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One of the best phones ever


Mar 25, 2006 by Evil d

I purchase roughly 4 phones per year, and this phone is remarkable. The battery life is far more immense than the Samsung MM-A900. It has a better signal, more menu options and a far superior camera than the other 2 phones that i have had this year. The only downside that i have found is that you have to have a super steady hand to take a clear picture. However if it is put into multi shot mode the pictures usually come out perfect.

Good Phone


Feb 20, 2006 by dkeith216

Hummmm, well I am coming from a Sanyo 5600 to a Sanyo 8300 and now to this phone. So I have some likes and dislikes. The phone is pretty much one of the best phone I have ever owned, size is not to big, graphics is awesome, menu is easy and creative. Phone allows you to get as creative as you can.


Camera/Video Camera
Mp3 player
EVDO makes the internet a breeze,
can see a change too when watching Media player too.
The creativity of the phone it self (menu, dialing numbers, caller ID, screen saver, foreground options.


When on the internet, it's hard to migrate cause of how the D pad is made, sometimes you hit ways you don't want to go, and no I don't have big hands,

Camera has to be help extra extra extra still to take good pictures, if you move the least bit the picture is messed up.

Takes a while for pictures to be sent too, they are usually placed in a outbox and take a minute to be actually sent.

Twist top makes me nervous but seems pretty durable,

Battery life on it is horrible, if you buy this phone plan on buying an extended battery pack as well. (the phone comes with the desktop charger so you can charge your phone and the extra battery.

the phone is packed with types of stuff to do, I rate it a good phone.

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Feb 17, 2006 by ConnectedWirelessUniKiosk

I came from using absolutely incredible Nokia PDA and Symbian Phones. Although I love the expandability of PDA and Symbian OS's I rate this phone very highly. I have read many of the reviews on this particular model. Many of then say the Camera shots are blurry, no MP3 ring tones, bad battery life, etc. I must correct a few of these flaws. First off it is MP3 ring tone capable. I use MP3 ring tones for just about every one of my contacts. As for the camera...every good photographer would understand that you MUST set up a shot, focus, change lighting, etc. That is why the camera in this phone provides those features. After changing the settings around on the phone you can take very high quality photo's. Clearer than i have ever seen on any cell phone. You must also keep in mind that it is only a 2 mega-pixel camera and the standard digital camera is 4-5 mega-pixels. The battery life is the last complaint. I have to agree with this one. The battery life does not last long if you use power vision frequently. If you just use it to call it last quite awhile, but why buy a phone this capable without planing on using the features. That is why you invest in a car adapter or an extended life battery. My phone never runs out of life now that I have those simple commodities.
Now for the Pros and Cons


-The Power Vision on this phone works very well
-Great camera if you know how to use it
-MP3 feature is INCREDIBLE...that is my favorite feature
-Changeable Menu styles
-Very Clear Screen (thanks to Samsung)
-Very clear and loud Speakers
-MP3 ring tone capable!
-Organizer Capability
I could go on and on!

-The original battery's life is short
-The swivel might cause screen failure
problems with rough use
-Wish it had more expandability (Operating System) but very workable

I absolutely love the phone. I give it a high rating. If you actually know how to use the features (specifically the camera) you will get excellent results.

good phone


Feb 17, 2006 by ufo_bill

this is the best flip phone actually the best one period i have ever had. i love its design. you can make you personal video ringers. it stores up to 500 numbers.

pros: personal video ringers. 2 mega pixel camera.Its a multimedia camera. good signal strength. loud downloadable ringers. video capture you can use it as a high speed modem (for an extra charge). 3 alarms. detachable memory cards. streams music and video no extearnal antanna. speakerphone. multiple numbers per entry. buissness card scanner. fast cell phone internet. real tone ringers to down load and it can play the 3d games. it can use blue tooth and normal headsets

cons: the screen must be flipped before camera can be used. quiet preloaded ringers. only trial versions of games were loaded

Email and IM not operable


Jan 29, 2006 by bcook1

1) Blurry Photos
2) IM does not work because Proxy/Password software error.
3) email does not work because Proxy/Password software error.

Sprint says there is to be a software patch available end of Dec or beginning of Jan.

As of Jan 29th, there is no software patch.

I have had my phone since the end of Nov and used to use it for email and IM.

The problem will affect any website that requires a person to login.

Sprint has not offered any compensation or free upgrade to power vision.

Dissappointed :-< and still waiting.



Jan 12, 2006 by Siflan

I've had this phone a lil' over a week now and I must say it has been a fabulous treat to have. Though, with all it's new bells and whistles, Samsung still has a few things to work on, such as the camera flash and I do wish they would've included still technology so you wouldn't take distorted pics. and you can't take pics in the dark either. Other than that, the phone is fine. I've seen many complaints about battery life, but I'd say, bog down and get the extended battery ... this is a powerful phone and the extended battery works wonders. Now if only I could find a good noise cancellation BT headset, I'd be fine.

Sprint Out does themselves again!!!!!


Jan 11, 2006 by leamin

Before I get started, I would like to say that I had the A970 with verizon before I had the A940 with sprint. Go with sprint if you are buying this phone. Verizon limits the phones capabilities.
1) A real camera for a change! 2 Mega pixels and Optical Zoom! (The A970 drops the auto focus after a few seconds causing blurry pictures)

2) An awesome Camcorder to catch those special moments. Only limited by your trans flash card or internal memory (which holds about 1 1/2 hours with sound; the A970 limits your video to only 15 seconds a clip)

3) Bluetooth is not limited to just headsets like verizon's version (A970). you can connect to your computer or to another device that has bluetooth; ie..PDA's.

4) The motion activated games on the A940 are awesome. If you don't know what I'm talking about check it out!!! (The A970 has no games)

5) Built in Music player on the front of the phone!!!

6) The Voice to text feature works awesome!!!!!

7) The package comes with the desktop charger, the usb cable, a trans flash card with adapter, and stereo headset!! The A970 comes with the desktop charger only. Also you can use a universal thin pin charger with your sprint phone but not with verizon. This is important due to the fact that almost no one has accessories for this phone just yet.

8) You can download a free driver from the INTERNET (google) and use your phone for a modem. (At broadband speeds in most locations. (verizon doesn't let you do this)

Now the cons;

1) Number one and most important, no ability yet to connect to your computer and sync with your address book or email. (No software yet)

2) Battery life is ok. (Remember ALL the features suck the life out of battery)

3) Can't download songs from the computer to a bluetooth or USB due to no software availability. (Although you can transfer mp3's to your transflash card and then load them on your phone; I haven't figured it out yet though)

Love IT


Dec 20, 2005 by fone_freek

I had a PM-8200 I've been waiting a while for a new phone and this is it!!!

all the Vision stuff... Satellite Radio
2.0 Camera
Motion fun is great!!!! Love the beat box!
and soooo much more.

Battery life definitely doesn't last if your using all the features.

Samsung a940


Dec 8, 2005 by tall408guy

what a wonderful phone. reception is top notch, speaker clarity is great, as is sound quality, blue tooth works awesome, trans flash works good, mp3 player works very well, not to mention vision is blazing fast. sure, camera isn't great, but then again, as plenty have forgotten to take note of, it's a phone, made for fun snapshots, not professional quality work.

as far as the battery goes, i must be one of the few 940 owners out there with good batteries, because i get the full 4 hours of talk time. i can't kill the thing in one day, and that's with heavy games/vision/talk/mp3 usage. maybe a lot of people don't know how to properly "train" the battery. sounds dumb, but so many people freak out when they see one bar of life and rush for the charger without letting it fully die. that can easily kill a battery's life, as will leaving it on the charger too long.

the only cons i really have with this phone is the fact that you can't use your own mp3 files as ring tones (that i know of). although it's understandable considering that sprint is a business and of course they're going to want you to buy their ringers.

over all, great phone, couldn't recommend enough

One great phone!


Nov 30, 2005 by msb175

Had the phone for a day. I'm impressed already. The features galore!

Pros: Bluetooth, 2MP camera with optical zoom, speech recognition when using bluetooth to make calls, good sound from speaker, media player, memory slot...etc.

Cons: Kind of on the big side, but with all the stuff packed into it, it works for me. I came from a carrier that used SIM cards, so re-entering all my contact info took a while.

Other than that, phone is definitely worth a look!

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