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Oct 1, 2005 by frogger1

I've had this phone for about a month and I love it. I've had a samsung a500 and a460 before that, so I'm a samsung fan. There where a few complaints that I've noticed from other people on this site. The messages LED, speaker phone, battery, and color. People said that the LED doesn't indicate any message. It does indicate messages and events, however this functionality doesn't work under low batt. Speaker phone works well and seems clear. But to operate it, you must push option then speaker phone while talking to some one. Battery is questionable. The battery talk time is about 3 hrs, but the standby time could be improve. I have to charge it every three days, or days when I talk a lot.
Ok, the color everyone complained about. I'm a guy, and I'm ok with it since I got the leather case cover.

* Long list of features.
* Compact size and excellent style.
* Great reception for a internal antena phone.
* Voice command. (this is my favorite feature of all. I'm asian, so I have a really hard name. This phone gets all names correct , even the asian ones right on first try.)
* Duriablity (Ok, I was recently in a car accident as the driver. This phone was in my belt. The dashboard crushed into me. The police were able to get my phone off me and was able to

* Battery life both talk/standby

In short, this is the best cell phone I'm ever own.

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This phone is for a very dainty girl.


Sep 26, 2005 by redraven_y2k

I have had this phone for about 2.5 weeks now and I love it. Although, this phone was not my first choice(samsung was too pricey)I tried it anyway and I'm glad I did.

Pro: The color is to die for. The trick paint job makes you wonder if it is lilac, white, gun metel or whatever.
This phone is designed with a girl in mind small and stylish.
Camera is nice with the fun screen options.

Con: I don't know what phone some of these people have but mine does not have a speaker phone and the user guide does not mention one.
The game is a demo and not very good (my last phone was a nokia) and the ringtones are crappy sounding (maybe,it is sprint and not the phone itself).
If you have big sweaty hands forget it you will drop this phone quicker then a hot coal.

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Its a girlie phone that rocks


Sep 9, 2005 by ldardeen

One of my girlfriend got the phone in July and so far it rocks. I my self am a die hard sanyo fan. But i might have to make an exception for the A880. The reception is great and she loves the sleek design. I personally have talked 2.5 hours in a basement on one bar of battery and it didn't die or lose signal. It has a huge memory for downloads. Only complaints are that the speaker phone is a little hard to get to, sanyos are better in that aspect. The other thing i don't like is that the zoom doesn't work on all resolutions and of course that the color is way too girlie. A MP3 Player would be nice but with everything else this phone packs not a neccessity

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Awesome phone! Love it!


Aug 18, 2005 by Carterism


I definitely love this phone! It's so sexy I can stop looking at it! The 880 has great sound quality. Don't have that noise cancellation people are talking about. Reception for the phone is great too considering it's an internal antenna. The screen is very crisp and clear. That's what I noticed first when I saw it at the Sprint Store. I love the interactive menu. So many customizations, very handy. Speakerphone is full duplex so no more cutting out like half duplex with Sanyos. Advanced Voice Recognition is awesome. Don't need to assign voice to contacts anymore. It's already programmed. Camera is very clear. My pictures look great. I love the keypad!! The buttons are raised up so it's easy to dial and the blue led's look very nice especially at night. The pink keypad is cute and I love the lavender tint on the casing of the phone. It's about time Sprint gave us girls more girly phones! There are most guys that wouldn't pick up this phone because of the color but there are some guys out there that actually like the color on the 880. PictBridge is great! Hook your phone up to a printer and print out your pictures. I think all phones should have this. Luckily the 880 does.


Well I was a bit disappointed with the battery life. Coming from a Sanyo, one is used to having a long battery life but Samsung failed on this one. Possibly get an extended battery. You cannot close the phone while on speakerphone. Also, if you download a screensaver you cannot position it on the external lcd so it looks off balance. No bluetooth and I don't really like how when you are on a call the screen is just white. I wish there was more customization on that.

I'm glad there are more Pros than Cons for me on this phone. I go thru a lot of phones but I can't see myself letting go of this one. Sprint is going to have to come out with a very very nice phone to change my mind about the 880. If you want a sexy phone with great features get the MM-880

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Great Phone....


Jul 18, 2005 by Teyanhung

This phone is great!


Nice formfactor, light, intennea.
Menu is very intuitive.
V.O.D button.
1mp camera.
Great signal strength.


No dedicated speaker button.
No led message indicater.

This phone is really awesome, there are some cons about it but I'm pretty sure those can be fixed with a firmware update.

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Would switch if I could


Jan 24, 2006 by ingleberg

This is my 3rd Samsung phone... I've been happy with the others. But if given the chance I'd return the A880 for something else. As many others have mentioned, the noise cancellation feature ruins an otherwise great phone. Calls sound absolutely terrible. Avoid this one like the plague.


-Great size (no antenna)


-Noise reduction = choppy calls!
-Pics too often blurry or grainy

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No Likes!!!


Jul 16, 2005 by boxsterboy

Pros: Great screen, Great Pics, Nice Shape.

Cons: What is the deal with the ear piece??? When I'm using the phone...yeah I can hear the other person ALONG with all the background noises!! Hopefully I can return it and go with something else!!!

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Not for me


Jul 14, 2005 by proudokie

Ordered this on-line (couldn't find in any stores). Just came in today, but I am sending it back for tow reasons. #1. very small, for a tall man, ear piece out of sync, keypad not in sync for "normal" functioning.
#2. (and the main reason), lavendar tinge to the metallic finish, almost like it was meant to be marketed to the ladies. Had I been able to find one in a store for a "test ride", never would have ordered this one

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Exchanging for Sanyo 8300


Dec 1, 2005 by rmoneal

I upgraded to this phone for myself and the Sanyo 8300 for my husband. I bought this one solely on the basis of how nice it looks. The phone is so attractive that I wish that it worked as well and had as much functionality as the Sanyo 8300, because I hate to give up the great looks!

Unfortunately, I need my phone to work great and looks are optional so back it goes for the (less expensive, but better functionality) Sanyo 8300.

Pros are: looks; picture quality; included background; small size; large external screen with background and date time selected together; internal antenna; pict bridge (but who really prints their photos from thier phone?).

Cons are: phone heats up too quickly and after only a few minutes of talk is too warm requiring switching ears often; sound is choppy; speaker sounds 'tinny' and other person could not hear me well when on speaker; cannot make calls with phone closed; cannot select speaker to make calls, must make call then select speaker, very inconvenient while driving; cannot answer phone with speaker, must press two buttons (open phone, press option, press speaker on) to answer on speaker; no ready link; poor signal.

Two Sprint employees have told me what a great phone this is, but maybe they haven't used the Sanyo. My old Sanyo 4500 works better than this beautiful phone!

Looks 10 Functionality 3

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Yuck, it's going back


Nov 13, 2005 by deejal

The form factor is nice...it's small...but almost too small. The fact that there is not antenna is what made me buy the phone. It has a nice purple hue to it and since purple is my favorite color, how could I go wrong.

The reception is usually great. Having been a Verizon customer for 10 years, this whole migration to Sprint has not been that good. But, only time will tell.

This phone has noise cancellation and this is the number one reason why I am returning the phone. I hate it. When the other person is not speaking, there is nothing but dead air and I was constantly asking, "are you there?"

I do not recommend this phone.


small phone
internal antenna
great screen


too small
keypad is akward with the pushback pressure
the noise cancellation feature is great in theory but a pain the rear end.

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