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Returned my Cingular 8125


Apr 14, 2006 by Terry Pickett

Excellent screen
Windows Mobile 5.0
HTC product
Feels well-made
Soft button to launch Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi works when it wants to. Connected two days after I got the phone. Never could get it to work at work.
Phone would lock up at least once a day. Would have to restart.
Applications were slow.
Has the same processor as the 2125. Just under-powered for the phone, and software.
Never could get used to no keys on the front, like a regular phone.
Some applications forced you to manually use the sytlus.
Sometimes the applications would not close.
I just think this phone wasn't ready for prime-time.
I expect a lot more from a phone from HTC and the price it cost.
Cingular was no help. Tech support didn't know the phone was available. Wondered where I got it. They were no help on Wi-Fi. Said ask the store I bought it from. Said the phone sounded defective. Return it to the store. I told them that couldn't be all the problems.

Not What I Was Hoping


Aug 25, 2006 by opdaddy

Sliding Keypad

Have you soft reset this phone at least 20 times a day.
No memory card included
Screen smudges easily
Slow processor
Phone freezes after answering, 1 out of 5 times.

Overall I was impressed at first, but then after trying to use it for long periods of time, which my job requires, I found myself constantly having to reset this phone. It was so annoying that I had to bring it back to get another one. But it wasn't just that particular handset, it was the phone. The processor speed needs to be alot faster. Hopefully the update to this model fixes these issues.

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Jul 7, 2006 by SIDEKICK09

This phone is good as features go but the screen and slide I believe are a huge problem. For one the screen is nice and big but gets messed up easily. I am 16 years old and like all the new gadgets and technology. I liked the slider and is fun to mess around with. From the first day I noticed that it was messed up. Each time I slide opened the phone the screen would not transit as fast and messed up and at times it complety shut of for 1 minute. I went to Cingular at a near by mall to ask if this was to be normal and the person told me it was normal but was going to give you problems and without insurance it will cost you a fortune so then I switched to another phone which was a little less expensive, not so PDA type phone (NOKIA). If you plan I purchasing an MDA here are a couple of tips-

1. Make sure to purchase insurance.
2. Purchase some protection items so if incase you drop your phone it won't get messed easily.
3. Make sure to get a spare battery.
4. You live in a good area with coverage.
5. You buy a headset because the phone is big uncomfotable. Wireless will take a lot of battery power.
6. Memory card slot is easy to mess up and if you are really careless then it will mess up your memory card as well.

So if you are interested in buying an MDA make sure that you use the tips to help you.
If you are a really busy business man that doesn't have any time to spare be careful because it may slow down when using the device (Web). Other then that it is a great phone that has all the features and is great for those who are seeking for features and for those who are business people.

Awesome phone, but a little bit of problems


Feb 24, 2006 by CE3Tiger24

let me get this out of the way, i love this phone, and everything about it, all the functions are great. when it comes to a phone that can do everything this is it.

i purchased the cingular 8125 phone and fell in love with it as soon as it touched my hands but after having it for a few days i became disappointed in what my phone started to do. first the wifi connection, i could never get it to work, i would pick up all the signals and even say i am connected but when i tried to go to a website it wouldnt do a thing, i tried every setting possible. it would of helped also if the phone came with an instruction book but it didnt. second thing, when i caught my self multitasking on it like listening to music, texting friends, and trying to take notes it would lock up on me. plus when i multitasked too sometimes my txt messages came to me late. the phone locked up on me a good 6 times during the time i had it.

i really wanted the phone because of all the functions but mainily the keyboard, wifi connection and the nice huge screen that you can play movies on if you have a big enough mini sd card but the fact that i couldnt get the wifi connection to work and the phone kept locking up on me i had to return it. maybe i just got a hold of a bad phone but it was enough problems to make me wait for something else better to come out.

for right now i will just stick with my motorola mpx220. it is a great phone to buy and hopefully you wont have problems with it like i did.



Nov 30, 2005 by SoarerTT

My friend has this phone with Geek Squad, on the verizon EV-DO network. It is a very awesome piece of modern science. High speed internet, full browser, highspeed modem capability on windows laptop/desktops, and it works good as a phone too. Ill purchase one as soon as its released for cingular.

Like every audiovox product, none.

Imate kjam and warranty


Jun 30, 2006 by kjoiner

Great phone.

slow processor

Beware: I bought this directly unlocked for the imate version. used it for about 6 months. it suddenly quit charging. 2 months later i am still waiting for imate to hold up to there warranty. NO response from them in a month!

Make sure you buy it from a carrier that will support it! especially in the US! IMate does not have any warranty centers in the US. and they do not have a clue it seems to ship from here to Saudi Arabia.

el mejor


Jun 7, 2006 by faclopez

hermanos,tengo en mis manos este celu,y es lo mejor que he tenido,de mas de 80 celus.en todo es bueno,lo pueden comprar en confianza,es una



Apr 15, 2006 by ninjacasanova

If you ever plan on agreeing to a two year contract with your phone provider, then you really have to be extra careful with this phone.

I mean, I love this phone, it's the best I've ever had so far. However, for an expensive phone, it's starting to go cheap. For example: the back piece you push on to open the battery comes right off and unless there is a website (I don't know about) where they sell replacement parts for this phone, you are just screwed, unless you are content walking around with missing pieces to this overpriced phone.

I'm not that fond of the Java features and there's no flash to view most sites. You can check myspace, but you can't log into most message board sites and that just blows. Plus I have only an easier time accessing yahoo! mail through the media net version than the actual IE version, which sucks cause you can't check attachments in the media net version. If you are lucky to log into YAHOO! (IE version). Consider yourself really luck. Because everytime I try to log in, it takes me back to the log in screen. Unless someone can email me and let me know of any sites where I can find some replacement parts for this phone......I'd advice not to get this phone, unless you are really, really sure.

Best Pocket PC I've Seen So Far


Feb 17, 2006 by ricks967

I'm running on Cingular in NYC and so far i haven't had any problems. Bluetooth works great, and i was even able to connect to a pc using terminal services over the wifi connection - I'm very impressed.

-Its about the size of the treo 650
-Wifi connection runs fast
-OS seems very stable
-Camera is descent
-Qwerty keyboard is very easy to use

-Doesn't come preloaded with aim
-Vibrate feature is a bit weak

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