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May 21, 2006 by twillis

I have been with T-mobile over 3 years. My only complaint with them has been their limited selection of PDA's. The sidekick is a very nice toy for a teenager but not adequate for business on the go.
I'm a real estate professional and I am always on the go. I have a very nice laptop. But you know, it can be very cumbersome lugging it around all day, in and out of the car etc.
With all the new PDA's available (Treo 700 etc ) and T-mobile still not introducing any new PDA's I can sync with my laptop...I was one week from changing carriers.
But then VOILA !!!!
The MDA is made available. I purchased it as soon as there was one available. There was a waiting list. I guess I wasn't the only frustrated T-mobile customer.
All of my frustrations have been resolved. It has all of the beloved applications, camera etc the Treo 700 has. Just compare them for yourself.
The differences in the MDA vs the Treo 700 I like the most are:
1.the MDA has a full size screen
2.the MDA has an internal antenna
3.larger horizontal integrated (hidden- to prevent accidental typing ) keyboard which makes typing/ texting much easier.

Once I sync it with my laptop, I leave my laptop in the car...I TRULY HAVE A LAPTOP IN MY HAND !!!

This is not a toy!!!!!


May 14, 2006 by MobileSweety

Good phone but not the greatest.

-Device actually has 64mb of memory built in, websites comfirm 128mb.
-Too be a very expensive phone the quality of the photos is very grainy
-No Ringer profiles for certain callers
-Speaker phone could be a bit louder
-the flash could be brighter
-ringer volume could be louder too

-I love the faq that i could use a complete song as an mp3, but what service allows your phone to ring that long anyway
-I love being able to switch themes, but i wish that they would either provide more or allow you to create your own
-great voice quality
-bright screen, customizable too

Tmobile advertises the 512mb minisd for $69.99
Bestbuy adverstises the 1Gb minisd for
$69.99 + 20% off cell phone accessories

Now thats priceless!!

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May 5, 2006 by rockinfigs

ive had this phone for little over a month and so far i love it..ive upgraded from a Nokia 6682 and i loved that phone but the 8125 has so much more to play. WM5 is very stable and i never had a problem with it (ie freezes). there are alot of softwares for the phone and with a little tweaking and added software this phone is very user friendly.


-wifi (awesome i use it at starbucks all the time since its faster than edge)
-sliding keyboard
-large screen
-battery life is mediocre ( i charge it every night but i use the heck out of the phone everyday)
-expandable mem card
-the list goes on and on


-camera not of 1.3meg pix quality(nokia 6682 and sony s710 camera blows away 8125s)
-RF( reception is ok but i did come from using a nokia who is the KING of RF)
-little thick
-earpiece (very loud even on the lowest setting..i guess this can be a pro in some case)
-speakerphone(again just ok..nokia speakerphone is ALOT better)
-no profiles(meeting, silent, pager, etc)

Convergence Delivered!


Apr 19, 2006 by WinHack

This review pertains to the Cingular 8125 as used on the Cingular network (obviously) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

- Windows Mobile 5 is very stable and feature-rich.
- WiFi and Bluetooth function as expected.
- "Device as a modem" works as expected.
- Thumb keyboard is stable and easy to use, with larger keys than most other devices (including most Blackberrys).
- ActiveSync 4.1 works well.
- There are more pros than space allowed to write.

- Phone is a tad thick (vs. similar).
- Phone is a bit underpowered, processor wise (not enough to merit a downgrade in score).
- Need a little knowledge to switch between WiFi and EDGE/GPRS connectivity.

First, let me say that I have tested several Windows-based devices, starting with the HP h6315 (as offered by T-Mobile), so I am reasonably familiar with the platform in general.

In the two weeks I have owned the 8125, I have worked diligently to find whatever problems there are to find. I have performed numerous real-world tests on call quality, call feature functionality (call waiting, conferencing, etc.), signal strength comparisons, bluetooth headset connectivity, basic platform stability, connectivity with a host PC, WiFi, and use as a modem for a laptop via BT. I can truly say I am hard-pressed to find ANY real issues with this device.

I also scanned the forums and reviews here and on c|net to see what people were saying didn't work properly/at all with this device. I have been able to prove to myself that most of the complaints I've read are either based on user error or misunderstanding of how to use a feature, or a bad unit.

This is an EXCELLENT convergence device: Cell phone, PDA, Camera, MP3 player and more in one functional, stable unit. Standalone units (iPod, digital camera, Axim X51v, etc.) and newer devices will always offer more function/features (more storage, resolution, HSDPA, streaming video, etc.), but for an all-in-one, the 8125 is a fantastic device.

Best phone ever


Apr 18, 2006 by jjgreene

Just read every detail this phone has to offer. from wifi to hidden keyboard this phone has it all. 1.3 meg camera with video that will continue recording and is only limited by storage capacity. which is expanded by a mini SD. word and excel documents work great and i can store and i can look at and show power point presentations. Outlook allows me to carry all my emails with me. i have also put music and videos on the phone. works great!
would highly recommend to anyone whether for pleasure or business.

Excellent Pocket PC


Apr 10, 2006 by vvillapa

I had this phone for over a month now and I was waiting until I have my Goodlink account activated before I write a review. But then again, not everybody will use Goodlink so I'm putting in my review anyway.

Overall, this is an excellent Pocket PC. Not to be confused with a Smart Phone like Treo650 because they are two different things. I loved my Treo650 before I switched to this one and I never regretted the change. Windows mobile is great. People complaint about the phone slowing down or locking up. You have to remember that this is like a tiny computer to I made it a habit to power down and power up at the end of the day before I sync it with my PC. Never had any problems with lock ups. Wifi and Edge works great. The RF signal is way better than other Phone/PDA's out there. But then I also have Cingular and they have great coverage in the Greater Los Angeles area. Bluetooh is excellent. I'm using an old Motorola bluetooh and the signal is pretty good. Love the slideout keyboard. People complaint about how hard it is to dial a number while driving. GET OVER IT, you're supposed to pull over when driving and using a phone anyway. The screen is nice and bright. Camera is marginal, but why even bother. I just love to have a camera handy for emergencies. MP3 player is great, can even use my songs for ringtones.

A word of advice, this phone is not for everyone. You have to really NEED all the functionality to enjoy this phone. Otherwise, stick to SmartPhone or a basic phone with a decent organizer.

T-Mobile MDA with upgrades


Apr 3, 2006 by pmow

Having owned the Tmobile version for a month now, I have gone through most of the major flaws modifications, and products for it. I have to say, the Cingular version of the original software that comes with the phone is a lot better. Tmobile's software was quite buggy at picking up WiFi APs, but the Cingular version I just got at the office works better. I ended up replacing the firmware on it, and it feels more stable now.

Generally, soft resetting will only need to be done after putting on 3rd party applications. There are some to stay away from, typically stuff made for WM2003.

I won't even list the pros, because there are too many. Instead, the cons and possible fixes one can do:
--Keyboard backlight turns off after a few seconds with no way to extend the time
--WM5 decides not to close programs when you hit the X...need to use a 3rd party app
--Dialpad buttons are really small, driving and dialing is a bit of a problem...get a dialpad somewhere and get rid of the standard one.
--Tmobile version ships with java crippled (so no google maps)

Best Phone This Side of Anywhere


Mar 23, 2006 by andy84

The HTC Wizard/Cingular 8125 is the best phone I've ever had, seen or used. It has great reception through Cingular in the Ohio Valley Region, (better than any of my past phones which include the Motorola V551, V400, Razr V3, Sony Ercisson S710a, and several others not worth mentioning). The phone is easy to use (i mean my dad can use and hes old school). If your looking for a PDA phone its the one to get. I've tried the Treo, the Blackberry, the Samsung and they just don't hold up.

Size its smaller than I figured;
Navigation real easy to navigate your way through the phone;
Functions it does everything but drive your car;
Screen large and clear
Camera considerably better than what I expected;
Windows Mobile 5.0 is really nice;

I could keep going on but I think you get the point.

Only one so far it it has more to do with the accessories than it does the phone, I haven't found a case that it fits into good without pushing the buttons while its in the case.

BEST Phone Yet!! A++


Mar 21, 2006 by Mwillis

Im gonna keep this short and sweet. After a few months of waiting to get it and then t-mobile finally sending me the phone I must say that it is the best phone i have ever owned. I probably have spent about 6 hours learning the phone and its functions and I absolutely love it.

the only downside i have noticed is the battery seems to lose power rather quick, i myself put my phones through a lot tho with texting and emails so i guess it is expected.

I would suggest if you havent bought this phone already that you consider it. Very good phone. Windows works well with it.

Good luck on finding one!



Mar 20, 2006 by menelson

This is absolutely the BEST Mobile Mail PDA on the Market. It is easily the most usable device for keeping in touch via e-mail, it is actually a viable solution for those who compose real e-mail while on the move.

The keyboard is better than the previous PPC's and the Treo's.

The Screen is phenomenal! It is even quite visible in bright light and outdoor situations.

Windows Mobile 5.0 is a huge improvement over the previous versions.

IF you are an organized e-mail user who stores messages in multiple folders and uses Outlook/Exchanges rules for managing e-mail - you will love this device.

Phone quality is also superb. I have found it to be far better than the BB 7100 series and the Treo 600/650. Add a Bluetooth hands free unit and this is the perfect device.

The only downside is the use of the GoodLink application. The device works best with the new Mobile Exchange features. The Goodlink app causes the device to slow to a crawl and crash occasionally.

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