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The World at your finger tips.The new best friend


Sep 13, 2006 by Hanky 2513

Yes you have read it right. This t-mobile MDA phone is my new best friend. Tell me who doesn't want a friendship like this?? lol well let me tell you about my experience with the awesome device not just a phone. I have had this phone for about two months and yet i havent found anything i dislike about this phone.Yes people the world at your finger tips. I have to have my phone with me at all times because i use it for bussiness matters so I'm getting calls almost 24/7 No more dropped calls, no more "what was that" yes you guys know wat i am talking about.. at one time or another we all have had to experience that. well what makes this phone so great is that i can recieve emails from the kids school or instant message my wife. and look up information that i need on the web.Its high speed internet so i dont have to wait forever to see what i want. So like most people are asking yourself i bet this phone costs a fortune but no i got a great deal and not only that i also got a free bluetooth headset. I found this website after i had looked around for a good deal until i found it." USHOPWIRELESS.COM " The prices couldnt be compared so i got the toll# 877-948-5711 and called asked some questions i had and gave the promotion code af-lm placed the order and recieved my phone in less than 5 days. so i truly recomend this phone who lives a busy life like me.

good phone for most things


Aug 19, 2006 by bigdub1983

i work for cingular and i deal with a lot of phones but this one is hands down one of the best phones u can get....

-too many to list but the wifi is siiiiick

-sound quality is somewhat distorted at times
-battery life is not very good at all
-phone should shut down running programs automatically but can be done by user it is just an inconvience

overall, get this phone

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a pretty nice data phone


Aug 12, 2006 by mingkee

I got it unlocked, works pretty well with Wataniya, I did unbrand procedure, that get rid T-Mobile stuff currently I don't need
reception: at least as good as nokias (compared with 6270), even don't need antenna cut, report says the new official ROM (2.26) fixed signal searching problem
sound: loud and clear through earpiece, speakerphone is fine, audio play is good, with 2.26 ROM, a2dp is included
operation: general WM5 operation, but something I don't like is: I can't copy contacts into SIM. BT is ok, but you need some trick to make OBEX work, use your favorite registry editor, go to
change the value from 0 to 1, save changes, reset or full off, you need to "beam" and the target device must be discoverable
screen: it's okay, it's barely viewable outdoors
battery time: as regular phone usage, playing music through bt for 4 hours, it takes a day to change battery, buy couple more batteries is recommended
with 2.26 ROM, signal searching problem is better
with 2.26 ROM, bt a2dp is included
decent reception
can be unbranded through some procedure
highly hackable
small size compared with other pocket pc
slide style qwerty keyboard
some bt problem with mac
unable to copy contacts to SIM
kinda thick
relatively slow CPU (it may be a plus to save battery)
personally I like this device, and if you want an internet device in palm, this is a good choice

Get the Update


Aug 10, 2006 by phoneguru

1. Wifi capable. i use this mostly at home but connection time is great alomost like using my laptop.
2. Blue thooth. after the rom update I installed from tmobile this worked way better.
3. ROM update offered thru Tmobile using active sync. worked wonders for the phone and got rid of glitches.
4. Bright screen and adjustable text size.
5. Uses 2gb mini sd card. with this card i can store all my docs and music that i need.

1. battery life. I use the mda for calls and for all other functions. the battery does not last a day. saving grace i can charge from my work pc.
2. small internal memory. nuff said.
3. no dedicated number pad

Over all this phone is a good phone. and a great pda. I had the sidekick 2 and the 3 and while both were some what easier to use than the mda I prefer the mda overall. If you have tmobile the get the rom update it will help the phone work faster and better.

This is a very good phone


Aug 4, 2006 by techfreak

I really don't know where to start. I can say that I have owned over 100 cell phones. Yes I do have phone issues, but it is all good :). I am a professional so I need it all when it comes to mobility. I am totally satisfied with the Cingular 8125. I have had and used this phone for over five months and very pleased. WI-FI is what has sold me on this phone. I travel need to be in touch with the internet daily and WI-FI makes this happen! If the furture phones up and coming don't have WI-FI. The PDA and WI-FI TOGETHER ROCKS! Not having WI-FI here on one phone and not on the other is unacceptable. It is frigging stupid if you buy a smartphone with no WI-FI in 2006. I have no complaints on this phone. If you don't download a program to keep applications closed, just re-boot daily. 8125 is above the BAR with me.

Cingular 8125


Jul 28, 2006 by munk3e

I'd like to say i'd give it a 5.. but it's just way too big.

It has all kinds of features
so many that the sales person even said i probably wouldn't use them all.. and i probably didnt..

everything it has it does well, but nothing exceptionally well.

qwerty keyboard
mini sd expansion provides up to 2gb of memory

I love the Windows Media player. It supports album art and you can put your own videos converted by windows video maker very easily and view movies of your own of ALL varieties. Album art is one of the only thing that sets apart itunes from other phone music players. WMP puts itunes to shame because there is no song limit. Put as many songs as fit and have album art.

except the screen.

while browsing real http sites on it's full web browser on a wifi line at home.. i'm just amazed at how nice the screen is.. although it's only a 65k unit. it's really amazing.

the camera is as good as a cameraphone gets. but pictures taken from a real digi cam and viewed on the 8125 are gorgeous. pictures taken from the phone itself are just.. phone pictures...

the phone is a bit awkward to hold as a phone. i myself found it kind of embarassing to be holding such a big thing as a phone.

that's probably the only con: SIZE

but with all the features.. the size just comes with the features.

It's a great phone. For those who are into email and business use.. and also teens who use the keyboard for IM and TEXTING and surfing the web (ahem myspace)

I loved the "wow that's a cool phone" comments while i sat at starbucks using their wifi connection

it looks a lot better open than close.

good reception.!

it's a phone.
and media device.

only cons are price and size



Jul 27, 2006 by s-dogg

I got this phone about 2 months ago, and so far I love it. It's like a little PC. The only thing is you have to look out for it, people try to steal it.

Very good camera
nice keybord
very good MP3 player(window media)
nice screen

Big- by big I mean thick
Slow- if you run more than 3 things at once
heavy- so may things in it

Overall- I love this phone and who ever say's a sidekick is better know this a sidekick is not a PDA.So you can't compare them.

Cingular 8125 Not For Me


Jul 19, 2006 by errolw98

If you are looking for a great camera with a good PDA and the ability to make phone calls then the 8125 might fit the bill for you.

I wanted an intuitive phone capable device with a great camera, an mp3 player and the ability to text and email at will.

The phone function is an afterthought on this bulky unit with an inability to filter through contacts on the SIM card.

PDA and Windows

Battery Life
Any Phone Function
No notification of the keyboard state
Very slow to power up
Glitchy and Locking on internet function
Married to the stylus for most functions

Overall not a good phone at all.

Grade A phone


Jul 10, 2006 by MattGardner

This Phone is absolutely amazing... organize your entire life with just one device its truely a computer in the palm of your hands. The Camera is spectacular, I love the video playback and recorder. i will always be organized and be able to record everything on my mind with this device...

-Huge touch screen
-Awesome WiFi highspeed connection
-Real HTML viewing
-Windows Media Player
-Full Keyboard for fast typing
-Multiple Messaging Accounts (Outlook, MSN, MMS, Text... ETC.)
-Downloadable programs to completely customize.
-Organizer for everyday work and life
-A true piece of futuristic technology
-HTCwizardweb.com for all the help you could ever possibly need with just one phone
-Much Much more to talk about...

-Iffy battery life
-A little slow(but you need to close the programs when your done and you'll be fine)
-A bit bulky and you wouldnt wanna use the belt clip that comes with it.

All in All this is a perfect phone if you just want to use one device for everything

Cingular 8125 - Mini Laptop in your pocket


Jul 10, 2006 by GarrickHuie

I use this phone for my business and I have to say this is remarkable!!! I switched over from my blackberry to this...but now the Blackberry will sync with your exchange server free!!! THis phone makes my LIFE EASIER when i am on my business trips...This phone is not for everyone...if you dont use outlook..DO NOT BUY this phone, it will be a waste!!!

-Active Sync is great, grab all my emails and updates through my exchange server
-Camera, pretty clear for a 1.3 mega pixel
-Programs you can download that makes everything easier(ex, SPB, allows you to toggle programs and close the programs with out going to the menu)
-Sliding keyboard that gives you a larger Screen
-Speaker, loud and clear
-mp3 player
-Opening attachments with word, pdf, exel
-Edge and wifi
-USB charger, same charger as the razr

-Short battery life, but i use 90% of the features all the time
-Lags, but i use 5 programs at once
-Limited tones for alarm
-Have to lock the phone all the time
-Everyone thinks its the sidekick 3

Overall this is a great phone...a must have if you always on the road for business. The active sync allows me to be away and automatically updates my exchange server with out syncin it to the PC.

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