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Great Phone/Portable Laptop


Jan 22, 2007 by TMOMDA

I have had this phone for about 8 months and have been VERY happy with the phone so far. The phone has all of the features you could possibly think of!

Bluetooth (Strong Connection, better then Razr)

Wi-Fi (Strong, long distance connection)
Speaker (Great sound)
Word Mobile
Instant Message
Full QWERTY keyboard
Big Screen
Windows Media (MP3 and MP4 support)
Touch Screen Tech.
Full web browser
Smaller then Sidekick
Memory Card Slot (Mini SD)
Voice Recorder (Set memo as ringtones)
Custom ringtones
Sync w/ Outlook
Voice Tags
V Card
Detailed Contacts
Loud Ringer
Long Battery Life
Many downloadable programs to use
Stlyus is long and easy to use
^ and those are just some of the features that the MDA has to offer.

Hard to use (Only @ 1st)
Easily scratched
Screen is fragile

Over all I recommend this phone to anyone who wants style and to people looking for the latest tech features and want simplicity.

Stepped up...and happy


Dec 22, 2006 by Bearishly4u

I have gone through a dozen phones in the past year and have found one I'm sticking with. The MDA does a lot more than I needed it to do while doing what I need quite well.


1.QWERTY keyboard, a MUST for me.
2.Easy access to my wifi network.
3.Quick and easy bluetooth connections.
4.Cool factor...everyone who sees me using it wants a closer look.
5.Expandable Memory.
6.Ease of making any song a ring tone.


1.Camera. NOT a step up from VGA I've had.
2.Size of Touch Icons. Being that it IS a phone, it would have been nice if some of the touch interactive issues related to using it as a phone were larger so a stylus was not necessary. If I want to use voice dialing, it's probably to AVOID dragging out the stylus.
3.Backlite timer on keyboard. Nice if it stayed only longer if you have to pause typing.

While not perfect if you need a nice qwerty keyboard and want some room to type, this may be the one for you.

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Love my MDA


Dec 14, 2006 by Jonas871

I Love my MDA
Seriously...I have never had a windows mobile device before, have had a few older palms...and this thing is awesome.

I did have to hard reset once the day I bought it...but I think that was because I screwed up the wifi settings. After the reset, it worked perfectly, automatically...I should not have gone messing with things. :p

-Happily surprised at the battery life..I sit at work all day with MSN and AIM running at all times...and on breaks read books with the pdf reader...can go 2 days without recharging.
-Screen size is great
-love the slide-able keyboard.
-very easy to upload regular mp3s are ringtones. very easy to upload anything actually.

just fyi..the wifi eats the battery fairly quickly. luckily, don't have that on while at work. Just at home.

Holy Smoke! Not a single Freezeup, or reset required yet!


Nov 24, 2006 by relic2279

I had to get a windows based PDA device due to the fact that with any other OS's, the functionality is non-existent (treo's etc..)

I bought my MDA about a 2 weeks ago from tmobile at full retail. This is my second PDA. My first was an HP Ipaq from T-mobile last year. I went through 4 in a month. It was garbage. So almost 2 years later, I took a gamble and bought another PDA, THE MDA. I have not been more happy or giddy about an electronic device since my first Nintendo.

Not a single reboot, freeze up, soft-reset since turning it on for the first time. I've installed countless applications on it, everything from TV Remote, to E-mobile TV, to trying unsuccessfuly to run Quake for PPC. Not a single glitch or hiccup.

Working 2 years as a technician for Verizon, I've had alot of experience with bum phones/PDA's. Nothing they have at the moment compares even slightly to the stability of this device. The I830 may come close, but a little overclocking on the MDA widens that gap.

+Battery Life.
+Overclock Ability.
+Insane Stability compared to other PDA's.
+Phone/bluetooth/volume works fantastic.
+Functionality and Versitility second to none.
+Not a single glitch/bug so far.
+Small, yet sturdy.
+Comes with nice magnetic button leather case, 2 stylus, data cable. Unlike my last PDA.

-Phone Memory could be larger.
-Can't get quake to run ;)
-Tmobiles internet sucks right now, waiting for them to upgrade to broadband in 07 with the new spectrum they bought.

I don't think I've ever given any review for any product the full rating. This would be my first 5/5. Good job HTC and Tmo. I'm very satisfied. I know phones more then most, I will say this; If anyone is on the fence about buying this, take a chance. You will not be disappointed.

best all in one


Oct 27, 2006 by onemobilman

I have had alot of phone's and this phone the 8125 has to be by far the best I have had yet.I was looking at the HP6515 and I did alot of reading reviews and all of them said the 8125 smokes the 6515. I am a big HP fan I have their 4705 pocket PC and love it it is fantastic. I am so glad I bought the 8125 it is a really sleek phone I love the slide feature. I thought the phone would be awkward with the keys near the bottom but it's not. I really think the phone is excellent. It really stands far above the rest.

excellent feel in hand [solid]
easy to use
nice layout
well lite screen
excellent features

more program's and some games
I cannot find any more as of now

I love the MDA


Oct 8, 2006 by tony1980

This phone is great, its like my home away from home.. it allows me to do almost everything i would do on my comp at home.. music, movies, pictures, internet, word and exel files.. its great for business and fun. .the only flaw about it is that sometimes the align screen doesnt take, but you just redo it and wal-la..its so much i can do with this phone and every day i love it even more, because i always find new stuff to add to it or new stuff i didnt know it did. I Love you MDA! Thanks

Professional PC in your hand.


Sep 18, 2006 by JBaldrick

I recently upgraded my phone from a Motorola v360 to the T-Mobile MDA. Although I LOVE the Moto V360 and have np complaints, I also love this phone. This phone does EVERYTHING except rub your feet.

*Windows Mobile
*Slide keyboard
*1.3 Mega Pixel Cam
*Expandable Memory (1.3 Megapixel cam/video)
*Real internet web browsing
*VERY professional compared to Sidekick 3
*(the list goes on)

*No mp3 ringtones (I like to create my own)
*Storing contacts can be a task
*On screen dialing keypad

Plain and simple, the kids have the Sidekick 3, the MEN and WOMEN have the MDA. Great for Email and messenging as well!
Advice: Get a bluetooth with this

Awesomeness rolled up in a small (but really thick) package..


Sep 10, 2006 by Spartan 104

My SX66 decided to crap out on me so I had to XBM it. Cingular didn't have any refurb SX66s, so I was offered the 8125. It's been great to me so far.

The 8125 is a good phone with all the features of a PPC. It performs well in the RF department and and decent call quality (suffers a bit when you're in a low signal area). One handed operation is doable (wish it had a few more hardware buttons, but it does fit in your hand quite well despite the thickness) and downloading "smartskey" helps out even more. Dialing phone #'s is a bit of a nuisance but one quickly gets used to it. There is no keypad anywhere on this device, so you have to use the touchscreen (I recommend using the Eten dialing skin because the onscreen keypad buttons are larger compared to stock). It also has the usual array of PPC features and functions. The slide out keyboard is really slick. I prefer it to the thumb keyboard on my SX66 and I like how it changes the orientation when slid out. Wi-Fi is always a good thing to have, and with a simple registry hack you'll have a 802.11g device for better compatibility.

As for the drawbacks, one would be the processor. Clocked in at 200Mhz, it can feel sluggish at times especially if you're multitasking. Overclocking helps alleviate the problem somewhat. I also don't like the stylus. It's extendable but still a little small for my tastes. Another drawback would be that you must use the touch screen to dial numbers (don't forget the Eten dialing screen and a quality screen protector). Finally, we have the size of the device. It's smaller than the SX66, but it's pretty thick which makes it difficult to slip it in and out of your pockets. Ah, the price you pay for convergence.

Overall, the 8125 is just awesome. If you want to get the most out of it, you'll need to do a few tweaks, download a few programs, and you'll have a device that can do it all. It truly is a pinnacle of awesomeness..until Cingular releases the 8525 (Cingy's version of the TyTn).

I-mate KJAM/Tmobile MDA/Cingular 8125 ROCKS!


Aug 23, 2006 by Coolcom

I have an I-mate K-JAM and it is the best mobile phone/pda i have ever owned. I have had a Moto: i55, Rokr, MPX200; Nokia: 3595, 3120; Audiovox: SMT 5600; RIM: Blackberry 7290.

Some say the phone is slow, but it is a dual core processor which can be overclocked (lose battery life, but everything opens instantaneously at 252mhz)

Phone quality is excellent and LOUD, compared to the ever so soft Blackberry 7290!!

2 GB minisd card for 36 bucks off newegg- completely awesome upgrade

Cleartouch anti-glare screen protector off of boxwave.com protects screen and is custom fitted.

The wifi is great, I've wardriven with it and picked up TONS of hot-spots- the app to use is Wififofum. Use Hitchhiker to connect to Access Points.

There isn't anything bad about the phone i have found so far and i have had the phone for about 1 month and have vast experience with cell phones and cell phone/pda and this is by far the best device i have ever used. Vastly better than the P*lm 700w!!



Jun 19, 2006 by lalalaurence

I had the T-Mobile Sidekick II and I just purchased the MDA from www.ushopwireless.com. Very happy with this unit so far. I can zoom in & out on attachments, high speed internet and probably a whole lot more I do not know yet, and yet its still a great phone.

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