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E61 after two days


Jul 21, 2006 by ashman

This device is unlike anything I have ever used or owned. It delivers on every level it promises, speed of GUI, fast browser, wifi, sound, clarity of cell calls, stunning screen and stability. Sure it could use some refinement, nothing is perfect, but wow, what a difference coming from WM and Blackberry. Support for just about every kind of email imaginable, expandable miniSD memory, stable Symbian OS, GPS capability, WiFi, 3G, BT and it keeps on going...The best case for this phone is the flip down case for the BB 8700g, fits perfectly. If you can live without a touchscreen, and the wide form factor, no camera and symbian OS, then its a no brainer to get this phone. Remember its aimed at business users, so the absence of a camera isn't that big of a surprise, yet with 3G and video calls, it makes it kind of hard without a camera. Give this phone a try, I guarantee you will learn to love it if you don't fall in love with it out of the box!


SIngle Greatest Phone I Have Ever Owned


Jul 14, 2006 by tank27

I have owned and tested a lot of phones and couldn't wait till my E61 arrived. I could not be more impressed with a phone. THe form factor is big compared to my wife's 6230 but I was using a 6670 and though it is bigger its not overwhelming. THe screen is PERFECT. Very beautiful and crisp. The OS is different than you may be used to with other nokias but after you get used to scrolling through the menus its no problem. The one tough email button is great and i can get all my emails without syncing with my pc through gprs.

Wifi is super fast (using wireless-g instead of b as with hp phones) and the built in browser and im about to put opera browser on it to see if it works better.

I love the voice that tells me who is calling, and i know it sounds lazy but i dont even have to look at me cell to see who is calling.

The only thing missing is a camera but since i work for a chemical company i dont need one. My HP 6920 arrives tomorrow but i think im going to have to sell it because this phone is great. So anyone interested in a pre release hw6920 let me know

Nokia E61 Vs Treo 650


Jun 28, 2006 by VIPe61

I have had a treo for the past few months and like most users I have had my issues with it. The infamous crash screen for no reason and poor voice quality. As I read reviews on other PDA phones I have heard the same complaint with the BB 8700. I almost bought a BB 8700 from Tmobile, but after playing with it and the fact Tmobile rips you off with the overstated price of $300 with a 2 year contract. You can get a new Nokia E61 on ebay for $350. It is so worth the extra $50 and no 2 year contract. This phone is light years ahead of the treo 650 or BB 8700. I love this phone and I have recieved the best voice quality of any Tmobile phone I have had in the past four years in the Chicago area. The WLAN is blazing fast. I have not yet hooked up the Blackberry mail yet onto this device. I plan to in a few months. But the great thing about this device is you are not limited to recieve your email from the Blackberry server or Tmobile net. I can use the wireless network in my house and other hotspots like Panera bread. This phone is so versatile. If you need a smartphone this is the one hands down.

Built quality is solid unlike BB 8700
Phone Sound Quality is great unlike Treo 650
Nice clear and loud speaker-phone
Easy interface to master in one day
The Screen pics are brilliant
The Keypad is great to use much better than MotoQ
My mini ipod player
Internet Browser is smooth

The extra 10mm in width over the Treo is noticeable, but you can get over this, much thiner than Treo and the height is almost the same with the treo antenna.

This is a must buy. Never been much of a Nokia guy until today. I know I sound like this phone is better than sliced bread, but there is no US smartphone that can compete.

Best Smartphone


Jun 13, 2006 by NiChiLeMei

I have used a number of smartphones but none as stable, fast and intuitive as the Nokia E61.

It is the perfect tool for someone who plans to use the device for email or other messaging. They keyboard is easy to type with and the layout is great.

The feature set is perfect 3G, WiFi and plenty of memory.

The only CON as I see it is perhaps that it is a fairly pricy device unless you are lucky to get it with a carrier plan.

Nokia at it's best.


May 24, 2006 by Bauxman

PROS: This phone is awesome i love the light weight size and dimensions. The size is very deceiving. The large screen is very bright and light sensitive. The phone quality is crisp and clear with a speaker that produces a very good sound for mp3s or tracks. The keyboard is spaced well as to not hit additional keys as I'm text messaging or e-mailing. Very conservative look to this device "Not to flashy" I have put away my Nokia 9300 and loving the E61

CONS: For individuals looking for a easy set with this unit, can be difficult. Blackberry connect will be a problem (US Only)

E62 Just What I Needed


Oct 13, 2006 by mckniro

Ok, so the Cingular version (E62) doesn't have WiFi, nor is it a 3G phone, or comes with a camera....

Now that this out of your system, lets look at the facts and they are that this is a good looking, business capable, enjoyable device.

Great Reception
Good Battery Life
Awesome Display
Terrific Web Browser (one of the best I've seen on a mobile phone)
Nice Sound Quality

Cons...well we went through that in the begining and forgot all about them once we saw what the phone could do. I love this phone, as I use it every day for both voice and data. It turns heads and makes an impression in the work place as well as out and about in town.

In the hands of the right people, this Nokia device more than fits the bill and meets every need.

E62? Smart, Very Smart.


Dec 30, 2006 by Doc Drilla

This is a phone worth buying if you have the money for it. I am currently testing the phone and I do have my own pros and cons about this device:

Simple-to-use interface.

Sound clarity is excellent, especially with the speaker, as it is hella loud.

Blackberry Push on the device works beautifully.

Signal stays steadily over 4 bars on the device.

It maybe wide, but I do like the thin-appearance.

Full, QWERTY keyboard for the quick-fingered.

Large screen makes web-browsing beautiful and with the EDGE technology, this one's a no-brainer.

Intuitive business apps.

Expandable with mini-SD card. The device I'm testing comes with 80MB built-in memory.

The battery life is brilliant. Never had a smartphone I could keep off the charger for about 2 days and still have juice in it.

Symbian O/S does have a nerve-wrecking slow response when accessing everything (this is the biggest complaint I have about the device).

No camera (I really don't count this one as a con since it is a business device but for those who want more entertainment, look elsewhere).

Nav-stick is too small (you will occasionally veer off direction wherever you try to move the cursor to).

Not much support or extra apps available for the device.

Overall, the E62...supertight!!!

"Best Phone Ever - Hands Down!!!"


Nov 20, 2006 by qureshi.zo

Just want to let everyone know that if you haven’t gone out and picked up this phone, you NEED to. I am one of those guys who changes phone every 3-5 months and never is able to find that ”one” phone. That was until I came across the E61. I have been through every PDA & smart phone out there on the market (believe me when I say that, you’ve heard of it, I have it). I waited a long time to get my hands on the E61 and the wait was worth it. I bought it unlocked from a shop in Chicago and cant stop telling people how good this phone is.

Everything you need to load on this phone is available on the internet. The Symbian OS is flawless. No problems what so ever with this thing. I use the phone on Cingular’s network and it’s great. I have included a list of PROS & CONS for you all…

- Large bright crystal clear display
- Excellent battery life
- Excellent reception (always have full service bars)
- Sound quality is great on the phone
- WIFI is perfect (no dropped signals & no interruptions in browsing)
- I can connect anywhere
- Software for anything readily available (Push email programs, Google maps, etc.)
- Symbian OS is easy to use and very compatible with a lot of programs out there
- Keyboard is perfect for any size hands
- MiniSD slot (I’m using a 2GB card right now)

- Using the wired headset which is included with the phone lowers sound quality. Better to use a Bluetooth headset because it enhances the call quality

All in all this is a great phone. I have also been using the HTC 8525/Hermes and the HTC DASH Windows mobile phones. The E61 blows them away. WM 5.0 is still shotty in my opinion and needs work. Very slow response time compared to the Symbian 60 3rd generation.

If anyone wants to know where to get great applications for the E61/E62, get in contact with me…Hope this helps you all…

Nokia E62


Nov 1, 2006 by sikklightning04

1. Widescreen, crystal clear display
2. Lightweight, very slim
3. Voice quality is excellent.
4. Battery life is excellent.
5. QWERTY keyboard is compact and easy to use.
6. Max call volume is very loud.
7. Ringer quality is great
8. Full HTML browser, user friendly
9. Mini USB interface is very useful.
10. Charging is quick.

1.NO CAMERA! oh well
2. Email is confusing to set up.

this is a great phone and i love it! I would highly recommend it. I worked for Verizon and i have Cingular, that speaks for itself.

Nokia E61 - great revolution in smart phones


Jul 17, 2006 by abhiutd

Hello guys,
After a much research i finally made up my mind on E61 and boy am i so happy. I just LOVE this beauty..touchwood!
First of all i would like to thank all of you guys who gave their opinions in the forum section which really did help me. I'm kind of a picky guy and things don't make me happy easily but i cant find enough words to praise this phone.
The best thing i like about this phone is the bright and awesome screen and I've always loved the way things are organised in nokia phones.The navigation through the software is pretty easy unlike those motorola phones and another good thing about this phone is the keys which are well apart (unlike that Treo 650..boy keyboard is a mess!)
Okay about people who might be a little confused about this phone not being a touch screen. I was too but believe me you dont want to go with touchscreens once you have this phone.Its just soo easy without holding that stylus and tapping on the screen. Its way way fast typing from this keyboard,thanks to Nokia for this wonderful layout.The keys on the keyboard are square shaped and bulge out which makes it very easy to type.
Oh how did i forget about the battery life. Its UNBELIEVABLE!!! Even with over 1 hour of continuos MP3 music i lost only 1 bar out of 7 bars on screen. How can you top that and without music or any video graphic content,this beauty goes on and on and on.
The loud speaker is amazing for songs and even for talking while on call. Superb mike on the phone.
WLAN setup is very easy and its fun to go online for free at places like Panera Bread for free! hehe.
The phone is pretty handy in nature and doesn't feel bulky at all.
Automatic answer to a call after 5 sec when using handsfree is a nice feature as well.
This phone is bundled with features and you'd love it all the time without worrying about battery time left on phone.
Boy, I've never ever written a review as big as this and you might guess how happy i am with this phone.

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