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i miss this phone!


Dec 15, 2008 by maura13

let me just start off by saying,that i have a brand new lg lotus phone,and it can never compare to my old A940.
i stopped using it because the battery was going dead so often,i couldnt use it at all. so i upgraded to a katana. well then after that i upgraded to the lotus.and i have to say,these new 2008 phones have nothing on my old one from 2005.
my FAVORITE things about it:
-the camera-i dont care how many ppl say its blurry;my pics werent.i mean,you get to see yourself on a huge screen while taking pics.stop complaining!
-the extra features.like the motion fun games.
-the freedom on changing stuff around.okay,this fun lets you change so much!the menu has so many differnt looks and features. the wallpaper can have stuff like snow or hearts falling from it.(my new lotus doesnt let me change anything like that!)
-the mp3 player and sound quality is great.
overall,theres not much to complain about this phone. other than the battery life.but i found one on ebay,and might switch back to it.
so don't always think new phones are the best.they're not.

Best phone I've ever had! Few cons...


Dec 6, 2005 by sw44

I work for a multi carrier store, and I currently have an audiovox 8910 for verizon (horrible!), the nokia 6230 for cingular (not bad for gsm), and this samsung a-940, which is honestly the best phone I've ever had. Sprint's EVDO service is sooo much better than anything Verizon can put out, and certainly better than Cingular's EDGE network. The streaming sprint TV blew my mind, wasn't pixelated and didn't have to rebuffer constanly like MobiTV does.

uncrippled bluetooth (boo the a-970)
High speed EVDO network
swivel screen
solid feel of the phone
Sprint 1900 MHZ call quality
MP3 player
...and some others

The only few cons I have is the battery life (which everyone has commented on), the camera quality (again, already commented on) and the fact that it hold transflash instead of miniSD. Those are the only cons! However, I rated this phone a 5 despite the cons, because compared to anything else out there right now for the price, you really can't find a better deal! Powervision is honestly the coolest thing out there compared to anything...like Media Net, and V-cast isn't even live! Guy, they have NFL TV. Ladies, they have fashion tv. This is so well rounded, that is caters to every demographic. That, and the phone is plain sexy too...lots of stares. You can find this phone for CHEAP on ebay, or major retailers can also match prices. I got mine for 74.99 at when it goes for $200 more elsewhere. Go Get It Now!

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Almost GREAT!!!!


Nov 19, 2005 by nickster81

This phone is very well designed. I have had this phone for about a week and it is one of the best phones I have ever owned. I used to have the mm5600 and this is a nice upgrade.


Nice camera/camcorder
power vision is FAST!
very good software
good reception (Kansas city)
speaker-phone is clear
blue-tooth is cool and works great with the voice services that the phone has. (hs850)


Bad battery life
swivel worries me a little bit

Overall a very nice phone but you might want to carry around a second battery or get a extended life one.



Jun 8, 2006 by MDINNYDCDT

I have had 5 different cell phones and this is by far the best phone ever.

PROS: I love the speaker phone. The fact that I can speak a text. The camcorder.
I am able to drop songs from my ITUNES right into the card reader and listen to it throgh the headset on the phone or on speaker.

Somebody else mentioned they had to buy from the sprint store. I HAVE NEVER Bought any of the sprint songs, I am able to listen to anything from my PC transfer directly to my phone

I watch videos on the phone and also Watch movies and TV shows that i download to my pc and transfer to the phone.

I can watch full length movies...new releases ETC... ALL FOR FREE!!!

There is so much to this phone I love everything about it!!!!
Too much to nsme!!!

You have to keep the camera really still

But everything else makes up for that
I love this phone it was worth the price
Everyday I find something new to do with it

Samsung A940 is an Awesome phone!!!


Nov 3, 2005 by case.newt

I give the Samsung A940 five out of five stars because it’s sleek design, awesome camera, BLUETOOTH, business card scanner, Sprint TV, On Demand, and signal strength.

I live in the Chicago land area, North Subs.
I am able to use Sprint TV and watch live news, Discovery Channel, music videos, and a lot more.

The sleek design is awesome. It fits into the pocket in side of my work pants pocket!
The phone fits well into and is easy to grip, whether talking or using the camera or camcorder.
The pictures and amazing 2 times optical zoom is very crisp. Not to mention another 10 times digital zoom.
I have been waiting for Bluetooth forever, and it works great. I have gone everywhere in my apartment on my Bluetooth headset, and didn’t have any scratching noise.
I tried to use the business card scanner, and although not completely necessary for me. It does work.
Sprint TV is just awesome!
On Demand is cool! Sprint power vision package for $25 a month doesn’t include a lot of what On Demand offers. You have to pay extra for certain features. But you can easily see what’s playing at the movie theater in moments rather than minutes without EVDO.
I live in a basement, haven't had a phone with signal in years. The Samsung A940 has 0-1 bars, but still is clear to talk with people! 

I give the Samsung A940 FIVE STARS! It is worth the money! A lot of head have already turned! Go get one!



Dec 11, 2005 by Akato

I have only had this phone 2 days and it has it all. Before I had this phone I had a LG flip phone (you know the one with the mirror). When I was in search for a new phone that; HAS BLUETOOTH, A CAMERA, FLIPS, AND SPEAKERPHONE. But I got all of this plus some. I am fascinated with the Crystal clear Media Player, High Speed Internet Access to my Laptop, the 2.0MP digital camera, Sirius Radio, Live Television, whole-song download, and the Twistable Display. The Motorola Razar don't have nothing on this phone. I see that some of you say that the "THE BATTERY LIFE IS POOR" it only means that you OVERCHARGED YOUR PHONE. This phone is the best and I would not trade it for anything else.

Cool design
Media Player
High Speed Internet Access
2.0MP Digital Camera (with Flash)
Sirius Radio (LIVE)
Live Television
Full Version Song downloads
Twistable Display
Plays Song Very Loud and Crystal Clear

Have to twist screen in order to take a picture

Perfection Yet Again, Samsung


Nov 13, 2005 by DaNubianPryns

I would have to say...this is by far the best cell phone I have ever owned. And this is coming from the Samsung MM-A800.

Design: I love the design of the phone; fits perfectly in my hand. One handed opening does take some getting used to, but not a bad thing.

Screen: The screen looks pretty good, not to be a QVGA. The graphics are crisp and colorful. The size is just about right. Love the external LCD. Great feature is being able to watch video with the phone closed

User Interface: Yet again, Samsung knocks it out the park with their UI. The graphics are beautiful. The UI is faster than the A800. Menu system is very intuitive and nicely done. Like using Picture Mail right on phone instead of over the WAP.

Phone: Speaker is nice volume, on par with A800. Speaker-phone is loud. Love external speakers; pack some punch.

Camera: Okay, it may not be AS good as the A800, but it's darn close. My pics have come out just fine. You just gotta have patience and a very steady hand. The camcorder is surprisingly good, too. Keeps up with movement pretty well. Overall, love it.

Media Player: Work great for music and video, just like the A800. Like the external controls. Music Store is TIGHT! Nice job with this service, Sprint.

On Demand: WONDERFUL! Will come in very handy on the go. Tells lots of info like movie listings, maps, weather, and more.

Text/Speech Dictation: T9 is back! I was really missing this on my old A800. Wonderful to have it back. The speech recognition is top-notch, just like on the A800. Works near perfectly.

EV-DO: Probably really as good as people say, but I won't know for sure until it rolls out in Dayton, Ohio. But, Vision is just fine for now.




-Can't turn speaker phone off with phone closed (At least I haven't been able to)



Nov 4, 2005 by mrgarcia3

This phone is amazing!! I got this phone to replace my Sanyo MM-5600 because the MM-9000 is just the same phone with ED-VO. I love the 2.0 mega pixel camera with zoom. The colors on the screen are very nice considering a 262K TFT. The BLUETOOTH is awesome!! I feel sorry for people who bought the A970 with Verizon because they are missing out on a lot!! The Power Vision is fast and the On Demand is great. Like all others who have posted a comment about this phone...the only thing that bugs me is the size but alas you got to give something to get something. The media player is good and its great to close the flip and still see the media. This phone is for the power user and the normal consumer would just feel tech overloaded. So again Samsung quality with Sprint extras!!

Simply incredible


Nov 2, 2005 by MBC1965

I would give this phone 5 out of 5, but there is only one flaw.. its heavy, and awkward design.

- Bluetooth, bluetooth, bluetooth (still working on all of the pros and cons here... but calls are clear and voice dial from VoiceSignal is perfect, as usual.
- Music features are ground breaking. Sirius Radio over your phone? WOW!!! Plays music files on Transflash and stereo headphones included.
- If you are into the camera thing... excellent quality photos and camcorder. You can take an hour of video... seriously!!!
- Power Vision is nothing short of incredible. I can't explain it all here, but everything they say on their web site is true, and it works!!
- Business Card Scanner? C'Mon!!! I haven't used this yet, but I really hope it works as advertised. A life saver at trade shows.
- Speakerphone works great. Voicedial via speaker and BT headset is close to flawless.

- The design: It's heavy and awkward. Believe it or not, it's not much bigger than my a840, but the camera pointing out of the hinge screwed the design. It's not even much thicker than the a840 until you get to the hinge/camera.
- I'm not sure if this will be a problem, but the twisting screen for the camera concerns me. It seems that over time it will break down and become flimsy. I don't want a wobbly screen when I'm trying to make a call.

Is it worth the money? Yes indeed. There is nothing I can think of that I want on a cell phone that this doesn't have. It actually has more than I'll end up using, but it's there if I need it. It's a music lover and shutter bug's dream.



Nov 14, 2005 by usaf_joe

everything and more!!

+GREAT camera/camcorder compared to others on the market
+Sprint TV is awesome (especially the LIVE TV broadcasts from NFL Network and FOX News)
+media controls on the outside of the phone
make it easy to browse through music
+battery life has been impressive so far

-the swivel motion of the phone is the only concern i have, but the insurance covers that

i absolutely love this phone!! great buy!!

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