr

I bought this phone last week, I took it back the SAME day.

Let me first say, I am currently using the Blackberry 8700c, before that, Treo650. I was so excited to see that Nokia's business class phones came out... until i used it.

interface is HORRIBLY SLOW
what took a blink on the bb takes seconds on the nokia. it took more than 30 seconds from the main menu to start a new message

phone is not ergonomic
i am used to the hand strain that a blackberry will cause you after a few days. my hand was terribly sore after just an hour of playing on it.

does not charge from usb
maybe i'm just snobby because of this option from the blackberry and other cell phones

will not sync with Mac without selling your soul... finally got the hack to work after i'd given up already on the phone

has a great speakerphone
has a great keyboard, so soft, but fun!

nokia E62


Oct 3, 2006 by Bobcat69

I have used this phone and don't like it. First the botton on the side to scroll the messages in not very good we hit the other one under and the handset is too large and the menu is not the best and there is no camera. Nokia should have one model with camera, not all the company banned them!

Overall I think this device is a copy of an old Blackberry and should have been on the market a long time ago!

Nokia is loosing since many years, bad design + ugly phones and their flip look all the same and the 6101-6103 are do not buy as they are always broken! Too many problems!!!

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